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The Jerusalem Post is a centrist broadsheet newspaper based in Jerusalem, founded in 1932 during the British Mandate of Palestine by Gershon Agron as The Palestine Post. In 1950, it changed its name to The Jerusalem Post. In 2004, the paper was bought by Mirkaei Tikshoret, a diversified Israeli media firm controlled by investor Eli Azur. In April 2014, Azur acquired the newspaper Maariv.

Recently on this year a former employee wrote a review for Glassdoor about how The Jerusalem Post sucks: The company treats their employees so badly it's insane. It's as if the workers are no better than disposable plastic knives. Management is so stuck in processes and concepts that belong in the past, which will ultimately lead to them go out of business.


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Frank says

"Shame on The Jerusalem Post and Jerusalem Report for sacking Avi Katz. Avi Katz did a brilliant caricature of Netanyahu and his cohorts as pigs, alluding to Animal Farm's "all animals are equal". It was an intelligent response to the passing of Israel's racist and Jewish Supremacist law that effectively renders non-Jews as 2nd class citizens. Avi clearly has both a sense of humour and sense of morality that goes way over the heads of the editors and owners of these newspapers. Keep up the good work Avi."

Josh E says

"Very sluggish. Going to Jpost slows down my computer and even freezes it. I prefer TimesofIsrael.com for news on Israel, as it doesn't slow down my computer."