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J.M. Weston is a French luxury shoe company founded by Édouard Blanchard in 1891, in Limoges. It is renowned for its handmade shoes for men. They also produce a full line of leather goods ranging from belts and briefcases to luggage items.

Charles shares his disappointing experience on styleforum.net, "As a shoe fan, I own 20+ pairs of very good quality shoes (Vass, Carmina, C&J, Church's) and four pairs of Weston. I had quality problems with 3 of them. And they fixed them. But for the last one, shoes (Eton Moc) are completely dead. Tears and cracks. No way to save them. They are not able to say if there is a wearing problem, but they don't want to admit a quality issue...So be careful if you buy a pair of Weston and don't expect any service in case of a problem of quality. The warranty is valid till the door of the shop..."


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