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A Reddit user mentioned, "Intimacy Sucks! It really does, it's hard and it's awkward."


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"I worked at Intimacy Cons: Poor corporate management. Do not compensate for all the work. Employees are treated with little respect. Hard to meet goals, when corporate constantly changes policies."


"I have been working at Intimacy Cons: no customers poor benefits low pay"

Current Employee - Stylists says

"I have been working at Intimacy full-time for more than a year Cons: Salary can be improved, to many HR issues. Horrible corporate. No organization"

Current Employee - Bra Fit Stylist says

"I have been working at Intimacy full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Poor corporate management; poor store management; no pay increases; excessive markup; commission based income; no sales or real incentives for customers; no marketing promotions from corporate office; no holiday pay; expensive medical benefits Intimacy cares about the almighty dollar and not much else. They talk about empowering women but they treat their employees (99% women) like garbage. Overworked and underpaid"


"I worked at Intimacy Cons: The store in Chicago is all about who you are not how you work. They have stylists who have worked there for years who run the show. They make one call to headquarters and the next day new good and fresh employees get fired. That leave the old staff to run a store where people are miserable and negative no one feels happy or safe. They are grown women who bully"

Stylst says

"I have been working at Intimacy Cons: The SM is CONSTANTLY riding and belittling the staff. A very stressful environment. There are sketchy employees working there that look like they just left a women's' prison. The Company is ran by a good ol boys system that allows mistreatment of employees. There are NO incentives for the employees. No holiday pay, but are required to work EVERY holiday and weekend. A very unhealthy environment. Cannot wait to find another place for employment like the last 8 employees that just left once the SM continued to pick at them for nonsense."

Bra Fitter says

"I worked at Intimacy Cons: Long hours worked all major holidays and then some!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Intimacy full-time Cons: They don't value work/life balance. As an employee you are not empowered. Every decision is micro-managed. When the company was bought out, it brought in inexperienced, under-qualified management who refuses to listen to what customers want and empower the tenured and experienced employees to pursue those wishes in a sensible way. There is no reward system in place for doing a great job. There are no perks to the job, benefits are almost unaffordable by employees and it's just a miserable place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Intimacy full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Overol lots of demand on sales and profits. Poor pay."

Former Employee - Bra Fit Stylist says

"I worked at Intimacy full-time for more than a year Cons: This company is a JOKE! They grew too fast without the finance, intelligence or resources to back it up. They put uneducated, lazy people in positions of power and have no one to look over them or teach them an effective way of managing. They offer NO holiday pay and want you to work Christmas eve, 4th of July and Black Friday..a Smack in the face! They have no cameras in their stores and stock in their bathroom!!!! They have no company base to clientele and will punish you for not following up with it. They have a fire at will policy which means they can fire you for NO REASON AT ALL!!!!!! They could care less how or what their employees are feeling, good numbers do not matter and there is no upward mobility. This company is a complete WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!! The saddest experience of my life, I watched a manager come in to work late, steal, be lazy, not help customers and get away with MURDER!!!!! STAY FAR FAR away unless you have no other options."