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JCDecaux Group (JCDecaux SA, French pronunciation: ​[ʒisedəˈko]) is a multinational corporation based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, France, known for its bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems, and street furniture. It is the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world.The company was founded in 1964 in Lyon, France by Jean-Claude Decaux. Over the year


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cariste (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise sans aucune évolution trop de bras-cassés dans cette entreprise un chef de magasin trop hypocriteAucunTout"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Expected to clean 50-60 bus shelters in 8 hours, working at 3am on a Saturday without extra pay even though promised by management, working with people that's been with the company for ten years plus and they are still as clueless as you.NoneWorking alone in dangerous places and tinesOne of the worst things was having to puck up the slack of others who had been with the company for a long time but some how think that excludes them from doing any."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Nobody knows how to communicate i cant wait to leave. They do not know how to treat people......if i could give a 0 star i definately definately wouldnonethe HR staff"

換畫 (Former Employee) says


Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Really bad place to work no matter what you do they store not happy with your work pay is poor for what you have tobfobover worked and under played management is shockingNonManagnent and work"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"日常要同事等她放心 不順意找你出氣 公司出了花紅但HOLD住不派 不會對下屬好,只會千尋百踩....."

Permanent Employee (Current Employee) says

"Don't be misled by the size of the company. Culture and mentality don't follow. London & Brentford offices - besides the first good impression of the venue don't expect anything. Employees are massively exploited.Nothing besides first good impression of the venue.Far too many"

Field Service Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Constant devious spying by management. Management also lie constantly and use disciplinary procedure to take christmas bonus away from workers and to speed up the dismissal process. A company you can not trust.No prosUntrustworthy management"

chef deproduit (Former Employee) says

"Decaux supprime une partie du salaire de ses employés sans prévenir c'est lamentable, un management de petit chef à l'ancienne il n'y a aucun avenir dans cette boîte les cadres ne reste pas ils ne sont plus payés"

Health & Safety Officer (Rail) says

"I worked 5 years here. Promised training and development which never came, paid my own way through training. Micromanagement style, prestigious products, but felt no loyalty as staff are used and abused with no true management support, they just go through the motions, but never really complete them either. There are some very good staff, but too few. I would not recommend working for them if you value your work life balance, career animals try and apply, but don't expect much support.Free drink, tea, coffee.No management support"

Technicien (Current Employee) says

"les critères de promotion de carrière ne sont pas les qualités et compétences professionnelles c'est souvent autres.travailler pour survivredésolé d’être un employé fidèle"

Chef d'équipe (Former Employee) says

"JC Decaux n° 1 de la communication en France mais pas de la sécurité de son personnel pour les magasiniers/caristes.1/- Aucune organisation vis à vis des transporteurs, les camions viennent quand ils veulent !!!2/- Pressions constantes du responsable, suite à leur mauvaise organisation les camions arrivant tardivement, ils doivent être traités urgemment !!3/- Pas d'autorisation de conduite interne, ce qui est obligatoire légalement !!Conclusion, travaillant en constante pression et dans l'urgence, les salariés et intérimaires se font mal (7 accidents du travail en 1 an)aucunmauvaises organisations, pas de respect des règles de sécurités et du personnel, ..."

maintenance affichage pub (Former Employee) says

"Après plus de 15 ans d ancienneté on ma jeter au chômage par la nouvelle drh marion de Montreuil et maintenant a Ivry méfiance sans scrupule ne soiyer pas fatigué"

People Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Hierarchal team structure and lack of communication from management with too many egos! Non inclusive culture and many rules apply for some and not others. Im not convinced they understand the meaning of 'One Team'. Opportunity for progression, but limited to specific departments. Little to no planning in order to adapt to change. Very high turnover and unable to retain talent. The company has a lot of potential, however major changes must be made for the better. People Administrator position - if you want to gain experience it is the perfect role, yet very admin heavy! Individuals in the People Team can be very patronising most of the time.Free healthy breakfast, annual bonus, early finish on FridaysNo diversity"

fijador motador (Former Employee) says

"nunca volveré a trabajar a esta empresasi no tiene competencias y sabe hacer el chivato mejor buscar trabajo ahi."

Recruitment Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work felt like a week. Churn was really high, training resource was low. There were some really competent and engaging managers and directors, and it very much varied between departments but overall it was one of the best places I've worked for the people I met, and the worst places to work as an employee. The hardest part of the job was seeing the disparity between what the operations staff were paid and how they were treated versus the top level directors some of whom treated their staff very poorly and disrespectfully. Every department was under resourced and many were hugely under paid whilst the top level directors laughed all the way to the bank - which is probably why there were so many top level people who remained so long whilst the rest of the staff had the biggest turnover of any business I've ever worked in. The most enjoyable part of the job was some of the people I met and bonding as we mutually agreed the laughable nature of the whole situation.Brand status, size of business, peoplePoor progression, poor employer brand, arrogance of senior staff."

Chef de projets (Former Employee) says

"Positif: une équipe agréable avec des alter ego collaboratifs pour la plupart. Négatif : aucune méthode, aucun outil de gestion de projets / programme. Trop peu de ressources avec une charge de travail surdimensionnée. Un DSI totalement hermétique, avec un sérieux problème de comportement: confond employés et esclaves tant sur le fond que sur la forme."

Vendeur conseil (Former Employee) says

"mauvaise ambiance, managing de petit patron salaire minable avec des avenants qui vous le rabaisse entreprise à éviter"

Sales Support (Current Employee) says

"Anders dan mijn verwachtingen toen ik de baan aannam. Geen goede processen, geen goede werksfeer en niet nakomen van beloften bij sollicitatiegesprek"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Fun to work at to start and then a new manager came in and was all over the women and making promises he couldn't keep. Management in NY did not care."

Former Employee - National Sales Coordinator/Planner says

"No training at all. You’ll be thrown under the bus for not doing things you didn’t even know you were supposed to do. With COVID, executives have bragged about taking a 20% pay cut leaving lowest paid employees taking a 60% pay cut. No word for how long. They’ll just let you know on the last day of each month that it’s extended for another month. They also never mentioned our bonuses when they told us our (already low) base salary was being reduced. When I didn’t get paid my bonus I realized we wouldn’t get that either. Started requiring online courses on top of current work when we are only paid for 16 hrs a week. Communication was so bad with my manager that I repeatedly forwarded him emails where I was being told by other departments that I was supposed to do something that I didn’t know I had to do. I asked him repeatedly to give me explicit instructions and told him repeatedly that I wasn’t fully trained. He never responded to any of those emails. He also never responded to my resignation email (we are working from home). The communication is AWFUL. Right before we started WFH we were told to over communicate and he is doing the absolute opposite. Questions often left unanswered, I had to pester him about giving me my schedule when we had paid holiday hours to take and it took weeks to get him to finally figure it out. And I was his only subordinate. No accountability on the account executives AT ALL for THEIR accounts. It all falls on the planners/coordinators. And if you’re new with minimal training other departments won’t care and will still blame you. The job itself is incredibly tedious with very confusing outdated systems. A lot of training is needed and I’m really surprised that a job that requires so much training has no training program in place. Do not work here. I’d rather be unemployed than take the written abuse via email from other departments and get radio silence from my manager who refused to manage me, acknowledge me, or take any accountability."

Former Employee - Sales Coordinator says

"everything about this place was awful"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Keep in mind, this isn't company-wide, but specific to certain teams. Specifically, let's focus on IT. All of these points are worth reading, don't just skim. - Stupidly low pay for where the company is. Help desk gets 30-40k in the heart of Manhattan, admins 50-70k. - Expensive health insurance - Massive turnover. Entire departments leave. It's incredible. - Penny-pinching, for some reason. Not like this company makes billions world-wide. - Micro-management, but still somehow accomplishing being aloof. What a skill. - Salaried employees are treated with zero understanding or comprehension of what the word, "flexible" means - Animosity to change. They will retaliate quite brutally. - Incorrect or jumbled job duties, that then aren't even what the person was hired to do. Engineers and admins get phone calls from end users, it's distracting and pathetic. The director, does, too. End users. Calling the director. To reset passwords. -Management lies. No training budgets, but you'll be told they exist. You'll never see a cent of it. You'll ask, but be given excuses. - Arbitrary hours, you're there to just... exist. 15 min late? Email the entire team your shame. In my time here, I've learned few new skills and my existing expertise is ignored flat out. This is a company that wants to change how its people feel, but doesn't want to change how it treats them or what technologies it uses. It is stuck."

Former Employee - Sales Coordinator says

"Low pay. No training- you are thrown into the job and you either sink or swim. Hostile work environment and very clicky. Hands down the worst job I ever had. The workload was huge and very stressful. This job affected my physical health and well-being."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a horrible work environment in its entirety. Middle manager was a self-proclaimed, righteous and arrogant piece of crap who certainly put way too much pressure on a small team who was hired to take care of a backlog and create a more stable process for their team. What does this group gain by random (and seemingly for no reason) firings of strong and motivated talent? Manager walked around breathing down each person's back to ask if work was complete, every few minutes, had no trust in staff what soever. Also middle manager would make nasty uncalled for comments during the day to which it seems that people more or less, just deal with and brush under the carpet. Um, no. unacceptable. HR a joke (like it usually is). ALOT of corporate drama and politics - that you definitely do not want to deal with. Life is too valuable and too short. In addition, no formal training, no acknowledgement of success on projects or met goals, no recognition for hard work. Stay away. Your soul will be sucked out the longer you stay here. No work/life balance AT ALL."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"outdated, ineffective software and tools lack of training and onboarding support poor communication from managers long hours"

Electro-mechanical Technician says

"Negative and hostil environment, arrogant a lot of incompetent managament HR useless and clueless very desorganize and no room to grow they only promote french no americans but sure love our money. Union sucks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everyone is extremely clicky and catty new people are not welcome. There are the people that have worked there for years there are about 5 of them and then the rest of the company is a revolving door in and out every six months . If you like materialistic stuck up people this is the place for you to work."

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"I find the sales people were very rude. All but a handful were friendly. Absolutely no work life balance. The management team were snakes with green eyes. I have never experienced such racism and cruelty in my entire life. Lost of gossip about who's having affairs with management. This company does not value its employees. The company is well known in Europe but the NA region is not being run well. Horrible CEO's."


"Poor morale, low compensation, no opportunities for advancement. I saw many people leave during my time there because their work was not appreciated an no raises or promotions were given serious discussion. Complaints and concerns are met with patronizing tone and no action. I wasn't given a performance review in three years, to spite requests for one."