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Ingredion Incorporated is an American multinational ingredient provider based in Westchester, Illinois producing mainly starch, modified starches and starch sugars as glucose syrup and high fructose syrup.The company turns corn, tapioca, potatoes, and other vegetables and fruits into ingredients for the food, beverage, brewing, and pharmaceutical industries and numerous industrial sectors. It has more than 11,000 employees around the world in 44 locations, and customers in more than 60 markets in over 40 countries.

One unhappy employee shared this in an anonymous interview, "The management at Ingredionis bad. They lead by intimidating the employees. The leadership tries to create a culture of fear. This year when "confidential" employee satisfaction survey came in, management called mandatory meetings with the staff and displayed every "confidential" answer on a screen. Then they asked point blank who took the survey. They do not treat staff appropriately and require employees to work 18-24 hours at a time sometimes which is unfair."

Another employee shared in a review, " Awful company to work for. Run for the hills. I would not recommend them to anyone. The pay is far below the industry standard. Lack of education because they a cheap. I don't like the company, I never liked it, I will never like it, I will never recommend it, it needs to go out of business, it needs to shiut down, management sucks, no respect, compant first, no family life."


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Former Employee - Senior Research Scientist says

"Non-competitive salary and opportunities for advanced scientific staff"

Current Employee - Operations says

"Reduced benefits over past few years, management shutting down open communication, lack of knowledge and understanding from management and they have the attitude that they don't care about us and we can leave..... turnover has went high in the past few years."

Current Employee - Logistics Planner says

"No clear direction from leadership"


"Racist company, just run!"

Contract based Sample Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Colleagues are not friendly. Its lonely and boring. Will never recommend this place to anyone. Those at a higher positions are too serious and fierce looking. Those working there look down on the sample coordinator staff.NoneStressful, lonely, depressing, long hours"

Process operator (Former Employee) says

"You have no home life every day you're going to work a 16-hour shift because everyone has FMLA you're stuck on swing shift which consists of two days days today seconds three days third then you'll work three days Days today's second two days third then it will be two days days three days second two days third you have no homeLiving your life like a zombie from a lack of sleepLiving your life like a zombie from a lack of sleep"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"We never get paid on time. Management micromanages so much that they will never listen to what you have to say. Employees that have been there over 20 years management will never listen to them."

operario de produccion (Current Employee) says

"Deberían aprender valorar las leyes del trabajadorMentiraSí hay"

Tecnico PTAR (Former Employee) says

"Despues de un mes de entrevista y luego de haber firmado contrato, haber hecho de todo en papeles y examen. 3 dias antes de comenzar me llamaron y me dijeron que habia salido un pequeño problema en los examenes en un oido. Algo super debil. Una ofensa. Desprecie varias opciones para trabajar y la compañia me quedo mal eso que firme casi dos semanas antes contrato. Creia que la compañia era mas responsable y tenia otros valores.NingunoHace perder tiempo"

Accounts payable (Former Employee) says

"Management treats employees as bodies in chairs. I never interviewed with the manager just the temp service and was sent the following monday. Training is mediocre at best. Management is trying to put a shared services together but has no clue...maybe in 5 years it will be a okay place to workThey paid for parkingNo training long hours"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"It's all about the bottom line. There is a theme of outsourcing with no value in employees that have been there 10, 20 even 30 years. The corporate management pushes being #1 in the industry but address benefits with "industry standard"."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Safety culture is something to be salute. High expectations from individual Directors. Nothing comes easy when handling Directors. Most enjoyable is people generally are quite simple.People are efficientLong hours"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked at ingredion for less than a year. There is a reason why this company.has a high turnover rate. The company prides itself on safety but in my time employed here I have seen a handful of people get hurt (minor incidents and close calls) and people have privately complained about safety concerns but yet these people are too scared to speak up, because the company boasts about 365+ days without an incident. Employees are scared to be 'the one' who breaks the streak. The company boasts about safety yet the piping leaks the floors are wet from these leaks and the floors are slick and slippery from the sugar water and syrup coating the majority of the floor. Yet the company refuses to shut down to repair these issues because honestly the quantity of production outweighs the safety of the workers. If there is a fire alarm set off, the employees are responsible to locate and gather anyone in the facility (not management, or safety) if there is a so2 or ammonia leak (put on a respirator and keep doing your job) ingredion claims safety but nothing I saw promotes that. Be prepared to be forced to work 16 hour days. Yes. You are responsible and shown up for you 8 hr shift but if the next person doesn't you are responsible and forced to stay. Otherwise that's job abandonment. And this can happen for 2 or 3 days straight. But yet SAFETY SAFETY!! what a joke. Have a person work 3, 16 hr days let alone 1 tell me how safe it is for that person to drive home. Once you clock out you don't matter anymore. Union dues are a joke. It is not a once a month flat fee. Your dues are anoneEverything"

CXP ARGENTINA (Former Employee) says

"no hay seguimiento puntual de las jefaturas , menos de gerencias, el trabajo es mecanizado y hay 0 margen al error, esto a pesar que no tienen plan especifico de trabajo mucho menos manuales actuales y bie hechos, el jefe es omiso y falta de caracter, solo es un clasico jefe mas no un verdadero LIDER."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Very cliquey especially when it comes to management at the Tulsa office. You will be expected to work extremely long hours and be on call on the weekends. If you do a ROI analysis, you are highly under paid for the amount of hours you will work and extremely undervalued."

Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Es muy insegura la planta,han tenido muertes de personal por accidentes,el más actual el 21 de diciembre 2019 2 heridos y 1 fallecido. Recursos Humanos prepotentes."

Plant Staff (Former Employee) says

"Internally in constant chaos with poor leadership. Unprofessional management staff that refuses to correct safety issues and food product issues. Avoid Ingredion if you have a strong moral or ethical code. You will be ousted and viewed as a troublemaker. Unqualified leaders heavily press on their employees to cover up their own inabilities. It was an awful work environment. Ingredion should not be in the food products business. Their moral and ethical compass points directly to profits, not safety or quality.Nothing noteworthyToo much to list"

SAP Manager (Former Employee) says

"A Complete mismanaged and incompetent management driven place. They fully expect subservience. Very much a penny-pincher attitude. Manager will throw you under the Bus every time."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Have recently left a role with this company.used to be great but now it’s totally gone downhill.lots of staff on sick due to management team.also had loads of my tools stolen before I could retrieve them.if you are looking for a role stay away...End of shiftEverything"

Senior Scientist (Current Employee) says

"- actively recruit top talent - do not stretch talent once in the role - many mangers are diminishing in their approaches and do not like to be challenged to advance the culture - culture of way too many meetings and micromanagement - many bosses focus on being the smartest person in the room and strangle any innovation or individual thought 1 distinct lack of quality R&D - not competitive in salary for OhD level hires - cost mart initiative a real problem -"

Human Resources (Current Employee) says

"Minority’s do not advance or get recognized. There is lack of care for anyone that’s minority. Lots of reorganizations and people constantly in fear of losing their jobs.Thank you for the feedback. We hope to hear directly from you as we are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and were disappointed to hear about your experiences. We continually look for ways to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to global opportunities and resources. When it comes to minorities not being recognized or advancing, we have some room to grow and have made strong commitments and progress to gender equity and diverse representation. As our business continues to evolve to meet our customer and shareholder expectations, we expect further modifications to our organization model which may cause uncertainty. As always we will proactively work to communicate openly and effectively to prepare employees future options. We appreciate everything all our employees do for us and look forward to working hard to make Ingredion the best place to work and build a career."

SR. COST ACCOUNTANT (Former Employee) says

"Awful company to work for. Run for the hills. I would not recommend them to anyone. The pay is far below the industry standard. Lack of education because they a cheap."

Accounts Payable Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Their corporate office is in the process of restructuring the whole organization so job security is non-existent. Their own employees are having to reapply for their own jobs just to even be considered in the restructuring process.N/aTotal lack of leadership. Corporate changes are extremely unorganized causing employee stress."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"No job security. Upper Management says they value their employees, but that is not the case. Employees are lied to, and even many successful years with the company mean nothing. Company has no loyalty to hard-working employees.N/aBuddy Buddy system"

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