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Jimmy Butler (February 20, 1921 in Akron, Ohio – February 18, 1945 in France) was an American, juvenile, motion-pictures actor, active in the 1930s and early 1940s.


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Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"My overall experience with Domino's has been stressful yet useful. Cons: Poor work and life balance"

Delivery Expert (Former Employee) says

"Beyond that, store owners and management do not exist and only care about profit. A horrible experience when trying to stand out to managers who never notice the work you do. Getting any new items for the store that made work better or kept drivers cars from getting scratched up also never happened and it all came to personal cost. The drivers used to get .75 cents a mile for reimbursement, but after my 2 years I was only getting $1 for every deliver, which at the end of the day was not nearly enough to pay for my gas after making so many deliveries around town."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Franchisee I wormed for terrible. Didn't care about his employees and neither did management team. Requires managers to be at store 7 days a week and not allowed to have any family time. Cons: Step up for being a slave."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you want to work in a place with constant drama and horrible staff, this is perfect for you. Don’t waste your time on this place. They’ll hire anyone who walks in and it can cause issues between others. There are only a few managers there that aren’t too bad, but the job itself is hard. No one cares about the cleanliness of the building and just for anyone’s information who eats there, the bins for the food are never cleaned properly. I really hope the staff and management changed while I was gone. Cons: No breaks and too many horrible hires"

Auxiliar de sala (Former Employee) says

"Despidos improcedentes, bajadas de salarios, subidas de cargo por enchufe y no por esfuerzo.."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"You'll be unlikely to make much more than the minimum wage base rate of pay and/or whatever you earn in mileage as a driver. The customers in the town I worked in were awful and very stingy. The overwhelming majority of them either don't tip at all or give you next to nothing (such as using your tip to round a $38.56 bill to $40). Cons: Awful and stingy customers"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The pay is minimal, scheduling is sporadic and work is fast paced and stressful, with no breaks given even for long shifts. They do not care at all about their employees, and there is no recourse for employees with complaints since they do not have an HR department. Have a problem with management, getting screwed on hours or have an issue with your paycheck? Too bad, there is nothing you can do. Most stores are franchises so experience may vary depending on the owner. Cons: Everything about the job"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"1. HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT Cons: Everything"

Polyvalent medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Je sais pas si c'est juste le Domino's où j'ai travaillé mais mon employeur payait pas assez (il le faisait exprès), payait tous le monde différament, n'était pas sérieux, disait toujours autre chose à quelqu'un d'autre. Les managers servent à rien et les travailleurs normaux se prennent pour des managers vis à vis des nouveaux!"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend this branch to anyone wanting a job. Manager(when he’s there) is fake and creates a horrible atmosphere, only changing if a higher manager visits the shop. There was a constant feeling that nobody cares and no one really did, apart from one or two people. Glad to be out of there. Cons: Zero job satisfaction"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Upon hiring me, i had let them know i was starting a new medication that effected my health but i would do my best. I was fired for poor work and "not showing up for shifts" i had doctor appointments that the manager had told me i could go to and someone would cover for me Cons: Lazy management"

Delivery Driver • Delivery Route Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I did it in Hawaii. The money was ok, but the job puts a lot of wear and tear on your car, and you run around everywhere risking a speeding ticket so you can grab the next order a little faster. Cons: Wear and tear on your car, poor management"

Shift Runner (Former Employee) says

"We don’t get breaks like normal work places. You’re expected to stay over 2 hours past your shift, they tell you it’s the business you have to. Favoritism is sooooo bad here that certain people pick when they come to work or not if they want to be hours late. They over work everyone, with NO CARE if you’re hurt or sick . If you’ve just come out the hospital they still want you to come to your shift while others get locked in their house and don’t have to show up. Overall I would NOT recommend working here unless it’s your first job and you don’t know labor laws. Cons: Everything. Management. Flexibility. Work through your lunch. Favoritism."

Instore team member / shift manager (Former Employee) says

"disgustingly managed and not really sticking to workplace rights. your workplace concerns are ignored and you will not be valued and respected. if owned by franchisee your mental health and physical health will be destroyed as they will understaff the store to save labour and all they care about is money, they make u work so hard and carry a busy understaffed store and not get appreciated for it. rosters come out the day before your shift, not professional at all. Cons: mental and physical health affected"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"First off managers are so unprofessional and not wanting to help. The drivers are paid horribly and treated like they are nothing to the company. They don’t care when they get in accidents in the job because guess what they edit people’s time on the clock so they don’t have anything to do with that. Cons: No breaks, No days you need off, not flexible, horrible environment, sexist"

Pizza Maker (Former Employee) says

"It was a great place to work but they seriously need to increase pay wages for their employees. Anything less than 12.00 there's no point in putting in any effort Cons: terrible pay"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Honestly by far the worst place I've ever worked. All this company does is think about there money they dont give a monkeys about their staff. I worked here as a manager and no matter how much I did a good job it was never good enough. They say that the store managers get bonuses but they try everything in their power to not pay you them bonuses. Its more headache than its worth. I highly recommend anyone to not work here, it just brings you down and gives you more stress that you don't need. I haven't even had a chance to spend time with my family in the past year. So if your willing to give up family life and you're social life then work here, if not then run. Cons: Long hours, no social life, stress, promises they cant keep, the list could drag on"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"The owners and managers don’t respect anyone other than eachother and will drop you without hesitation after years of being with the company, you don’t get any breaks, can’t take personal days, can’t leave for an appointment or emergency even if they are told ahead of time it’s just terrible there I would not recommend Cons: Everything"

Acting General Manager (Former Employee) says

"They cheat on their numbers then get mad at the drivers when they get caught. Overwork their staff tremendously. Owners are never there and when they are they talk down to the employees like their better then everyone. Cons: The list goes on and on"

Delivery Driver Expert (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn’t do this job again I promise you! I was a delivery driver and they still had me wash dishes mop the floor take care of customers take out the trash and etc. not worth the pay they give you Cons: No breaks no real money at the end of the year"