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At JETABROAD, we use the best technology to find the best online. Our state-of-the-art online booking system finds you hundreds of airfares and flight combinations you often won't see anywhere else. Whether your travel plans are simple or highly complex, we can devise an inspired solution to get you to your destination. Unlike many of our competitors, we show you the complete range of travel options from over 500 airlines, so you can find the flight that's right for you. Jetabroad is led by a team of business professionals with extensive international experience in offline and Internet-based travel as well as consumer marketing. And as you explore the world, our expert customer service team is here to help you with any changes to your itinerary.

An irritated customer shared this in a review, "Complete lack of communication, received only an email stating "We will follow up with the information regarding your ticket as soon as we can." I get the backlog thing but it's been 4 months since the airline canceled our flights and we are entitled to a refund. Not only is it completely incompetent, it is illegal. Booking reference JZD76CN."

Jetabroad Reviews

Helen B says "I am still waiting for a reply and a refund from the company after about 12 weeks. I want to cancel some flights and have already rebooked others, I have filled in their on-line form but heard nothing, they owe me way over £1,000, plus credit interest. I knew they were bad when I booked with them but this is ridiculous. At the moment we are booked on 2 consecutive days back to England, we need to cancel this with BA but can't on BA executive club, it has to be through them but they are extremely bad. Don't touch this company with a barge pole."
Katy Murphy says "Wish I could rate this company less than 1 star. I urge anyone looking to book through this company to reconsider, read their terms and conditions they dodge accountability for EVERYTHING and exempt you from raising any credit card disputes when they fail to refund you and that you must DEFEND them in a claim (?!). I have been waiting 6 months for my refund from Virgin Australia now of circa £1000 (don't forget that JetAbroad also take a cut of the refund for 'operational costs' which not all agents do). If your flight is ok and goes ahead this company are OK (though god forbid if you need to contact them, good luck). You should expect generic replies to all emails and no real help. I paid a high price by not checking trust pilot before booking through JetAbroad. I am now exploring all avenues to try and get this money back. Airline ref: HVGBSR"
Terri Gallagher says "It is impossible to get in contact with this company. Our flights were cancelled, one with Vietnamese airlines and one with Emirates, booking ref JZG29PX We were told that we would hear back regarding replacement vouchers months ago but have heard nothing. When I complete a request form I am told that I must email customer support. When I do this I am told that I must fill in a request from. It feels as if we are being blocked from making any contact in the hope that we will go away. The airlines say we must deal with jet abroad as we booked through them. I know that this has been a very difficult time for the travel industry and I'm sure that the staff are under a lot of pressure. Surely their management team can put some structures in place so that people like myself and my husband, who have spent a lot of money, can be at least updated on the situation. I have never left a negative review before but this feels like the only way of trying to get in contact the company"
Celia Visser says "I too bought business class airline tickets with 3 airlines from Auckland to Hong Kong to Austria then return via Singapore. I paid $7200 , one of my flights was canceled by the airline, the rest JetAbroad cancelled. Told me not to contact them , they will get back to me. Months later, I haven’t received any money or even an email letting me know what’s going on. Come on JetAbroad customer service is everything. Contact us & let us know what’s going on."

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