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Jasper Alexander Thirlby Conran is an English designer. He has worked on collections of womenswear and for the home, as well as productions for the stage in ballet, opera and theatre.

Elizabeth mentioned, "I bought the Jasper Conran fragrance for woman today from my local pharmacy and it is not for me. It dried o a very bitter smell after a sweet lemon bon bon sherbert opening. I disliked it very much."


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Vanessa Lockwood says

"I bought a yellow linen duvet and pillow set online from Debenhams. I saved opening it (which was a mistake) It was incredibly poor quality and scratchy to the skin. This is a substandard article and not suitable for use and not cheap. Very disappointed and now too late to return. Do beware."

Timothy says

"Ridiculous Can someone please explain why my new jeans are several inches smaller than the label states?"

Sabeeh B says

"I bought Jasper Conran jeans and after 2 washes the label on the back has already shown fading. The jeans are comfortable though. I have some cheap jeans also which I have had for years and there is no fading on that label ! I suggest the way the label is made is looked into."