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Iron Mountain Inc. (NYSE: IRM) is an American enterprise information management services company founded in 1951 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Its records management, information destruction, and data backup and recovery services are supplied to more than 220,000 customers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. As of 2016 over 94% of Fortune 1000 companies use Iron Mountain's services to store and manage their information.

A shredder operator shared his experience, "Do not believe everything you see, if you do something wrong at Iron Mountain it will hunt you forever. Absolutely no accidents allowed and don't get hurt. Do as they say not like they do. Two face is the way to be. The right race can get away with anything even get promoted."


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Former Employee - Warehouse says

"Bad pay, bad hours, slightly dangerous work environment"

Former Employee - Leadership says

"Leadership has lost its way. Core Values no longer relevant."

Former Employee - Business Development Representative says

"Difficult to understand comp plan Seems slanted to favor men"

Current Employee - BDA says

"None that I can think of"

Former Employee - BDE says

"Management and Manager were awful. Say they respect the "work life balance" but often required you to work 12-15 hour days and if that wasn't done you'd get in trouble. Training and onboarding were a joke. There was a lack of focus and help when you had questions. Direct manager was never in the office to provide help. If you needed help you would have to call and hope to reach them. If you didn't reach them no one else would offer support for fear of being wrong and not doing what the manager expected. I do not suggest this company to anyone."

Former Employee - Armed Security Guard says

"Terrible work culture incompetent management No room for growth No life outside of work"

Former Employee - Senior Analyst says

"I'm sure every group is different but: -The usual nepotism -Work/life balance is the worst out of any company I have ever worked for -Training was meh, or non existent -Old"

Current Employee - Manager says

"There is no investment in the business beyond data centers. Every month is a cost cutting exercise. New year, new vision, new buzz words, but no investment into the people, process or our systems."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Their entire line of business"

Former Employee - N/A says

"No Job Security what so ever, I worked with guys that were way over 100 percent quota and had great pipelines and one day they had massive lay offs with no explanation. The management is very hands off, and almost non existent unless lay offs or other majors road block appears."

Shredder Operator (Current Employee) says

"Do not believe everything you see, do something wrong it will hunt you forever. absolutely no accidents allowed dont get hurt.Do as they say not like they do.two face is the way to be.the right race can get away with anything even get promoted.Hire withinMicro management"

Data Entry/Scanner (Former Employee) says

"Management, not friendly. I was hired to do one job, never did it, never was trained. Definitely favoritism! This company, I thought was good, but after being hired, they literally suck! NoneEverything"

Document Imaging Specialist (Former Employee) says

"started work at 7 am. Needed to arrive early to put away personal belongings before retrieving ID card to punch in.nothing attractive - horrible managementno respect for employees, always threatening to fire employeespressure to complete assigned tasksnothing enjoyable occasional free bagelsshort breaks, bad management"

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 3 months and this is the worst place I have worked in a while they only keep young people for more then 3 months and race is a big issue there still in 2020 not the place if your the type of person who just wants to complete your work and get home unorganized unprofessional disgusting peopleN/aImmature people with friends and family in management"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"No support from management. Worked through pandemic. Working double routes. No ppe provided. Uniform took 2 months to arrive. Then made redundant on less than 2 weeks notice. Terrible firm. Would avoid at all costs"

Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor that was not even mine fabricated a lie to get me fired and management fell for it. Lost a good worker for it and gained disrespectful and disloyal people. illicit activities on company time alot backstabbing, gossiping and lying. Lack of social skills and interpersonal communication from management.a paycheckyou can see and hear the sighs of frustration"

Transportation Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Lack of knowledgeable supervisors whose attention and empathy to the needs of subordinates is quite non existent.Favoritisms abound and decisions are left to one person whose bias is apparent. No consideration is given to ones home life. Goals are unrealistic and often lead to missed schedules and non official pressure to bypass lunches and breaks to meet these schedules is the norm. Work overloads and lack of coordinated efforts to relieve such pressures are lacking. Severe fatigue and mental stress has left employees to the point of apathy and deep depression. I would not recommend to anyone to work for this company.Meeting some of the nicest customers who have become close friends.No personal time allowed to take care of day to day responsibilities."

Subject Matter Expert (Current Employee) says

"Salaries estimated if unavailable. When a job posting doesn't include a salary, we estimate it by looking at similar jobs. Estimated salaries are not endorsed by the companies offering those positions and may vary from actual salaries.Nofree lunchLong hour"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"You should pay your CDL drivers more money and the rest of your C drivers also turnover rate is threw the roof bad environment just seems like thers no concern for the Drivers BenifitsPay"

Rodbuster (Former Employee) says

"This company regulates you to work extremely insane hours. Would frowned upon if you had to go to the bathroom, as well as not fair to be flexible when to make appointments at the doctors for my wife during her pregnancy! The foreman I had an terrible attitude and would talk badly to me and about my family to my face.Made decent moneyWhen needed help you would be judged in a negative way"

Preparation administration assistance (Former Employee) says

"Staff mainly do not speak good English. Most staff are not over the age of thirty years of age, Need to fit and well not injuries or illness, as work is very fast pased. Some of the management are also agency staff and not on contract to Iron Mountain. No lunch facility, but only a poor sub standard kitchen area with tables."

Shop Forman (Former Employee) says

"not safety oriented or will not acknowledge improvements in shop or line of duty. cannot keep good drivers, they quit cause of the condition of the trucks.nonethey only care if you get it done fast"

Mortgage Specialist II (Current Employee) says

"This is just an awful company to work for. They are not concerned for their employees. Due to covid19 we are working two shifts. I work the 2nd shift 3-11:30 and they have mandatory overtime every Saturday until further notice and those schedules are 6-230 or 8-5. Employees aren't given time for family and take care of older parents or young children. If your late it's an occurrence. Those working 2nd shift is about a 4-5 hour turn around. Extremely hard physically and mentally. I have started having panic attacks since working for this company."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Treated shocking, got rid of me without telling me even though I’d worked all through the lock down. Management is absolutely terrible, don’t even want to know you."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Long hours for little pay,chump pay increases, poor management, no time for family, on call program sucks after being on call all night they want you to still do a route"

Imaging Production Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Managers are idiots who don’t know or care about projects until major problems arise and then blame their employees for their mistakes. Work is mind-numbingly boring. Fellow employees are either all sketchy to the point where you don’t know how they passed a background check, or nasty and gossip about everyone 24/7 because they’re bored. No sense of teamwork because employees are encouraged to rat on each other. Corporate looks for ways to cheat us out of pay and bonuses and benefits and pat themselves on the back for “saving the company money.” A truly terrible environment to work in. I left on my own out of being so fed up with the system. You’ll never make enough money in this position and there is no chance of you moving up the ladder. People have been here for 10, 15, and 25 years and get paid almost nothing.If you love being talked down to and don’t mind useless managers, this is the job for you.Barely getting paid, working with and for idiots, boring and meaningless work, no chance for job growth, miserable coworkers"

Data record management (data centre specialist ) says

"I worked for 13 years and arrived new line manager changed everything as he does not like me., kick me out from work.HR doing nothing always listen to manager and manager side."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"This was by far the worst job I have ever had. I felt very unappreciated for my hard work. I was never thanked for how much I did. I was never encouraged to do my best or offered any incentives. I did however, give my best efforts everyday and was never recognized for it. If i did get feedback it was always negative. There was always too much drama and family issues with this place."

Employée polyvalente (Former Employee) says

"Très mauvaise expérience de travail, management très mitigé, cadre catastrophique. Travail peu intéressant, pas enrichissant avec beaucoup d’exigence pour un salaire de misère"

CSAIII (Former Employee) says

"Iron Mountain is a horrible place to work. The leadership team is completely useless and my own manager could not assist with basic task. You're coworkers are rude and untruthfull. No one will own the task and it gets handed off often. Lately, at Iron Mountain 60% customer satisfaction is exceptional."

Glad2BOut says

"Run by a bunch of sycophantic morons who collectively couldn\'t come up with a new idea, draft a plan, and execute it if their lives depended on it. Sadly, many others\' do, and they pay a recurring price for middle, senior, and executive leaderships\' lack of skill, vision or even a clue. Stagnant wages, no true innovation, piss-poor customer service, no meaningful growth: a true house of cards. "

Customer... or at least i think I am. says

"Currently going into week week 7 of attempting to have my shredding picked up. This is just bizarre."

Carl says

"We do not interact with EscrowTech regularly. It is being used as an insurance policy should the developer of our custom software go out of business. There is no friction, but simply lack of use resulting in having no opinion. Therefore, we are neutral in our rating of this company."

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