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Jezebel is a blog geared towards women, under the tagline "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing." It was launched in 2007 by Gawker Media and was later acquired by G/O Media.

User "Anastasia B." writes a negative review on Jezebel blog on the "Sitejabber" website on September 5, 2018:

"As far as I can tell, seems to be a news aggregate of stories produced by other websites. It has no rhyme nor reason to its story selections and posts contradictory stories right next to each other. This site is in need of some serious editing intervention. I don't feel that it has much to offer in terms of substantive value, and do not see much value in the site at all. In fact, I doubt if I will ever visit it again, after having spent 45 minutes trying to find something on this, a site that I consider to be difficult to maneuver. Only one star here. Sorry."


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