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For almost two centuries, JB Martin has been making the fine woven velvets. Today, JB Martin is the oldest continuous manufacturer of woven velvets.


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Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"I was just there just long enough to find out how disliked the upper management was and how ill treated the employees were. The most enjoyable part of my job was my desk area was comfortable and the employees I met there were very nice. Cons: Overworked & under appreciated"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"The advantage of working in my department is I can work by myself. I can run a machine very well. My manager is very understanding, but not well trained in management. My coworkers are very nice people to work with. Cons: No benefits, hours being cut, and hot atmosphere"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst place I've ever worked. The management was so unprofessional like. They showed favoritism where some were treated better than others. The pay wasnt that good. I make just as much now every week as I did every 2 weeks and don't have to work as hard, im still in a plant. The management is whats going to take that place down. I've never seen anything like it. Cons: Not enough money. Short breaks. Unprofessionalism"

Slasher Room Machine Operator/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"It was an ok place to work for because I had every weekend off but other than I was underpaid & overworked but you have to do what you have to do. And make the best the of every opportunity & always give 100%."

Chemical Mixer, Doffer (Former Employee) says

"bad pay no real benefits and lots of racism through out the work place including the office. place not clean very dusty. pay not competitive. application easy to fill out Cons: good breaks"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I work everywhere in the finishing department i can do it all. The hardest part about the job is dealing with people who has low work ethic. My typical day at work is me helping eveyone. Cons: The people"

Preventive Maintenance and Loom Technician (Former Employee) says

"Cancelled all employees insurance and really meets you nowhere in the middle as far as future is concerned. Pay not good. Cons: No benefits and no care attitude from management."

machine operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work. It was basically loading up a machine with cloth a lot of sewing and a lot of chemicals. It was an alright workplace lots of free time when you have your machine running properly. Cons: Short breaks."

Dye Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A topical day at JB Martin well on most day it's pretty busy from start to end I come in an change out once I'm done I check the books to see wats been did for that day. That lets me know how the nite is going to go then I check all the mechines to see how long before they stop an how many add ons first shift put on the cloth. Add ons is when u have to add more dye to the cloth to get the color right it cud be off just a lil whethey do the final test"

Leaser (Former Employee) says

"JB Matin is a slow but steady pace job. U can learn more jobs. They need health ins. through the job which will be more convenient for employees. The most enjoyable experience with JB Martin is working closely with others."

Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Un trabajo en si facil de realizar si no fuera por compartir ventas con los compañeros que descansan sobre tus ventas"

Weaver (Former Employee) says

"i had a good time working around these people they were nice an alwyas treated me with respect they even cooked for the employees sometimes it wasnt a hard job neither Cons: write u up for petty things"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I started my days by settings up my machines and making sure that I had the correct dye for the cloth I was dying. Cons: low pay"

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Super entreprise jusqu'avant le redressement appris du jour au lendemain ....fermeture 15 jours de notre magasin apres la nouvelle . pour un licenciement au bout de 4 mois soit fin novembre ....prime toucher mais juste pour nous payer et vivre car pole emploi ne paie pas avant juin a venir .... super quoi Cons: pas de ticket restau"

Vendeuse en chaussures (Former Employee) says

"j'y ai travaillé pendant les soldes malgré le rush on a su garder la cadence et géré la clientèle qui quant à elles étaient satisfaite dans le cas contraire orienter vers d'autres enseignes ou revenaient pour l’accueil qu'on leur réserver ! chaque client est privilégiés ."