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Informa plc is a British multinational publishing, business intelligence, and exhibitions group. Headquartered in London, it is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.


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Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"There was way too much politics and drama. There were so many layers of management, and upper management had no clue on who actually got the work done and were too busy playing survivor with the push up and kick down management style."

Current Employee - IT Manager says

"Management had completing IT projects. Duplication of work, unrealistic timelines, and slow to reach impactful decisions"

Former Employee - Conference Producer says

"Stress, quotas, no back up from management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I joined as a full-time salaried employee in July of 2019 and have yet to receive an official document describing what my job duties are."

Current Employee - QAS says

"Hostile environment from QA Management"

Current Employee - Hourly says

"-You'll realistically be hired as an hourly employee and they recently changed their policy so you have to clock in and out of work everyday. There's a huge lack of trust at this company and it's very overbearing to be monitored in this way. -You'll be paid below market rate for the Bay Area and benefits aren't great. You'll pay for half of your employee-sponsored health plan out of your paycheck"

Current Employee - Sales says

"Does not invest in legitimate education, would rather offer a linked in learning license than tuition assistance. Below average benefits package, corporate atmosphere where all the stereotypes ring true, leadership is self preserving. Below average pay compared to other companies in the similar space, quick to fire you."

Former Employee - Senior Analyst says

"Ovum's current management right from the top is incompetent, good leaders were slowly pushed out. Some research directors were hired just because they know someone and are busy doing admin work. Ovum senior management is focused more on meeting revenue targets for one of their business partners, a KPO based in India, they don't care about Ovum's own business. Lots of hiring and firing and contracts awarded to business partners are against corporate governance, but Informa has turned a blind eye. Ovum's forecasts are produced by a KPO in India, with poor quality results - no other analyst firm relies on third-party KPOs for forecasts, even in the GDPR era. The current leadership team was hired by managing director as a team of directors/VPs who have no track record or resume of repute. It is more of a sweat shop with ethics and morality thrown out of the window."


"From the very first week I knew this place was hell. The hours are 9-5 but you are expected to work from 830-8/9 at night and are looked down negatively by management and coworkers if you leave at 5. There was absolutely no training, the first day they slapped a binder full of information on my desk and expected me to “learn and study on my own until I got it”. Within several days you are told to start producing results and will get little to no help from management to help you get those results. Speaking of the quotas, they are completely unrealistic. They only care about the bottom line and do not care about you as a human being. Never once did I feel like I was part of the office or culture there because all they care about are your numbers. Everybody there thinks they are working for Goldman Sachs or something big like that when in reality it is not as glamorous as they make the interview process out to be. They will work you like a slave and never show any appreciation for it. I’m serious, there are better opportunities out there for you unless you don’t mind becoming a robot and selling your life to make decent money and have a good job on your resume."

Former Employee - Human Resources says

"Communication, leadership, and organization are all severely lacking"

SALES MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I had 3 weeks to achieve £280,000 revenue on an exhibition that had been left in limbo in favour of Arab Health. The company gave me 3 months notice to leave, without fair representation. As soon as I left the building, without a job, I was followed by a manager who insisted that I sign a pre-typed resignation letter, on the basis that, if I didn't sign the letter they would not pay my notice. This is a noncompliant company. The sales director made constant and sometimes physical advances to women. Double standards are apparent every single day. There is a blame culture amongst managers who would rather blame staff for failure, than take responsibility in their duties to instruct and manage their own expectations. The goal posts often move. Once a target is achieved and exceeded, the target is reviewed and increased beyond achievement. The owner of this company is influenced by sales directors who pay lip service and lie about their cover ups. I would not recommend working for this company.NoneBack stabbing, corrupt, does not conform."

Operation's (Current Employee) says

"Run for the hills and save yourself the management is horrible. Something is built right about that company they are growing too much to fast Terrible terrible placePayEverything else"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Selfish management and their cronies.keep away from this growth and development. “Skill goes unrecognized, focus is on making the right friends.Frustrating work environment that could be so much better!!Working with low levelsManagement uneducated"

Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"If you like indentured servitude, this is the place for you. They discontinued BOTH merit raises and cost-of-living increases without telling the employees. No support for career development either. Generally a friendly environment, but management is so hands off and unconcerned with employees' welfare that it might as well be be non-existent.Friendly co-workersLow pay, poor management"

Production Editor (Former Employee) says

"Controlling and overseeing the production of a group of prestigious scientific academic journals including Informa Healthcare’s award winning medical journal Current Medical Research and Opinion. The work is carried out in accordance with established procedures, schedules, budgets and quality requirements. It is necessary to have good interpersonal and communication skills with team members and the ability to work with confidence and flexibility on one’s own initiative as well as part of the publishing team. Key responsibilities for this role included (but were not limited to): • Excellent proof reading and copy-editing skills • Precise attention to detail • Good communication and negotiation skills • High levels of administrative skill • Liaising with Marketing, Sales and Advertising teams • Commissioning and preparing material for external suppliers • Assessing the quality of artwork and proof pages • Coordinating work flow for ‘Fast’ and ‘Rapid Track’ articles both online and in print"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Informa used to be a much better place to work before the UBM and Informa merger. Company culture changed from friendly and employee-centered to an unfriendly, unstable and extremely disorganized working environment. Maybe someday it will be better, but for now, unless you want only something short term, go to another employer.Nice coworkers, decent break rooms, free coffee.Management, low pay, unstable organization"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Awful corporate culture. Poor management. Very little room for advancement. Would definitely advise looking elsewhere when applying to jobs. The company and the compensation is not worth it."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very sales centric, often to the detriment of other employees. Compensation is promised and not followed up on and blame is directed inaccurately to people that should not receive it. They do nothing to keep the people that are most responsible for company success.Flexible work scheduleToo many to list. Will highlight they have no respect for the real people in the trenches"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"In the beginning it was a real pleasurable place to work, a very relaxed, non-stressful environment, which kept the morale of the employees high. Therefore getting top work from the employees. But, then we were taken over, and that's when all the trouble began. Everyone in the top tier was let go, and no raises or bonuses have been given in 3 years. This changed the morale entirely, and depression and misery set in. In turn, that made everyone one have an "I don't care attitude". No one talks to each other, even if it's business-related emails are ignored and supervisors shrug their shoulders at you.Paid vacation, sick and holidays.High stress levels and don't care attitudes."

organizacao de eventos (Former Employee) says

"Comunicacao falha, relacoes pessoas mais valorizadas em detrimento das relacoes de trabalho, lideres da alta hierarquia respondendo a processos criminais.LocalizacaoSalario baixo, nao da treinamentos, falta de processos"

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"Management do nothing apart from set unrealistic targets, which they can't achieve themselves and sit with their headphones in. No promotion opportunities unless you social with the managements."

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I would equate this place to a sweatshop. Lots of overtime, late, late nights and still expected to be at work at 8 am the next morning. Some nights we were there until midnight or later. You don't get all your US holidays either since this is a UK based company. Never had a 4th of July off, got a trade off day later in the month instead, which cannot replace the family time you miss out on.Ability to learn in a structured environmentLots of over time for little pay."

Product Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is very dysfunctional and management doesn't know how to grow its employees. Technology is very bad. Teams are spread out all over the place and it's not a collaborative working environment. Honestly it's the worst place I ever worked, ever. To be avoided at all costs."

Event Management (Former Employee) says

"Mediocre company with haphazard management and little to no job security. OK to work here if you are looking to transition to a better company. No room for advancement and a very stressful work environment.Free courses on offer through companyStressful job with too many reporting lines"

Software Architect/Senior Lead Developer (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work is either extremely busy or boring. I haven't learned that much, maybe how the office politics work and how quick and easy it is to get completely shafted. mostly inexperienced (as all good people already left) or the type of 'contain the situation' specialists. Co-workers? After 2 years in the same room I hardly know them. A person sitting in front of me will send me an email with a question rather than just asking, that explains everything."

Credit Controller (Former Employee) says

"This is the type of company that takes but does not reward with an unfortunate cliche culture and inadequately trained team leaders/ managers. The teams do not work well together, the office atmosphere is toxic and the one grievance I raised against a manager went unrecorded. Overtime is not paid and even though targets were met there was no reward, just a higher target set. An unfit employer.On site parking AFTER probationary period passed.Every aspect."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrible place to work. Management is determined to destroy a once great company. Compensation plan is bad, have to fight management to get paid sales commissions and when they do pay tend to short you and bury head in sand.NoneManagement"

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No advancement and bad & incredibly low pay. Most managers micro manage everything you do. If you’re looking for a job that’s going to be changed every year-ish and adds 2-3 employees work onto your plate, this is the place for you! That doesn’t even begin to cover the favoritism that’s hugely evident! They do not give promotions, you have to apply for it. It’s a great reward system! Raises are almost a spit in the face as well.Good benefitsJust about everything else!"

Field Agent (Former Employee) says

"The training consisted of sitting in starbucks for 8 hours with a "seasoned field agent" and going over paperwork that was mailed to me that I already reviewed for 2 weeks at home. The job consisted of driving around the state to Moneygram locations to do a audit. Most places no appointment was scheduled previously and the person would not allow the review.. a few non english speaking locations.. a couple locations that were closed or simply didnt exist. It made my efforts feel pointless. you are reimbursed for mileage and gas but hotels and gas are taxed a second time after you already paid taxes on it. Very disappointing experience but good pay.easy schedule to managepoorly managed left hand didnt know what the right hand was doing nor did it care"

Agri- Markets Reporter (Former Employee) says

"I found Informa to be a well structured place to work. The workplace culture was fast-paced, but not overly so. It could be stressful at times and support was not always as forthcoming as it should."

Mr Seth says

"Informa plc people are cheaters. The company owes me £350,000 but because they are a big company in England, I requested many times but no result. Gareth Jarrett signed up the contract with me but he then made so many excuses to not to pay me. I wrote to the CEO of the company who said she will look into the matter but no result. So I tried everything but they are not interested in paying me. Pathetic company and people working there."