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J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (doing business as JCPenney and abbreviated JCP) is an American department store chain with 840 locations in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. In addition to selling conventional merchandise, JCPenney offers large Fine Jewelry departments, The Salon by InStyle, and Sephora inside JCPenney.

Jennifer shares her frustrating experience on consumeraffairs.com, "I placed an order on J. C. Penney in May for a short and shoes. 2 weeks later I received an email stating the Shoes were out of stock and I would not be charged. 24 hours later my credit card was charged. I have been trying to get a refund since the beginning of June!! Going on 2 months with nothing. I have called and emailed customer service. I'm so upset over the lack of customer service and straight theft. I'll be contacting an attorney."


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Supervisor of operations (Former Employee) says

"A lot of work with little people and little pay and want you to work weekends and nights other managers do less. For the job that I was doing I should just been working Monday through Friday early mornings in gone by time the store opensDiscountNo help"

receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The turn around is a joke the compensation is laughable to say the least the employees literally go out of their way to start high school drama issues NoneEverything"

Senior Store Systems Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Leadership cannot be trusted after chapter 11 and subsequent corporate layoffs. Misinformation from senior leadership to remaining JCP associates regatding how layoffs were handled was inaccurate and intentionally misleading.locationbad leadership"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Boring, poverty wages, understaffed, underwhelming place to earn your living. Unstable management, stupid diversity rules. Not a place to make money. Slavery. I wasted my time. The company is doomed. Dirty.HahahaJust a crummy way to spend your time"

Retail Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management is awful. Horurs are cut on a regular basis. Pay is so low it’s unfair. Work unappreciated. Manager yells at employees on sales floor. Had reported her several times as well as did coworkers.. she left by being promoted. Are you kidding . People walk off their job all the time. No real job training they will tell you to figure it out . CEO brought in appliances and mattresses at a clothing store . Big mistake. We had to get rid of it at a loss. No wonder they are going out of business..Close commuteBad management, poor hourly paymt"

Master Cosmetologist (Current Employee) says

"It’s awful! I’m looking for a new career! Can’t wait to work somewhere else. Pay is low and managers lack people skills! No one’s considerate of others lives especially during COVID-19."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This company has no sense of direction or future. I left because of lack of job advancement, opportunity, AND security. After a few years away, I decided to apply for a different position now being an external candidate. After two phone interviews and one in person interview with the locations GM, I decided to decline a return. Boy, am I glad I did! Shortly afterwards, that location was put on the store closing list only to be taken back off. Stores that were originally not on the closing list have been added on. The list continues to change daily.This tells me that NO ONE in the company has any idea of what the future holds. They will continue to post jobs, interview, and hire without any clue of the company's standing. Be careful: You could accept a job offer, only for your store to close soon after! There is NO job security with this company. The writing has been on the wall and is only getting worse - You have been warned!"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"There are so many employees at JCP but I don't think most people who work there care about actually performing their duties well. I was only a temp worker but I already got the impression that no one really cares. Leadership also don't care; they just want the hours clocked in."

Merchandise Associate (Former Employee) says

"To say that we were understaffed is an understatement. Employee heath isnt taken Seriously among Covid. My job was threatened by the general manager if I didn't sell credit cards, I was to be fired.. Customers can steal with no consequences yet the staff are held accountable for not giving customer service. Customers have assaulted, screamed, stalked and harass employees but still continue to shop and aren't asked to leave. The facility is FILFTHY, there are mold spots on ceiling tiles and dust flying through the building, on everything. You couldn't pay me to work for this company again. You can always work somewhere else.Every aspect of working here."

Senior Hair Designer, Licensed Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Expectations were outrageous. Had somebody running the salon that knew nothing about running a salon making outrageous expectations the way everything was ran with completely uncalled for NoneEverything"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"All they want to do is save their money and not actually want to work with availabity and will do anything in their power to save money and not actually listen or take care of their associates, working for this company was one of the worst decisions I have ever made, If I knew how I would be treated during a global pandemic I would have never gave my time to this company, thank you for nothing,.nothingCooperate america at it finest"

Department Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They have a cap for all Department managers, lots of duties with low pay. No opportunities to move up unless you suck it up for your manager. Demand your life with nothing to show for it.....NothingEverything"

JCPenney Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Jcpenny was the worst place I worked. The management wasn't good, the people i worked with were lazy and the management did nothing. I was just a seasonal worker but, wouldn't work there again."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They do not respect anyone and maneger and supervisors always buss you and always you see them on floor to buss another employee, they never respect you in front of customer and they will fire you soon of work if you have more than two complain.25% discount for employeeLess paid with low hours"

Human Resource Supervisor/ Leader on Duty/ Key Carrier (Former Employee) says

"🗣 I'm soo happy I no longer work there!!! My hair and edges are finally growing back! 🙆🏾 I never ever ever never ever ever ever want to work at jcpenney again!!!! H£ll to the no no no!!!!Meeting good peopleToo many to list here"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was really fun and working with different people and doing Black Friday and special events and getting a discount and having friends and family dayGetting sales doneThe cons are when we had slow days at Jcpenn"

Loss Prevention Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you are a YES man or woman you'll get promoted. If you voice your concerns to company they will hold it against you. If one of the people from management doesn't like you, then you're pretty much stuck no advisement.You have a jobWorking in a high school environment"

Sales/Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management full of racists, made me feel excluded all the time, worked there for almost two months and wouldn’t teach me how to use the register because of the color of my skin. I’m glad I quit when I did!Overworked and under paidRacists as managers"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The communication at this location is severely lacking. The general manager lets the associate run the roost while the supervisors run their butts off and are fired for ridiculous reasons beyond their control. Zero appreciation is given to those who actually run the business and of course problem children are catered. The schedule gives little work life balance. Run, unless you want to somewhere with no support, little pay, and constant stress."

Specialty Associate (Current Employee) says

"This job is more for when you need a job right away before you can find something else that is permanent. Its a job that also helps you shape your skill sets."

Percellar Hoyt says

"Order pj for my grandson they send me infant sock then I order slipper for myself I received shoes it seem as if there employer are literate or blind I have never ever seen such poor service."

Chris McKinzy Jr. says

"At Christmas I wanted a real gold chain with cross on it. I got mine chain and it broke very easily and had to wait a month to get another one. I finally get it back and a week later it breaks again the same way. My parents spent a ton of money to get me something real that breaks easy. JC Penny Jewelry is terrible and should never be bought from. I will never buy from there again."

Cindy says

"Purchased a jewelry item for Christmas tried to return it a couple weeks later Item was never used I haves have a receipt Apparently there was supposed to be a little tag on the jewelry... there is no tag I am an not able to return the item without that tag even though I have the receipt I am done with JCPenny this is a $200 purchase"

Jackie Keil says

"I ordered a pair of boots on Nov. 13th. Received an email Nov. 15th that they were shipped. It is now Jan. 11th and still no boots. The expected delivery date has been continually pushed out. They had no problem taking my money within 2 days, but almost 2 months later and I have nothing to show for it. Very disappointed. Nothing like the JCPenney store I use to know."

Sally says

"We ordered some sheets on Black Friday and have yet to receive them. The date for us to receive them keeps getting pushed back, and we don’t even get any notification. I tried to cancel the order and was not able to. I routinely order from JCP during the holidays, but I won’t do that again."

Elena says

"If I could give this store a 0 I would. This is the worst order online store. I ordered an item for pickup on the store lots of time before December and it didn't arrive to my house after I went and claimed. They cancelled my order without notifying me! This was such an stressful order. And it didn't arrive until December 23. When I ordered it November 15. This is the WORST STORE EVER!!!!!! I wont never order anything never!!!"

Carol Okin says

"I purchased a king sized mattress and two box springs over two months ago. On Tuesday i received them from an outside company. The two men started bringing in the new furniture when i said "aren't you going to remove the old before you bring in the new?" I was advised that they don't remove. I said that's crazy. How am i going to remove it. They said they can do it for $20 a piece which is $60. Not having any choice i ended up paying $70. There was a tear on one of the boxsprings. He said take a pic and show it to them. The next day i received a call from the shipping co but i was at work. It took me 4 days to speak to someone. They told me to contact jcpenney directly. I called the co and they said they would send another boxspring but charge me and then remove it. I suggested giving me a discount. They said no. No wonder their stores are closing. Terrible experience."

Heidi says

"Seems very scam like. I ordered diamond earrings on December 29, 2020 using a 40% off code, today my order was canceled "Unfortunately, some of the item(s) from your order are no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience." This is spot on what others are saying. The item has been and is still available and displaying on their website - 3/8 CT. T.W. Genuine White Diamond 10K White Gold 4.2mm Stud Earrings. I DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing anything from JCPenny again."

customer says

"I'm going to try to keep it short. I used to love this place. Spend big money every year here consistently. This time around, no such luck. Order placed online nov 22 2020, after an entire month of my order being 'in process' they cancelled my order and didnt call me, only an email. so towards the end of december when i discovered it was cancelled, i contacted to have them reorder as they have no problem taking my money, so they place my order again and put another pending charge on my bank account but nobody knows whats going on. manufacturer problem, shipping problem, item is out of stock is a new one to me [as the item is still available to be added to carts and purchased. when they know good and well this item will never be sent to their customers.] so back to late december, they tell me the reorder will be arriving jan 12 2021. okay whatever, and this morning jan 6 2021 i get another mystery email. my order has been cancelled again. and once again, nobody knows whats going on. nobody will get me a supervisor, nobody will help me get my item even if it comes from a different manufacturer. Sorry it was so long, but yeah. Absolutely horrible service. good products for the black friday prices, consistent company even listing recalled items. Absolutely terrible service."

Vicki Stewart Ulm says

"On December 6, I purchased two pair of St. John's Bay pants. Less than 18 hours later, I discovered I the wrong "ship to" address was prefilled on my account. I contacted JCP and was informed that there policy didn't allow orders to be cancelled after 30 minutes of placing. I tried to explain I didn't want to cancel, just have address corrected. I had already checked to be sure it hadn't shipped. For 4-5 days, it sat to be picked up at Lenexa, KS. Then sent via USPS. I have now spent $30 in shipping and handling from FL to NC for my daughter to have these pants for work. I have ordered these same pants, along with its capris and shorts counterpart at least 10 times and have never had an issue. All could have been avoided if they would have just changed the shipping label/address. Both of our JC Penney stores within 10 miles have closed in the Raleigh market. I have had a JCP credit card for 40 years. Pretty sure I won't have one or use it much longer. Sincerely, Vicki Ulm"

Ris says

"Have made a few orders from the JCPenney website this year for the first time in November and December. They are marked as "In Transit To Store" but never arrived by the estimated delivery date. Am told to wait longer by customer service. After a few more weeks, they cancelled my order. No notifications, no available information on shipping location for weeks. Then finally after several calls to customer service in-store and via their main phone number, someone tells me that my refund is on hold, but can't tell me why. This is so unprofessional and incompetent. Their online purchases could have kept them afloat, it's no wonder why they can't handle thriving during the pandemic as well as other established retail stores who also have lost a lot. And on top of it, I read on their website JCPenney can't refund back to PayPal for some reason? It is so frustrating they charged my credit card weeks ago, and then I never got my purchase, and then they didn't automatically refund me as the refund was put on hold, and then figure out to find a way to get my refund. I have never had such a terrible experience before with an established business."

Frankie Reyes says

"Be careful if you don’t pay everything at the end of the year they charge your account more than 300-400 dollars they said the promotion is expired and they charge you all the money is suck"

ALISA B. says

"I ordered a cocktail ring from them on 12-10. I never received it. They keep telling me to wait. I can't get a straight answer from anyone. No wonder this business is sinking."

Sherry Duchardt says

"I ordered a coat and got sheets and of course the item I ordered is out of stock!!! Very upset to say the least!! This happened today . I used to love JcPenny's but anymore it's been horrible. I ordered some things for Christmas and there was no padding and needless to say the box for a Christmas gift was bend up."

Günter von Berlichingen says

"Second time they canceled my order after “processing” it for a week each time. They didn’t refund me my warranty I bought both items as well. They are thieves."

Emily Belle Peters says

"My fiance and I both needed our rings resized. She bought mine from JCP, but I bought hers from a different place. I figured I should ask if they would be able to resize mine for a fee. They said that they could do that, no problem. They would get back to me with an estimate for the resizing cost. Well we got mine back, but they lost my fiancé’s. We found this out after over 8 months of waiting, calling them, going to the store and asking. That’s disappointing enough, as it was one of a kind. Now they’re offering store credit for a ring that I didn’t even buy there. I’m feeling really screwed over. Hopefully they don’t flake out of at least giving me that store credit. For some reason, they couldn’t do it while I was in store the last time. They’re supposed to give me a call, but it’s been a few weeks and I’m getting very concerned all over again."

Tammy Anderson says

"My fault.... I trusted them again and again I am left stressing because Christmas gifts are a week late already and seem to have found a home at the Atlanta USPS. I will never again order anything from JCP for holiday gifts. They have been going downhill for a couple of years now."

Tia Buckley says

"I told myself I would never order from Jcpenny again when they never sent the ring I order and didn’t refund me all my money back, but my special self decided to give them another chance and got screwed again. Should have received my order by Dec 16th and when I called customer service I was told it hadn’t even shipped out yet. I told him to cancel my order and release my funds. He told me it would be done and here it is today email from jcpenny telling me my order had been shipped that should have been cancelled and a new agent told me that it couldn’t be cancelled after 30 mins of placing the order. Well that can’t be done since I placed my order weeks ago. Now I am either stuck with the item I have already went out and bought again or stuck going through the refund process and it taking 2+ weeks for me to get my money back. This company needs a new process and customer service agents. They need to also make note of the cancel process when placing online orders. UGH so annoyed right now."

Agnes Luseni says

"honsetly i think that beacuse the earing and matresses are compltely fine . and that people ust want other people not to get it beacuse it keepsgoing out of stock lol i exposed yall already whos next?"