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Jefferies Financial Group Inc. is an American financial services company based in New York City and listed on the Fortune 1000.

The following article was published by Goldman Sachs in May 2020 and talks about a  conversation with Jefferies Financial Group CEO Rich Handler: “As one of the longest-tenured CEOs on Wall Street, Jefferies Financial Group CEO Rich Handler says the current crisis is unlike any he’s ever seen and will have profound effects on the economy, consumer behavior, and the future of work. Speaking at a virtual Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) Forum event, Handler shared his thoughts with Katie Koch, co-head of GSAM’s Fundamental Equity business. Rich Handler: What makes this crisis so dramatic is the health component. After past crises, we were able to go back out in the world, whereas the health risks of this virus add a complexity that is rattling everyone. On top of that, this crisis affects everyone. Even the companies that appear to be resilient, such as enterprise software companies, are affected because their clients are in a lot of pain and are focused on reducing costs due to disruptions to their business models. This will filter through the entire world in terms of corporate earnings power and economies. But compared with a prior crisis—which, with the exception of 9/11, were preceded by rumblings of problems—the economy was in solid shape going into it. Unemployment, inflation, and interest rates were all low, the economy was strong, liquidity was great and banks were in a good position. The fact that the economy was in a strong position going into this will make it easier to pull ourselves out. That said, if I were to assign a letter to the shape of the recovery, it would be an “X”—no one knows what the recovery will look like as there are so many unknown variables about the virus. The issue is that you need a recovery in demand for the economy to recover. Just because the government opens up cities again doesn’t mean the economy is open again. We will be open again when people feel safe and that will take time. The demand side of the equation will take time to come back”


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