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The Lockheed Martin Intelligence Driven Defense® philosophy supports the intent to stop offensive maneuvers during a cyberattack while maintaining a defensive posture. Every defensive stance and every offensive maneuver launched is driven by the human collection of information. Human interaction is the fuel for cyberthreats: Events caused by a human must be resolved by a human. We harness intelligence from the adversary during the threat life cycle and use it to minimize the impact of an attack. That information is shared across domains to protect against future attempts.

A former Information Technology Supervisor of The Lockheed Martin Intelligence Driven Defense from Colorado Springs, CO shared his/her opinion in a review posted for Indeed in August 2020:

"Terrible workplace environment. I did not enjoy working here. Hours were inconsistent, management is ignorant at best, willfully ignorant at worst. Commute is terrible, pay leaves much to be desired".


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