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Japan Radio Network or JRN is a commercial radio network in Japan, established on May 2, 1965. The network is run by TBS Radio & Communications, Inc. (TBS Radio).

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "I had a very bad experience working at JRN, the managment was very rude and the extra hours working were unpaid".


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KFC Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I was disrespected and tooken for granted . Everyone there is judgmental. The manager could care less about what you have going on in your life only what she needs from you Cons: Everything"

Supervisor de Compras (Former Employee) says

"Não tenho muito o que falar pois trabalhei pouco tempo nesta instituição. O que pude notar que a empresa tem bons benefícios. . Relacionamento interpessoal dos profissionais não era muito agradável. Pouco profissionalismo. Mas que construía suas obras com qualidade. Cons: Não fornece estacionamento e nem ajuda para tal."

Motorista (Former Employee) says

"Bom ambiente de trabalho."

Ajudante obras (Former Employee) says

"A empresa jrn foi uma boa empresa que trabalhei porém deixou a deseja em questão de horas extras Cons: Não forneceu vale alimentação"

removal porter (Current Employee) says

"The day at work is alright not boring, that is why i love to work as a removal. I learned a lot, how to lift things without risks for myself or anybody. The management was organized no to much rushing all the time. I can't tell exactly what was the hard part for me, the only thing i can say that we couldn't get job every day and this is exactly what i didn't like. I used to enjoy my hole day with lifting and shifting and don't stop work. Cons: 6 - 10 hours"

Quality Control Captain/Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"RGM was great to work for and the working with employees was great. Cons: wages were to low"

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