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Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC is the holding company of Jaguar Land Rover Limited, a British multinational automotive company with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom, and a subsidiary of Indian automotive company Tata Motors. The principal activity of Jaguar Land Rover Limited is the design, development, manufacture and sale of vehicles bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marques.

User "S. of Kingsville" on February 27, 2020, on "ConsumerAffairs" website, relates his experience with a Discovery Sport Land Rover SUV:

"After spending time deciding on an upgraded SUV, I was compelled to the Land Rover Discovery Sport. I felt that the brand name would mean quality and high technology. I was very very wrong. The 2019 model still does not even support Apple Car Play; this feature has been available in much lesser quality vehicles for many years. The website leads you to believe that 2017 models onwards were equipped... this is incorrect. After leaving the dealership, I learned that my vehicle was having a technology issue as the InControl element would not work and I could not start my vehicle remotely. After 1.5 months, after bouncing me around from person to person, they finally updated telemetrics. I was told this would update the system and Car Play would be uploaded. They even asked me the brand of my phone for the update. They sent me home with the phone still not connected and said to call customer service where, after again being bounced around, 2 weeks later they have told me that Car Play update needs to be completed and that my car is not eligible. I am blown away at the lack of support, lack of knowledge of their own product, lack of follow up and incredibly outdated technology for a $48,000 2019 car. I would suggest avoiding Land Rover as they are clearly a mess. The vehicle itself is incredibly sluggish and very basic in terms of finished and quality. I regret my decision to leave the big 3 in search of quality and new technology as Land Rover is clearly behind the times. Let’s face it: if Land Rover employees don’t even know what the brand offers and their websites are misleading, clearly the vehicle quality matches."


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Current Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"bad job well i did not geet raise"

Former Employee - Loan Car Coordinator says

"Management is horrible and the customers are lied to"

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Long hours, hostile environment, no time off, no good benefits. Management constantly yells and disrespects employees. They do not value their employees."

Former Employee - Sales Guide says

"little inventory management incompetency lack of advertising and marketing"

Former Employee - Corporate says

"No career path unless you've been identified as a favorite. Managers who are not invested in their employees. Management who reinforces bad behavior and rewards it."


"Terrible management with nepotism issues."

Former Employee - Receptionist says

"Management is terrible Do not trust them, they will act like they like you and fire you the same second High turnover rate They don't care about anything else other than making a sale"

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Expected to work 24/7, hostile work environment, not in touch with needs / wants of the customer, only concerned about the companies bottom line"

Public Relations says

"The place is filled with people who are full of themselves. Constantly having to work in an environment where people are either trash talking coworkers or upper management is not a place anyone should need to be. It's an uncomfortable environment, the work culture is boring/sad, and no matter how hard you work nobody cares."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback for us, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your time with us. We’re working on a really exciting HR strategy to support line managers and there’s a lot of work being done to make things clearer, easier and faster."

Professional Sales Guide (Current Employee) says

"I do not recommend for anyone to work for this company the managers don’t help you the ad on fees kills deals they force you to buy low jack and paint protection.NoneNone"

Operative worker (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working there to anybody! The worst place ever. Poor management. They only look after you if they know you personally. You do get treated differently"

Works Manager (Former Employee) says

"management is very bad, more politics. no growth, no job satisfaction. no job security, no benefits. no job culture, no safety in the technician. I am a very bad experience."

Automotive Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stay far away from this place ,only people that make money here are flat rate and if you do any work it will just go under the flat rate techs name so they can get there hours in and make more money"

Detailer (Former Employee) says

"my manager was methodical and i had to do 90pct of the work, which is fine, but next time use positive reinforcement instead of being constantly negative. Also let his buddy take two hour paid lunches sometimes even while HR knew."

Assistant Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company has let go good people for no reason, If you do your job they dont care about anyone, the more you do for them the more they take advantage of you,free lunch on saturday"

Administrativa/Distribución/Calidad (Former Employee) says

"Poca comunicación con el empleado . Muchos errores por parte de la marca que hay que camuflar al cliente con tal de facturar. Imposible contrato estable y buen puesto ya que están reservados y dados por enchufe a gente totalmente incompetente."

Loaner Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"At fields Jaguar Land Rover you are just a number be prepared for your co-workers to lie and stab you in the back to get ahead. Working in the service department be prepared for long hours and a pay plan that’s one of the worst in the industry. Our service manager was constantly flaunting his wealth and came in hung over on a weekly basis. Our porter did drugs in the back."

REASON (Former Employee) says

"Never work for them, no support no manager support. Pay is terrible with dealing with a lot of rude members of the public There is no balance here at all"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Gossiping culture set by management and emulated by employees. JLR South Atlanta is a terrrible place to work as a flat rate technician. You will not, I repeat you will not make money.NoneManagement"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Pay plan sucks Unless your comfortable lying to customers Brand is terrible Vehicles return after repairs Not fixed right first time Technicians have no accountabilityCo workersPay"

automotive (Current Employee) says

"Really bad place to work for as a woman! Women are sexually harassed and called disgusting names - worked for this company and got called a degrading names such as wh*re on more than one occasion! H.R. and directors ignored my complaints and I was forced out of the company and the guys that sexually harass women got to keep their jobs! Horrible work culture!"

Production Operative (Current Employee) says

"horrid place. Treated like 2nd class by supervisors and above, say they are all about the employees, only get ahead if your related to someone there, moral at all time low, always trying to find ways to catch you out doing anything, major power trip in that place, like the fact they are able to walk about with a clipboard and try to intimidate the staff, stress levels through roof, all about numbers for supervisors and superintentants, and the levels above them- couldnt hazard a guess why theyve even got a job? Dont contribute to anything usefull, and they are certainly not interested in anything on factory floor, bar there bonuses,And they think that putting the bosses in the same uniform as us is going to somehow make it not a 'us and them' situation. Never going to happen. Theres probably 2 or 3 decent supervisors in there, out of many,many of them, couldnt approach if you had a genuine issue. Their just not interested. I wont even get started on the conditions, god help them if the health & safety ever took a look! Mouldy fridges, leaking sinks, and the dirt is everywhere. Place would be empty if it wasnt for the hourly rate, so people just take the disgracefull way they are treated, but believe me theyll all have a feeling of dread as they walk in.NoneEverything else"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Just a number in this place easily replaceable. Shift changes are a joke, management haven't got a clue! Workers look so miserable as if they do not want to be there."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"After working there for only 2 months, my safety was in question and HR told me there weren’t going to do anything about it. The sales guys are blatantly sexist towards any women and specifically the receptionists. They don’t respect when you tell them no. The sales managers also are aggressive if you don’t do everything exactly how they want you to, but they don’t tell you how it is they want something. $15 an hour is absolutely not enough to try and put up with how they treat you. HR wouldn’t help solve the problems because “they will make this company money.” If you have any self respect or just simply like to not be talked down to, don’t work here."


"Here too, we were not allowed to park our cars on the lot. we had to take an unpredictable shuttle to & from work. With the exception of about 2 men, the entire sales staff were, to put it like a lady would, were NOT gentlemen. And there is favoritism. and it was a very chauvinistic atmosphere. If you are a lady, i'd advise you to keep looking elsewhere for a job, unless you have the strength to deal with this type of work place.Parts department & Shop have decent people.The Sales Department leaves much to be desired. & i'm being kind."

Reach FLT Driver / Lineside Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not a very nice place to work, if your face didn't fit you where treated unfairly and bullied. other than this it was an ok place to work, I personally has no issues but I saw others that did, I was given false information that lead to my dismissal.not a thingNone"

Kaufmännische Angestellte (Former Employee) says

"Dieses Autohaus ist absolut nicht zu empfehlen. Jeden Tag ein neues Abenteuer... Ich wurde nicht eingearbeitet, durfte mir alles aus den Fingern saugen. Bei Fragen ist man insgesamt kurz angebunden. Prozesse sind nicht zuende gedacht, vieles läuft ins Leere, bzw. ins Chaos. Vorschläge und Erfahrungswerte werden nicht angehört, bzw. angenommen. Das sorgt ganz schnell für Frustration und Unzufriedenheit. Die Ausstattung ist alt und langsam. EDV und Telefonanlage fällt regelmässig aus. Das spiegelt auch die extrem hohe Fluktuation wieder die dort herrscht. Autohaus wird mit harter Hand von jemand geleitet, dem die Mitarbeiter und die Belange des Autohauses egal sind. Insgesamt kann ich diesem Autohaus eine glatte Note 6 ausstellen.Keine"

Line worker (Former Employee) says

"Poor senior staff when dealing with junior staff they were very rude, used phrases like "i want his legs" when referring to sacking a staff member and fantastically rude"

Lot Attendant/Used Car Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company if you are a minority. You will be constantly checked upon for “not doing your job” . You will not be trained, you will be treated like a literal slave. And after six months they will start to look for things to get rid of you.Very nice coworkersAbysmal management, slightly racist, unfair wages"

Lyndsey Ward says

"I made the mistake of buying a car from the morons at Grange LR Swindon in January. Nothing but problems with the car since I bought it 9 months ago. They don’t return calls. Don’t take ownership of the problem or try to help. Paid over £800 for a full service and they didn’t even bl**dy clean it. Now I’ve received a speeding fine for the car I p/ex’d with them in January.. no words to describe how truly incompetent they are."

Nadeem says

"Extremely disappointed with the aftercare and customer service received. I purchased my new RR Evoque in January 2020. The initial purchase was seamless the salesman was great and I was adamant I had made a great choice, how wrong was I. After only driving my car less then 350 miles it developed a fault 2 weeks ago. For me that wasn't the frustrating part, surprisingly instead it was the lack of empathy and quiet frankly lack of customer service that was the problem. The fault came up the evening that I was due to travel for a family emergency. The assistance mechanic came out and informed me that I would need to take the car into my nearest Land Rover in Sunbury where he had booked a replacementcar for my planned journey. I delayed travelling but wanted to ensure my car was fixed promptly as it was brand new hardly used so a sudden fault was a shock. I called Land Rover the following morning and was advised to bring the car in at 10am. I arrived there at 10am sharp only to be told a car wasn't booked in there was no fault report emailed to them nor a replacement car waiting for me. I was confused and frustrated and asked to speak to the Manager. Moments later another member of staff returned and informed me that the car was at a different branch altogether and that we could make our way there to collect it. I was appauled at this suggestion and asked if the car could be brought to Sunbury as the mistake was not on my part and how was I expected to travel when my Evoque had been brought to their garage in 'limp home mode'. He then went back again and moments later stated there was only 1 vehicle available; a Discovery not the Velar expected. I had no choice but to accept as I needed a vehicle to attend to the family emergency that day. The car was filthy but it had to do. There was no responsibility or ownership taken by the staff for the shambolic series of events, there was no empathy for the situation and I left very frustrated at the whole experience. No one seemed to know what was going on nor did they care. Seems LR have invested in a big swanky new showroom but there is no customer service to speak of nor respect for the customer. The manager of Sunbury on Thames has not yet had the professional courtesy to contact me even though I was told he would. If you're reading this and aren't bothered about reliability, customer service and aftercare then buy a Range Rover."

Lisa Roylance says

"I bought my RR October 19. I cannot fault our salesman he was an absolute star. But the car itself, I'm sooo disappointed. We have had a knocking sound and we were told it was a re call. This was before lockdown. My fella took it to LR to get it sorted. One of the staff (he seems to be on the service side of things) was so rude and basically told my hubby it was in his imagination. He is a trained mechanic so he knows it's not right. The sound also keeps shutting down.. no phone, no radio, even the indicators. I'm so disappointed. I'm paying nearly £500 a month for a car that's substandard. This WAS my dream car but its turning out to be the biggest disappointment ever and I'm not sleeping because it's like a noose around my neck now. I was warned about buying a Range Rover and I wish I listened. I'm a very disappointed customer."

Ian MacLennan says

"2017 SVR I have a 2017 SVR from Henley Salisbury. The car is great but the software is out dated so no connection with modern phones which means no hands free dialling / voice control . Land Rover tried up dating but failed 6 months ago and still havent done anything about it.. How come my wife's discovery works perfectly with modern tech but my top of the range car will not. The dealership were totally disinterested. I have had Range rovers for 20 years, now looking at alternatives that keep up with the tech."