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JD Sports Fashion plc, more commonly known as just JD Sports, is a British sports fashion retail company based in Bury, Greater Manchester, England with shops throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It is a subsidiary of the Pentland Group. In 2016 and again in 2019, JD Sports was profiled in British media amid allegations of mistreatment of its UK warehouse staff.

An anonymous user recounts his experience ordering products on JD Sports on the "Reviews.io" website on September 24, 2020:

"Orders never arrive on time and when they do you only get half the items because they take so long it runs out of stock. The refunds process is so difficult and takes about a month, this has been happening for years and they don't seem to fix it. Started ordering from Get the Label which is a child company and they are absolutely superb with fast dispatch and you get all your items."


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Colloquio (Former Employee) says

"Vengo contattato per un colloquio in vista della nuova apertura di Torino. Mi ero candidato come supervisor. L'incontro, che inizialmente doveva essere di gruppo, con un confronto maggiore e più stimolante, si svolge invece al tavolino di un bar: mi viene chiesto per cosa mi ero candidato, store manager e area manager non avevano neanche il mio CV completo perché avevano stampato quello estratto da Indeed...mezz'ora di colloquio individuale tra la confusione del centro commerciale, domande abbastanza inutili e disappunti tra loro su quello che dovevano chiedermi.Per fortuna non sono stato selezionato, un'organizzazione ed una serietà del genere non la auguro a nessuno.Simpatici?Non basterebbe lo spazio"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"After working with the company a little over a year I can ensure you the overall experience was dreadful. I was bullied by management and other staff members, made to work shifts the managers knew I had no way home from. I spoke to the HR who simply didn’t care. This job caused me have panic attacks and medical complications brought on from stress. I missed 1 shift due to being in a car accident (I was in hospital the time of the shift) my partner drove from the hospital to the store to tell them I was in hospital not only did they laugh about it but they then dropped my hours to shifts that were unavailable for me at the time due to lack of public transport. When sitting down and asking the manager if we could find a solution he said “I find it hard to believe a grown woman can’t bring herself back and fourth work of the bus isn’t running” he then proceeded to make fun of me and intimidate me at the work place. After one shift I was sat crying in the toilets due to some horrendous abuse I had taken from another staff member. I spoke to the management explaining how I wanted to leave the job and couldn’t take much more he then replied with “ok but I want that in writing as I’m hiring more people this week”! The next day I took in my Resignation and never returned. Still when I visit the store the manager gives me funny looks and makes me feel uncomfortable. NothingEverything"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Managers seem to have an authority complex and treat staff badly. Communication and organisation is very poor and must be worked on before any changes occur. Training is nonexistent and you are berated for not knowing how to do something. Toxic atmosphere for such low wages makes this job opportunity one to miss. They would rather you die on the shop floor than have a bottle of water to hydrate yourself. All round disgraceYou receive the best abuse from managementAnything you can think of JD sports has it."

JD Sports Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Overall I really didn’t enjoy working at JD Sports. The environment was very fast paced and stressful and you never got thanks for anything that you did throughout the work day. Being able to communicate with customers was one of the highlights of the job but management was terrible and people who aren’t the favourites get the worst jobs 25% discount, 1 hour breakLong hours, terrible management, low pay, stressful, short notice on work days"

Vendeur en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"Ne jamais postuler chez eux, ne paye pas les heures supplémentaires, exploitation très grave du jamais vu la pire enseigne de ventes prêt a porteraucunheures supplémentaire non payer, aucune reconnaissance, aucune évolution possible, forcing pour ventes supplémentaires!"

Motion Graphics Designer (Former Employee) says

"No benefits, very bad management, unnecessary stressful job, underpaid, psychologically unhealthy. During my time there is saw plenty of people leaving on day to the next. Avoid at any cost.I haven't found a single pro working for them besides the experience madeBad management, manipulative, no advancement, stressful, no problem saving at all"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Don't expect any credit for working hard.. Keep your mouth shut..stay away from the gossip machine..if you are white English do not expect to be there long..Its not cold.None"

Flow control/engineer (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely shocking working procedures. The management here really don’t care about anything other than hitting targets. You can risk losing your job by going to the toiletsNoneNone"

Textile Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I faced a racist in experience especially from eastern European Portuguese, Romanian, polish , English community supervisor or member staff, manager, Asian from member staff and supervisor İ had worked with unskilled member staff as I had couple of light injuries at my feet because of unskilled employees"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The company is a joke they bully staff and there management. Only care about profits and lining there own packets no care for staff or there management teamThere is no prosAll of it from fairness to work/life balance"

supervisor (Former Employee) says

", bad pay and terrible management. unfair working conditions and poor benefits. stressful with no help from higher up. can actually see how much you make the company and this is a kick in the balls when you get paid a days earnings in almost two months."

Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I Was working in Tottenham Hale store , was attacked in store defending myself and sexuality, no security to help and I was sacked for it . Yet The police was on my side"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"This is easily the worst job I’ve ever had. They do not care about your health wellbeing. you’re not paid on time no is it correctly done. You’re just a statistic to them not human"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The work environment was fair the staff i was close with were welcoming but the management team would pick the worse jobs for people they disliked and didn't treat anyone fairly."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn’t recommend anyone work here You have to be young no older than 21 The management don’t look after you You end up working over your time and not get paid If your face don’t fit you get nothing but trouble off the management The management treat you bad and when reported to hr they take their side over yours because that’s their rule."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"For your safety do not work there. Management bully under 18s and take advantage of you. Made to do 20+ hours a week when on an 8 hour contract. Your not allowed sick days."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"management treat you like slaves. Make you do stuff that aren’t in your contract like cleaning the floors. Supervisors just stand there doing nothing."

Part time member (Current Employee) says

"not a good day, when there, nothing learnt, management :/ we will leave it there, hardest bit about the job was signing in, nothing really to enjoy, people are rude."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management with totally non respect for staff. Late shifts and you can never finish on time that you suppose to finish even if you do morning shift (due to totally disorganization of management). They expect you to arrive much earlier than your shift starts but you cannot ask if you are free to go when the shift is over (i've been told that 10 or 15min longer won't kill me). 9 hrs shift with 1hr unpaid break. You can be send on your break after 1,5 or 2hrs then you do 6-6,5hrs. Working in Central London for minimum wage and such a high expectations. Management treat the staff in a very degrading way and talk to you with no respect at all. I do NOT recommend anyone to work there.NonePoor management, unpaid breaks, poor salary, late shifts"

Casual sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"I applied for a role and was invited for an interview which ended up being a surprise group interview, the lady who hired me had already left by the time I started, my first day I wasn't introduced to anyone, the manager sat out the back in a room and I had to figure out what was going on myself, no other staff there knew I was even an employee until I introduced myself, no KPIs or acknowledgement for closing big sales, the team walked around with heads down avoiding customers which was a seriously weird environment to be a part of, shifts were given without much warning, you would find out when you were working next after your most recent shift which made any form of outside activities impossible to plan for, constantly underpaid as well which really topped off this awesome experience working for this company and took them about 2-3 Months to remove me from their payroll after constant hounding after I quit so I was getting taxed double for my new job."

Rod says

"My wife bought in JD PECKHAM STORE a children's jacket only showing it onto the phone to our son who was at home. it was nearly at closing time, when she arrived home my son opened the JD's bag and immediately notice that the jacket has a "cut"damage on the upper left hand side sleeve.
The following day we went to the same shop and ask to the cashier to exchange it or allows to but anything else if there were not replacement. She called to her "manager" who, as soon as she went behind the desk she looked me angrily and she said " what do you want" i explained and showed to her the damage on the jacket and her reply was " why did you buy it if it was damaged? I replied , why do you sell it if is damaged then she went crazy and said " EXCUSE ME ... IF YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT I WON'T DO ANYTHING, then started questioning me who did selL it to you, i said I don't know then she said "you should know the name of the person serving you" and my wife approached and said the person who served me is not here. Angrily she said and did it " i will check the surveillance camera to see how the jacket was when you took it" she took less than five minutes to go inside and come back and said " I checked it and there is nothing wrong in the jacket when you bought it" so she was accusing us of damaging the jacket on purpose and lying after all of this we were furious. Before we left the place I said that I will complaint she simply said I don't care and wrote her name on a piece of paper.
I am really dissapointed with JD sport, unfortunately this is not the first time that we have problems with the quality of the products sold on their stores but at least in the past we could exchange it or got the money back"

Aimad Zeghari says

"Terrible shopping experience!!"

Meg says

"3 Weeks waiting for an order no update no one answering phones pathetic quick enough to take the money thou"

Cam of the Kop says

"Just tried ordering a pair of Nike trainers but didn´t receive any confirmation email, been about 3 hours now..."

Pauline Harris says

"I ordered a pair of trainers when they arrived were not of good quality so I returned them to my local store. After numerous emails I finally received my refund 6 weeks later. Which I do not think is acceptable I was told via one of the emails I would be offered a goodwill gesture to which I am still waiting for."

Andrew says

"Decent clothes yes but their returns process is a joke. Regardless of whether the item you have is faulty you need to pay for returns. For this reason I won't buy a thing from them again. Plenty of other retailers out there selling the same stuff with free and easy returns"

Jane Callagher says

"Disappointed first time customer, who ordered online on the Black Friday bonanza day, only to be told DPD have lost my parcel their favoured courier. I ordered on Friday 24th November, expected date was expected to be 3-4 days, and it was only when I called customer service on Wednesday 4th December to be told by JD my parcel had been lost by DPD. So you can image my anger that noone bothered to inform me. Now the bigger concern is getting your money back from JD. Not only have I had to email and telephone, their customer service 3 times, the story changes every time, so I am still in the process of trying to get my money back. JD all I want is my money back as I have accepted my parcel has been lost my DPD, and been told "its very rare to happen", well it happened to me and I am not happy. Please resolve as it just shows you do not care about your customers."