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J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:JBHT) is a transportation and logistics company based in Lowell, Arkansas. J.B. Hunt was founded by Johnnie Bryan Hunt and Johnelle Hunt in Arkansas on August 10, 1961. By 1983, J.B. Hunt had grown into the 80th largest trucking firm in the U.S. and earned $623.47 million in revenue. At that time J.B. Hunt was operating 550 tractors, 1,049 trailers, and had roughly 1,050 employees. J.B. Hunt primarily operates large semi-trailer trucks and provides transportation services throughout the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico. The company currently employs over 24,000 and operates more than 12,000 trucks. The company's fleet consists of over 100,000 trailers and containers.

A disgruntled employe shared his experience in a review, "Horrible management. You'll be in a environment that doesnt respect drivers or customers. Most executives are from University of Arkansas, so diversity of thought is minimal. If you want to progress with your career, you'll need to move to Fayetteville, Arkansas. The commission is far below average. 500k in rev at 12% margin could equal $500 in total commission."


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Current Employee - Transportation Manager says

"Horrible hours No work life balance A lot of older managers don’t do their jobs so it falls on the good ones. No morale, pay increases are 3% yearly. No empathy managers. No organization structure. They let older managers do whatever and take off whenever they want."

Former Employee - OTR Truck Driver says

"No home time poor dispatch"

Former Employee - Transportation Representative says

"We're sorry to hear that you had a negative experience working for us, but we appreciate you taking the time to leave a review."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We are sorry that you had this negative experience, but we appreciate you taking the time to leave a review and share your feedback."

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"We're sorry to hear that you did not have a more positive experience working for us, but we appreciate you sharing your feedback."

Former Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"We're sorry to hear that you had a negative experience working for us, but we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback."

Former Employee - Final Mile Driver says

"Does not care about you as a driver and your situation all that matters is there logo"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"wish i could give zero starts. no respect for drivers.the more experience and skill the worse you are treated. worst driving job i ever had. stay away from this company if you want a future."

Class A Driver (Former Employee) says

"Layovers, no pay no extra. Say no touch Freight you do have to unload target keyfoods no electric jack. No choices in days off or time starts. Management brutal lots of profanity. If you don't do NYC Burroughs your screwed or fired. No upper management support. No support whatsoever. Force dispatch. Worst job in my history of Driving Career. The absolute worse."

Career Placement Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Worst management of supervisors they act like their your friend then backstab you immediately and talk trash I usually don’t care but they talk mad trash it gets to my supervisors eat and he tries to lecture me people all around there is trash"

Babysitter (Former Employee) says

"All politics. Its who ya know, not what ya know, rules only apply to certain people, and enforced by the select few,, encouraged to rat out other employees for minor infractions"

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"Job is easy but manager's have no clue. They all have never been in a truck. They just have a degree so that qualifies them to be a boss. All together wouldn't recommend"

Truck Driver Class A (Current Employee) says

"They want drivers they can work the mess out of for 700.00 a week sometimes 5 only thing I loved about the company they got you home every weekend and the insurance was ok and there perdeim sucked but I did learn the in and outs of container hauling."

Breakdown Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There was no part of my time with this company that I enjoyed. I can’t express how much I would advise someone to avoid this company at all costs. Toxic doesn’t begin to describe the department I worked in; let alone how much of a disaster it was. The turnover in my department was astronomical, and there’s a reason."

Fleet Manager (Current Employee) says

"Hours are too long and the shifts are unusual. Leadership is lacking. Inclusion doesn't take place. Culture often seems biased. Although they promote from within theprocess looks different for everyone."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"In the beginning they pay good for about a month. Then after that they please all the new drivers and then when they have about a month in they please the other new drivers coming in. Maybe it was my area I dont know but this place was a waste of time."

Truck driver / yard jockey (Former Employee) says

"Over worked under paid no communication they push you to do more even if you worked for 12 hours if you have a doctor appointment you have to take the whole day off no half days If you have one screw up your gone no matter whatNoneTo much work for little pay"

Mobile Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good company but management suck they do what ever they want and treat you horrible manager act like they own you and treat you Like it’s military never order what you need in your truck"

Truck Driver (OTR) says

"Broken down everything, no miles. They cheat you on your pay check You will have 14 hour days every day. Add broken down and waiting for a tow truck 18 hour days every 3 days. Because it's every 3 days your broke down, they got a old lady recruiter there hang up if a old lady's voice answers phone she's the only old lady there. She lies, liesNoneEverything"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about you unless you are in a truck for them and know matter what you do the driver always takes the blame you can talk until you're blue in the face they aren't listening and don't want to"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was a very hard worker trying to make a business go through these guys and they weren't cooperative to try to help me when I needed it when they lack of loads as well as funds to keep the truck movie"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"JUST DON'T DO IT!!! No home time or family time. Its not worth your life to give it up them and they will waste it !!! Just stay away alot better companies out there ."

Straight Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was in the straight truck and home delivery program for JB Hunt Final Mile Services. This particular job was very stressful and time consuming. Not to mention that management and co-workers were not pleasant to work with at all. This job is not good for someone that has a family. I wouldn't recommend anyone to EVER work there.NoneStressful Work Environment"

Operations Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"They make you work a 50 hr workweek on a salary meant to be for 40. They’re salary increase is a measly 1%, but expect above and beyond from employees. They’re quarterly “bonuses” are insulting. They don’t tell you that bonuses are impacted by driver performance.You have a jobNo work life balance"

Deiver (Former Employee) says

"I use to work in west haven Connecticut, omfg Mangement, horrible is understatement , A guess this is what happen when u have persons who don’t operate commercial vehicle managing commercial drivers .. they don’t care about there Driver’s they only care about the The load been delivered they don’t care about your safety I wish the review would allow me to say what I want to say cause I would be calling names.. all west haven manager are horrible every single one of them.NothingNothing"

Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"They are a bit misleading. Most of the dispatch team and managers are very cool. Only a few of them are embisils and want to micro manage. I was a contractor for them and I got a truck I didn’t want and I froze at night because it didn’t idle . They did nothing about this. They fired me for safety reasons but I was definitely on my way out anyway. You had to work your butt off to get a decent pay. They are definitely just a name and very overrated. I understand the high turnover rate but I am always appreciative of different experience.Nice dispatch managerThey are cut throat"

Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"I totally regret working for this company. Too many cons to list but you will see favoritism ignorant managers, rude staff very low pay...,I would deal with everything, but the low pay is so ridiculous that you can literally drive for Uber and get a way better pay check.noneeverything bad you never sow in your carrier history, you will see it here. ask other drivers before making your move."

Phil says

"I had to deal with JB Hunt for a fridge delivery from Costco. They are a mess, all up. They are not able to deal with the workload that they take and they missed the delivery date by...A WEEK! When the actual delivery day finally came, they gave me a 4 hour window for the delivery. 4 hours during a workday! People work, they don’t have the luxury to waste time waiting for JB Hunt to provide a decent service. Unfortunately I don’t have the option not to use them in the future as they were contracted by Costco, but I already escalated with a manager a Costco the poor service that this delivery company provides. They should go with someone else who is actually able to deliver, on time and with a proper service."

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