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The J. M. Smucker Company, also known as Smucker and Smucker's, is an American manufacturer of jam, peanut butter, jelly, fruit syrups, beverages, shortening, ice cream toppings, oils, and other products in North America. Smucker's headquarters are located in Orrville, Ohio. It was founded in 1897.

An employee shared this in a review, "There is a clear divide between departments. Not much appreciation for what other department responsibilities are. Poor cross-functional communication. Since being acquired by JM smuckers have proven time and again they can't run a food factory. Job security is a joke as well as balance between work and family."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is horrible , managers are unprofessional"

Former Employee - General Labor says

"Get ready for no work life balance. You don't find out your work schedule for next week until generally the Thursday before and even that can change to Friday at management discretion. Very difficult to make plans this way. Union is weak, more interested in pleasing management. Worst part is the forced OT on weekends to "clean" the bakery. These jobs are cleaning ovens, dryers, etc. Sometimes you're unfortunate to get scheduled for a double clean...so yeah 16 hours of this garbage. Your one day off is just to recuperate before starting it all over again. Stay away and find something better."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Family oriented company, if you're he Smuckers family. Big Heart was a great place to work, until they got bought out by Smuckers. -Since then, they replaced a great benefits package with an ok one. -They have changed their OT policies. Causing the loss of hundreds of dollars a week to some employees. The policy changes also punish those who use any kind of vacation unless it's used in 5 day increments. -Policies are changed every few months, often removing or making it harder to use benefits such as vacation without causing financial backlash to yourself. -Company will threaten write ups for overtime that is required to complete a run, clean up etc. And then force you to take overtime within the next 48 hours. -Smuckers will threaten to write you up for 'close calls' caused by long reported OSHA violations. -Smuckers cannot keep staffed, employees are constantly leaving. The list goes on. The pet food industry has increadibly high profit margins, but Smuckers continues to squeez what they can from there employees while paying out large bonuses to those that help."

Former Employee - R&D Engineer says

"-Pay/benefits is mediocre at best -Huge diversity and inclusion issue. There’s a lot of bias based on sex and race. Reporting bias issues to HR is a bit of a joke. One person was sympathetic saying “that’s not right, and we can do better” but they’ll refer you to a someone else who reminds you of any obligation you have to the organization and that they have to “make hard decisions” when it comes to making diversity and inclusion change. -Leadership leaves too much up to the discretion of the departments/managers. Some departments and managers thrive in this others fail under the pressure."


"They dont really care for employees but they say they do. There is a hiring freeze and I have seen too many people cry bc upper management is not hiring enough people. Terrible management and ridiculous HR department. Even though OH is At-Will god forbid something happens to you and you end up in the hospital. Management will abuse you the day you return and ask why certain things weren't done while you were in the hospital and don't go to HR as they will "claim" to be your advocate then turn around and fire you based on poor performance in "the last few weeks" even if you were in the hospital."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful management that ignores emails so any questions I have never go answered and order supplies get denied so I don't even have the proper tools to do my job. Blanket raises for everyone no matter how good you perform that barely meet the cost of living increase. Mandatory meetings to spew propaganda, and having any dissenting opinions results in getting yelled at. The plant shut down 3 times in a 4 month span and makes everyone take the entire week off because they're not selling product and have to take a break from production. The company is circling the drain."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited and declining loyalty to tenured employees. Culture is surface level and people managers are often poor at best."

Former Employee - Logistics Coordinator says

"The people that work there! Everyone is in it for themselves and don’t want to train you. They are all backstabbing, gossiping little 25 year olds still stuck in high school !! All they care about is making themselves look better than the next person and management is clueless to this."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sr. management only concerned with results, not people. Poor HR support and follow-up. Continue to take benefits away or reduce support. Culture out of date with current industry beliefs. Unless you like northeast Ohio- no room for advancement."

Tech 4 (Current Employee) says

"The worst management possible I have worked for better companies with better lies about benefits and work hours. They have no constancy about safety programs."

Quality Assurance Laboratory Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I am just typing here to fill the characters and nothing more. The company provided free lunch during Christmas time to the employees who were hungry."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"People were great! Management is ruining the company. They preach values but they have none! Miss the people I worked with everyday. Management has no clue! Worst place I have ever worked. No family values anymore...."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Corporate needs a new management at this facility. Temperatures either 100 or almost freezing. Pay is minimal for what you do and temperatures you have to endure. Health insurance is a joke.CoworkersJust about everything"

Manager Corporate Fruit Planning (Former Employee) says

"Unwilling to listen to what the day to day challenges are. Unrealistic and arbitrary goals. From Smucker culture 10 years ago to P&G management style. No longer about quality, it's all about profit. Many of the internal goals pit departments against each other.NoneLong hours with no compensation or recognition"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was being harrassed at work and i was the one who go in trouble. Bad hr and supervisors. They dont care about there employees at all. Dont work thereNoneEverything"

Case picker order selector (Current Employee) says

"Im looking for a career to build me as a person . This job is just a job nothing more. They have alot of overtime available mon through sat case pickers loaders and outbound.2 weeks vacationrevolving doors"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"They tell you a bunch of things that are not true.The people that are running the show are in ther own click.they will not let you do your job without them holding the reins.You are treated like a bunch of puppets on astring"


"If you become part of the Buddy System you can advance. Job posting sign up sheets are put up but the selecting process is already predetermined even though they pretend to go through a selecting process."

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"This place is known negatively to locals. Local job market is dismal, they know it. First phrases muttered when I told people I was hired, "Oh wow...I'm sorry. You'll be living there." Most hostile work environment I've ever encountered. Treated with prison like enforcement. Supervisor manipulated score tracking system. Union tends to favor company. Incompetent, under qualified management. Favoritism towards Good Ol' Boys. The overtime is relentless, 70+ hours a week. The amount of overtime affects the safety of forklift drivers. Rather pay overtime then hire or have enough employees per shift business model. All over time is mandatory. I've worked a couple months without a day off. The way the overtime works pins employee vs employee daily. The "who can get out of overtime," game. The pay is high, it has to be, no one would do it for less. I would seriously stay away, unless you have accrued some massive amount of debt and absolutely need to live at work.Job duty is alrightOvertime, Poor Management Staff, Hostile work environment"

Warehouse Operator (Former Employee) says

"Do not work at the Decatur plant in the warehouse unless you enjoy cleaning up after other people constantly and being talked to like a child and yelled at by coworkers. Also you will be overwhelmed by the unfair work load put on one person at the Decatur plant.PayShort breaks, low moral, mental health, over priced insurance"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the decatur Al facility from June 208- Dec 2019 . I was bullied and taught nothing Of purées the head honcho or the supervisors that make 35 plus an hour could care less. I was fired because of this They don’t value there employees. They were the ones who hired me with little experience It was a nightmare. The employees were nasty tattle tales to put themselves on a pedestal The place should be investigated They preached this teamwork attitude but it was all for themselves I dreaded going there before they fired me for another employee threatening me Of course they labeled me a troubled maker and found a reason to fire me I hope karma visits them all"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"inspecting my forklift before driving it and Staging pallets in the bay. I learned how to be a cautious driving a forklift Make sure we follow the rules Various op cultures Driving a forklift Working with co-workers"

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"Place went down hill starting around 2007. The best part of the day was going home. I learned people don't matter. A worker is just another number. Pay was good. We were often told that if we worked very hard and got ahead, we wouldn't have to work Saturday. Then we'd get ahead and they would just add more batches. Cut corners all the time. Office people would walk through the plant and tell workers how to do their jobs. Jobs they couldn't do to save their lives. Not a very pretty picture, is it? It is the truth."

Case Packer Operator (Former Employee) says

"They treat their workers like badly. The other employees look down on any new people. They spread rumors about everyone. They lose people faster than they can hire them."

Processing (Former Employee) says

"Awful management that lies to your face and does not actually solve problems, workers are unhappy across all 3 shifts, no sense of accomplishment, outdated equipment, always behind schedule, company is mismanaged from the top down (another pet food recall and falling stock prices), etc.Going homeMandatory overtime, very unhappy place to work, lazy workers, poor management, outdated equipment, etc"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Terrible terrible company. Outright lies to it's employees, took a plant that was in business for 40+ years and effectively ran it into the ground in 2 years. Human resources will lie at every chance, they pick and choose who they want in a position, not who is qualified for the job or who rightfully won the bid. Backdoor shady practices and an elitist mentality makes this an awful company to work for. There is no training for positions or education available. Machine operators are expected to learn tasks with only a few hours actually performing their job before they are pulled to other positions to fill in for shortages. Expect to live at work because while they say "some overtime" it really means every weekend and being forced for overtime every day since they eliminated 1/4 of the workforce and refuse to fill open positions. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.Good PayNo room for advancement, cutthroat mentality, dishonest management"

Machine Operator Positions (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed operating the capping machine. I also worked as a assistant Kettleman when ever required. Prepared boxes to be put on pallets for shipping and receiving."

Line Technician (Filler Operator) says

"I would not recommend this company employees that worked there for 15 plus years were let go they expected you to learn stuff that you didn’t need to know or didn’t pertain to your job"

Mixer Operator (Current Employee) says

"When you sign on to become an employee at Smuckers you are signing your life away. You will have work life balance. Be prepared to work 60-80 hours a week. We are currently working a month straight as we speak. We run out of ingredients though we work every weekend. When you first start you'll be the lowest on the totem pole so be prepared to work 12 hours a day every day. If you don't have a life this place is great but you will barely see your family.MoneyEverything"

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