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Jabber platform is a unified communications application that puts all your collaborations tools at your fingertips. It provides presence, instant messaging, voice, voice messaging, and video calling capabilities for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Jabber XCP, is a commercial product that is an implementation of XMPP. Acquired by Cisco Systems in 2008.

Jabber platform doesn't keep conversation history and chats disappear, there are no chat rooms and lacks of overall features, according to Erik Bean at trustradius.com

"Does not keep track of conversation history. Can't see what I said yesterday to a person. This is really important, since people communicate important info to one another, and that can just disappear. No chat rooms must manually add members to group chat each time. Overall lack of features. It comes from Cisco, so all the integrations have to do with phones and voicemail."

"ethanwong87" writes a review about Cisco Jabber on his personal blog on July 19, 2017:

"1. Cisco jabber is not user friendly. Retrieving chat histories is a pain in the *ss. If you would like to retrieve chat histories, you'd need to have a third party software e.g. SQL DB browser. The worst part is that the SQL DB browser is not for newbies who don't have any knowledge of SQL. Executing the SQL code is complicated and buggy. 2. Cisco's technical support/ease of getting technical support is terrible. I mean, how difficult it can be to report or request technical assistance? There is no option to report/contact support through Jabber. 3. Even after you manage to find the technical support representative's email after numerous reports through their website. None of them knows how to troubleshoot the errors you get from SQL DB Browser. Their reply takes days or weeks or none at all :) Lync on the other hand is more user friendly as it stores your chat histories automatically. So there goes your chat histories, locked and unretrievable until CISCO does something to solve it."


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