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InterContinental Sucks. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is a hotel brand founded in 1946 as a subsidiary of Pan American World Airways. As of March 2020, there were 213 InterContinental hotels featuring over 71,431 rooms worldwide.

Back in August 2015 ABC NEWS reported in a piece that in July 2016, InterContinental Adelaide was responsible for giving at least 70 diners salmonella food poisoning. Twenty-one of these people had to be treated at hospital:

Eggs blamed for salmonella outbreak at Adelaide's InterContinental Eggs have been identified as the likely cause of a salmonellosis outbreak at an Adelaide hotel that has put 21 people in hospital. There have been 71 confirmed cases from the cross-contamination or inadequate cooking of raw eggs at Adelaide's InterContinental, the council said. The council said environmental health officers were working with the hotel to review their processes, practices and equipment. Council's acting director community Sean McNamara said food safety was a high priority for the council and inspections were held to monitor standards. SA Health chief medical officer Paddy Phillips said the incident served as a reminder about the risks associated with handling raw eggs. "Bacteria such as salmonella can be found on the shell of eggs and while they may not necessarily look or smell bad, they can be contaminated," Professor Phillips said. "Washing eggs will not remove bacteria so cracked or dirty eggs should be thrown out. "Good food safety practices are essential in any kitchen to prevent contamination."


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AGM (Former Employee) says

"Plain and sad the people who represent this organization deserve no cheers they are awful I gave them 10 years of loyal service and I have nothing good to say what so ever the pay is low and you are just a number who serve a glorified management team who will do anything except train you to move up from your current position they will use you and abuse you fill you have nothing good to say about ihg Cons: Working for criminals"

Chief Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worse place to work ever. Management is terrible. No help ever. Lock themselves away in their offices for hours. Never pride the employees. Pay is terrible and never get raises. Cons: Nothing"

Guest Services (Former Employee) says

"Only care about money not people or the future. No training no help. They run a skeleton crew so you are usually doing two or three jobs instead of just yours and they expect no mistakes or complaining."

Assistant Traveling Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would suggest working for Hilton or Marriott. Cons: Work for a corporate hotel"

Convention Services Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awful experience! I will never work at an IHG property again! I am passionate about the hospitality industry, but would never recommend this to an employee trying to be in the industry."

Restaurant Supervisor/ Head Banquet Houseman/ Banquet Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Benefits only for few ones."

Server aide and inroom dining (Former Employee) says

"Liars lazy back stabbing racist pieces of dung. They are racisy play favorites if youre white you will be alright black to the back. Was worked harder and longer than white males in same position hated this place felt like a slave"

Guest Service Agent (Receptionist) says

"It looks like a supermarket not a 5 stars hotel, i swear nothing is correct there.. business is going down, so bad reviews but no one care, promotion only for who can cheat and betray the colleagues or to who can make a show, arrogant management, really it’s a disaster environment"

Apoyo a Recepcion (Former Employee) says

"es un ambiente bueno para trabajar en grupo y accesible"

Stewarding Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Its not worth it working here, PERIOD!! Management is beyond trashy, wolves in sheep's clothing with snake like moves. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!! Laziness is respected there more."

Guest Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"I really wanted to like this job. I had to leave after the daily turnover. That is no joke, someone quit every day, it was exhausting. Having to take on extra responsibilities temporally when someone quit i got, but it honestly became permanent as the new hires rarely lasted a few day."

Banquet server (Former Employee) says

"I worked over there and the whole management especially as servers have a lot of favoritism, and do not respect the seniority and even worst at banquets."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Faced paced environment washing dishes quick takeout trash clean machine fix machine when down cleaning certain pots n pans keep a clean area organized your area"

Purchasing Manager (Former Employee) says

"very badly managed hotel and the management is very poor. no job security unless you have someone influential up. too much of politics. the working environment is very bad."

Ansprechpartner und Betreuer (Current Employee) says

"sehr freundlich während des V- gespräch aber man merkte danach ..."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"If you expect to get paid for the job you do, do not work here. 2 months after I left I'm still waiting to get paid for my work. Cons: The payroll department"

Bar Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Overall was a horrible experience, interview was great and that’s it. When I did start working for the atrium bar things just got worse, I experienced such a horrible workplace culture, staff that would micro manage me, speak down to me and tell me off in front of customers - the culture of this workplace resembles school yard bullying."

Bar Staff (Former Employee) says

"The so-called events "manager" from Bulgaria (who obviously has no formal training or previous experience of managing people and is completely not qualified for her job) treated me terrible and spoke down at me all the time and so did the bar cashier (a girl who btw kept saying that she is getting promoted to the sales department and that she doesn't belong behind a bar anymore) who by the way did not help at all to serve drinks on the basis that she is allergic to strawberry alcohol, so I really don't understand why they placed her behind a bar since it's not suitable for her needs, putting extra pressure on the rest of us to cover for her, especially when I was alone behind the bar with her and she was not helping me at all. They both lied about me and gave bad feedback to my agency, based on lies. They also cancelled my shifts on short notice and without any feedback on my face, just lies behind my back. Absolutely terrible place to work at as an agency worker. I advise anyone strongly AGAINST working in the F&B department of the George, both as a temp agency worker or a permanent. These people in management/supervisor positions only benefit their small group of close friends and disadvantage everyone else, acting as if the business belongs to them."

Food and Beverage Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Where do I begin. Management don’t care for the well-being of their staff members. Overworked shifts, they would cut back everyone’s shifts one week and then the next week expect us to all work insane amount of hours. There’s no consistency when it comes to this hotel chain. Overworked and undervalued. Plus they would expect staff to pay $4 for meals on shift when it was disgusting canteen meals provided."

Customer Care Professional (Current Employee) says

"Customer care at this place is no existent. It's a nasty, toxic atmosphere ingrained in every part of the company."

Former Employee - Design Manager says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time Cons: managers and inconsistency; corporate status quo"

Former Employee - Maintenance says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for less than a year Cons: Everything about the job if I say so"

Former Employee - Regional Sales Director says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Corporate sales teams reorg every other year to weed out older employees and higher paid employees. Revolving door in sales."

Former Employee - Front Desk says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for less than a year Cons: poor attitudes, poor training, terrible system"

Former Employee - Catering Coordinator says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Just a very judgemental team. You work on the same floor as sales and that are all jerks"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time Cons: large hotel company and good benefits"

Current Employee - Operations Manager says

"I have been working at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Very transactional work experience, poor benefits"

Former Employee - Cook says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time Cons: It was not enough money bad management"

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"I have been working at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for less than a year Cons: No benefits... no breaks.... no holiday pay....poor pay...poor management"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at InterContinental Hotels Group full-time for more than 10 years Cons: IHG uses company re-org to get rid of older employees that can be replaced with younger, cheaper ones. Their quest for "diversity" has made it difficult for US employees to retain their jobs, even though they have been assests to the company with their performance and dedication. Closing all US call centers and moving offshore took hundreds of jobs from US employees."

Ruby Johal says

"Booked a hotel with IHG For a holiday in Thailand September. Unfortunately my flights got cancelled and as I booked my hotel separately I have been penalised as now they refuse to refund me due to a CANCELLATION POLICY. As I don’t come within the cancellation policy date I will not receive my money back unless the date changes from 31 August to 14th September. I am so angry as I have been a loyal customer since 2009 and I have given them so much business in the previous year. To treat any customer like this is very sad. I appreciate that we are all going through a tough time at the moment. Please can you help or even contact me to discuss further. I really want my money back."

**Seaside girl says

"Absolute disgrace. I have been waiting since March when they agreed to give me a refund due to Covid 19. They actually cancelled my booking in May and the hotel was closed when I was due to stay in June. I have contacted the Crown Plaza Toulouse directly, I have tried messaging the head office and I have written to the European head office."

Monique Evens says

"These guys are refusing to refund any money if your hotel as to be cancelled during covid 19 .they talk you into upgrading when you book .they offering you discounts ect and points they are a total disgrace"

Jat says

"Last week, I joined IHG and as they were giving double points - I went to purchase 20,000 points at $230 to book a room in Ca. My points credited along with the bonus for I total of 40,000. On Saturday - we decided to book another couple nights so I went to purchase more points - (i did this 3 different times) on 3 different cards. I then proceeded to get a confirmation on each. Then later - I got an email saying they did not go through and to retry. So then I did on transaction for another 30,000 (60,000 with bonus). I used my bank credit card, got a receipt and was told they would credit within 72 hours. Today is 72 hours and now I am told that it is under investigation, and it could be another 5-7 business days. In the meantime they have taken the $ out of my account... so now I do not have my money or my points to make my reservation. I asked to speak to a supervisor - (very bad connections) and got a run around answer. This was the way it was. I asked if there was a problem why did they not contact me. They said it takes 3 days for them to even know there was a problem and that the submit documentation when the customer calls... My question is what if I didn't call? In the meantime I am out $300 and no points. I got nothing but the run around and yes I was upset and got over irritated for good reason - I got hung up on twice and then on the 3rd call I got nowhere also - but a robotic like response - you just have to wait and that it was ok that they have my money and no points and it would be resolved in 3-5 business days. I'm not sure about you but this is paying for something and not getting what you paid for. Why is this ok.. So in the meantime - I cannot make my reservation and they have money that I could of used to make a reservation else where. They seem to think this is ok and I should not be upset about it. I finally hung up after feeling like I was being investigated like I did something wrong. How is this good business practice - I did not get what I paid for, but they have my $... But its ok? Not in my book, if my trip was tomorrow I am out points and out $ to pay for it. When asked for a supervisor on the 3rd call I was told they could not do anymore... as documentation to investigate was submitted. Horrible customer service and a waste of well over an hour of my time. No offer of any compensation or resolution... just a run around.... Maybe the program is ok - but customer service is horrid. All I want is the points I purchased. Now to put icing on the cake - they still have a hold on my money and have denied my point purchase."

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