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The presidency of Jimmy Carter began at noon on January 20, 1977, when Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as the 39th President of the United States, and ended on January 20, 1981. Carter, a Democrat from Georgia, took office after defeating incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential election. Following his defeat, Carter was succeeded by Republican Ronald Reagan, who won the 19


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Packer (Former Employee) says

"They use you and show favoritism on the 2nd shift. You can make no mistakes and they will still choose someone over you because they are friends or family. Trying to turn the job to a hispanic job only. Work u for long hours and dont provide water. If you need fast money its good but not for long term. Cons: Shows favoritism over good workers"

capacitadora (Former Employee) says

"No cumplen con lo que ofrecen, es un desastre el area de capacitación, Estuvieron 4 meses sin darme trabajo, y después me desvincularon sin motivo alguno."

Picker / Packer (Former Employee) says

"They are unorganized and the system to ship orders sucks . Probably why people are always quitting and then production is behind . And people tend quit"

assistenza clienti (Former Employee) says

"Contrariamente a quanto dicono, per fare questa attività occorre avere molto tempo a disposizione, e capitali iniziali. Ovviamente bisogna avere già un lavoro per potersi permettere questa opportunità che non ti lascia tempo libero."

Packer/Picker (Current Employee) says

"The management will show favoritism, even if your one of the best workers and show up to work on time everyday. You get hours when they need you most. Which typically starts the last week of the month and the 1st week of the month. The woman that hires for Manpower can only do what she's told from Amway so don't expect to much from her. No one even knew how they we're selected by Manpower because the applications/job post were under a different company name. They tell you to show up with a copy of your ID and ss card. No drug test or background. Cons: Its a temp to hire."

Focused on school (Former Employee) says

"Quit that job, No fruit, does not work, so i focus on school and look for a real job to work for my career, i studied more and learn more, so that i can perform better."

R&D Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was an R&D lab technician for 9 years. this company rates and evaluates their employs based on company standers and culture and its never in regard s to your work or productivity. Unfair treatment to their employs, pore management with orientation in regards to their company values or culture. Cons: Pore R&D management"

Bi-lingual customer service and product specialist (Former Employee) says

"Amway is a terrible place to work unless you buy into the whole con> It is no wonder that the bulk of their business is located in Asia, mostly China, where con companies can still get away with such practices. The product they sell is sub par but promoted as top quality. Cons: everything"

sales (Former Employee) says

"To succeed, you must know a lot of people who are willing to buy overpriced mediocre products, just so you can or not get a commission off the sell. It is difficult to earn in this pyramid-style kind of work"

Venta por catálogo (Former Employee) says

"Pierdes más dinero de lo que ganas con conferencias "profesionales" que lo único para lo que sirven es para venderte la moto y meterte pajaros en la cabeza. Cons: Es muy dificil captar clientes porque mucha gente conoce la estafa de Amway"

ERP Atlas Global IT Release Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"In some areas, employees and contractors are separate and about as unequal as possible: almost resented. Depending upon the manager, it can be very difficult to work with any security, confidence, or efficiency."

Vendedora, Mercadeo (Former Employee) says

"It was a very stressful job. I had a lot of competition, there were days I did not sell nothing at all. When it comes to selling, people do not want nothing to do with it, even if the product is great if the price is high, take a hike. I learned that struggle makes me stronger. I learned that I should always have faith. I learned the harder i work the more I appreciate what I earned. Cons: No benefits"

Independent Business Owner (Former Employee) says

"Amway presented us with the opportunity of knowing what it's like to own a personal business. They helped us create and manage our own website where we could sell our products. Though I admired the ambitious nature of the business. In the end the inconsistency in their business philosophy, partner support and most importantly results did not appeal to me. So As a young professional I thought it logical to look for new opportunities in order to advance my career. Cons: no healthcare"

Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Lost thousands doing Amway. Also lost friends and family. Don't do it as it's a complete waste of time and money. The blackhat distributor network selling tapes, books and functions within the Amway company sucked you dry of money. Cons: Long hours, pyramid scheme"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend amway to anyone. I invested $150 in amway and I lost all my money. I never earned a dime. I also have many friends who invested money in amway and they lost everything. The only people who make money in amway are the team leaders at the top of the pyramid. the 10%. everyone else loses their money. Don't waste you time or your money. good luck Cons: no salary, no benefits, too much pressure to sell to family members"

Stock picker/Filler/Packer (Former Employee) says

"There was no opportunity for advancement for all employees that came from a temp agency"

Independent Business Owner (Former Employee) says

"Deceitful people, they distract you with numbers and hype and then do very little to actually help you make sales. Cons: lies"

Technician I (Former Employee) says

"The manager doesn’t know what is going on and doesn’t have employees back they prefer to stand on it rather than stand behind you. Poor place to work I would not recommend it"

Door to door salesman (Former Employee) says

"Really hard job to do. I had a lot of competition. My competitors usually were more experienced and mature so as a 16 year old teen i did not much to compete with them."

line operator (Former Employee) says

"Once Amway was a great company begun by people with values... Today it is a dishonest organization that doesnt care about their employees or their families. lives are now ruined by this organization whether they join as independent sales reps or are hired in as plant workers. Because of this company's policies and procedures my marriage nearly ended because the company is filled with people with absolutely no morales. My husband worked here for two years before I realized what was going on at his job... Now he's leaving and I couldnt be happier. If your considering a job here I understand the name Amway sounds impresive but please run the other way, this company sounds impressive to those on the outside when you tell them where you work but its not a good environment. Google search amway and its not hard to find similar stories. Cons: everything"