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Posti Group Oyj (previously Suomen Posti during 1994–2007 and Itella during 2007–2015), trading internationally as Posti Group Corporation, is the main Finnish postal service delivering mail and parcels in Finland. The State of Finland is the sole shareholder of the company.

Itella offers low salary to employees and has a risky and toxic working envirionment, an ex-employee shared a review at

"Ridiculously low paid.Rude supervisor. Harsh weather at night.Prone to get injured.They know forigners are desperate to get job so they try to exploit it and pay you ridiculously low and treat you very bad."


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Кладовщик (Former Employee) says

"Жаль водителей автобусов которые нас доставляют на работу и обратно.У них задолженность по заработанной плате составляет 3-месяца не понятно на,что живут.Постоянно жалуются на блокировку заправочных карт. Салярку сливают у друг друга.Обещают на днях поставить автобусы к забору.И как люди будут добираться домой не понятно.И их тоже можно понять.Химки М.О."

Skanningsoperatör (Former Employee) says

"Ett jobb som betalar inte mycket men ett jobb under tiden tills man hittar annat"

jaakaja (Former Employee) says

"se oli ylityö 4 tuntia joka päivä jakelee lehti oville"

Communications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I gained skills in installation of low-current networks, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance systems The workplace was great: I had a productive computer, all the necessary tools for work, the air conditioning was always working in the office, there was an opportunity to take coffee breaks. I had lunch in the middle of the day. The most difficult work was the need to climb to the high-mounted cameras for repair or replacement. In work most of all I liked the possibility of free movement in the warehouse."

Delivery Officer/ Courier (Former Employee) says

"The company was working very well in the previous years, but lots of things have changed due to reduced volume of work. However through the company I was able to gain my experience in logistics.Not good pay"

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