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ARETI International Group of Companies controlled by Russian businessman Igor Makarov headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with parent companies of the group registered in Cyprus. Its subsidiaries are involved in the energy industry, civil and industrial engineering, and finance and insurance. The company operates primarily in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States countries and Latvia. In 2013, its main subsidiary Itera Oil & Gas Company—was acquired by Russian state-controlled oil company Rosneft.

Iteran is a soviet style company with small workspaces, poor communication, and a toxic working environment, a current employee shared a review at

"Soviet-style companies exist, and should be avoided at all costs". You will not get hired without a reference - the company does not advertise its open positions. There are no large open workspaces, each office space fits up to three employees. Smoking in offices is allowed (management smokes a lot), almost everyone takes smoke breaks. The company is managed top-down. There is very little communication or feedback flowing from the bottom up or from side to side. This is a high control, low autonomy environment. Gossip and rumors flourish. Not a place for someone with creative ideas or someone young - most employees are over 35 years old and have stayed with this company for at least 10-15 years."


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