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Inventec, They are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to offering solutions for the handling of fluids, including pumping equipment, agitation, tank manufacturing and control systems.

On Aug 2018 a former employee wrote for Indeed a review saying that Inventec sucks: Everything is decadent in this company, without administration or development areas.


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NPI Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Todo es decadente en esta empresa, sin administracion ni areas de desarrollo... Mucha gastadera de tiempo extra de oquis...NadaTodo esta mal..."

Inspector de calidad (Former Employee) says

"No hay crecimiento laboral ni promoción con aumento de sueldo"

Ingeniero de mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"La direccion y administracion no corresponde con una empresa que quiere ser hay estabilidad economica"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"My greatest challenge here was to change the culture to allow people to grow and not be punished for making a mistake.lots of opportunities to innovaterefusal to allow change and fair wages"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"during working hours you must prepare your body for the physical strength because working in there are compose of lifting heavy carrier loaded by the wafer and pushing cart loaded with 20 pcs carrier with wafer, each loaded carrier is approximately 3 kg and you must prepare your self on a night shift schedule."

PC Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Benefits are bad. No room for growth. Good temporary job when you arw out of options. But this will pay bills when you need the money. Otherwise better options out there"

Testing Engineering (Current Employee) says

"Es como todas las empresas días estresantes días relajados, el salario no es el que muchos desearían pero se con pensá al adquirir la experiencia laboral y personal que muchos desean obtener."

tecnico en tool crib (Current Employee) says

"es una empresa con mucho futuro pero como todo tiene un bajo si no es que un escaso rendimiento en su administracion así como en sus evaluaciones tengo un año laborando y aun no e tenido ninguna al igual que ningun aumento de salarioBuen ambiente de trabajono hay evaluaciones ni aumento salarial"