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JF Law is a firm of personal injury solicitors who specialise in accidents at work and road traffic accidents.

"Avoid, avoid, avoid" was the title that a former employee use to wrote about JF law, posted by Indeed on March 2020: TERRIBLE FIRM!! Only bothered about how much money they can make for the directors pocket, no emotion towards staff just a simple phone call to say you're not meeting targets and big boss wants you gone. Oh! and they can't wait to get you off the phone.


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staff (Current Employee) says

"I think it depends on the position you are in, but some departments are more cut throat than others. I think the partners do a great job of inclusiveness."

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There’s a lot of favoritism, managers gang against employees if they don’t like you they make it to a point that you feel harassed and undermined. Bosses also favor certain employees and make it too obvious, give them bonuses and credit for the hard work of the other employees. Some managers got the position without having the skills nor the experience to do the job making lots of mistakes and still bosses look the other way. Savatage others work. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work at this firm if you can call it a firm. Cons: Everything"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I'll start by saying that the managers were great. Professional and listened to their workers. The staff was nice to work with for the most part except that the ones not on the main floor were very loud and extremely rude and gossiped about the file handlers all the time. The environment was very odd. It wasn't that professional but it wasn't always a bad thing except that it meant that work was difficult to get done in a logical manner, and for many in a timely manner as the way things were run wasn't always practical. Add on that the partners clearly don't care about their workers and likely don't care who works for them makes the position feel unstable at all times. Especially since they are an "at will" employer and their terrible HR doesn't hide that. She makes it even more clear how little she and the partners don't care about their employees and their needs. Because of all this I'd already told people to not apply here, especially with their hiring and firing all the time. Cons: Hr, no overtime even when needed, no respect for employees"

Adam l says

"Bought 3 for £50 and didn’t even get two moulds out of them, should be supplied with more silicone! If your above average size then do not buy, you will be disappointed."

Guest says

"Poor stock management, unhelpful customer services. Never use again"


"The item is for a pump which were not listed"

Mrs Kate Porter says