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Ineos is a privately owned UK multinational chemicals company headquartered and registered in London. It is mostly in chemicals and gas having $83 billion by revenue. Ineos is organised into about 20 standalone business units, each with its own board, and operating almost entirely independently, although Ratcliffe and his associates appear to occasionally sit on these boards.

An employee mentioned, "12 year operations tech and 10 year shift supervisor at Ineos. Over worked and put in too many dangerous positions by greedy and incompetent management. They have treated very good employees horribly"


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Inspections (Former Employee) says

"Coworkers were awesome people! Management was horrible, very micromanaged in all activities, no concern for employee family time, no right to express concerns or new ideas, and violation of HIPAA occurred. If you keep your mouth shut and live out there, your fine, but if you need time off or try to speak up, you won't make it."

CONTRACT EMPLOYMENT (Former Employee) says

"Over rated remember you are working with dangerous gas and liquids at high pressures . You have to be a yes man if you are good at your job you will struggle to adapt . Safety when it suits they spend allot of money on Safety advisors when the money would be better spent on materials and new plant equipment. To many managers for the same job a waste of money that plant was to create local jobs .It never they come from far and wide to work thereit lights up the skyit keeps you from getting a good sleep with the noise and light pollution"

Logistiek medewerker (Former Employee) says

"De collegas discrimineren op leeftijd. een persoon maakte zich schuldig aan een zware intense (met sexuele woorden) intimidatie. De collega is rond de 55 jaar oud en ging er trots op dat hij alle interims - 23 - had weggepest. Dit omdat hij de enige was op de werkvloer die de job helemaal kent. Een collega die werkte voor een 3th party was getuige van die houding.groot bedrijf. job inhoud was leukpersoneel is niet betrokken bij wat ze doen. zeer slechte sfeer. mgt laat dit gebeuren"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Schauspieler , Selbstdarstellung, keine Verantwortung, prima wenn genug andere da sind,auf die man alles schieben kannKeineViele"

Shift Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"12 year operations tech and 10 year shift supervisor at Chocolate Bayou. Over worked and put in too many dangerous positions by greedy and incompetent management. They have treated very good employees horriblypay....because of overtime and TurnaroundsHorrible management, They make everything about a non-guranteed bonus, and they are now violating HIPA and FMLA laws in their return to work process"

Storeman/Forklift Driver (Current Employee) says

"been here 24 years now time for a changebeen a forklift driver for all 24 yearswould like to get out and about with a new company"

operations (Current Employee) says

"The operators are constantly backstabbing each other and the management is TERRIBLE. Management pretty much picks and chooses when they want to enforce rules...according to who it will effect. They could careless about the operators and constantly practice favortism. HR is completely blind to the incompetent management they have in the plant and the way policies are manipulated. To make matters worse, the union rep is the biggest snake of them all. Operations has zero respect for management and most contractors that work in the plant. Money is great but the drama and stress is far from worth it. Truly a miserable place to spend your career.good paymanagement, back stabbing, miserable co workers"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked in La Porte. I'm still traumatized by my experience there and try not to think about it much or talk about things that happened. I worked with a co-worker who was hostile, gossiped about me a lot and was successful in making me look bad. I lost my job, suffered financial hardship..don't bother suing Ineos for discrimination you won't win. But at the end of the day I look back and learn from the experience never put myself on that put myself in a situation like that. I hope the racist people realize they're being racist."

Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"J'ai travaillé pendant plusieurs années sur le site de Baleycourt en Meuse. Les conditions de travail dans certains ateliers sont difficiles. Et les salaires et autres avantages (CE, ....), très faibles car calqués sur le minimum conventiel. D'où la nécessité d'accepter de faires des heures supplémentaires pour joindre les deux bouts. Peu d'avancée de carrière même si l'entreprise semble être péreine. Niveau culture de groupe, elle est inexistante car INEOS est avant tout un groupe financier ayant acheté par pans entier certaines parties d'autres grands entité (BP, Degussa, ICI, ...).Pérénité du siteSalaires, culture d'entreprise, peu de perspective d'évolution de carrières, conditions de travail dans certaines unités"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Only get a job on a who you know basis, everyone around the sites has a relative, parent or friend somewhere in the place which got them a job! People who know nothing about the role or plant get priority due to family connections within the site. Incidents and accidents tried to get swept under the carpet.. favouritism for the plant managers golden boys. Even the work force just seem to sit talking about each other, unfortunately the place has turned very two faced over the years.."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Poor management throughout the company. The older staff get away with all sorts but the newer staff are targeted and blamed for things that go wrong. A degree of bullying & victimisation going on from the management and older staff members. HR do not have a clue what they are doing or how to handle situations."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"As a former employee of 37 years, a typical day for me was building relationships with the customers. Always making sure they had plenty product to keep their facilities running. I always kept in touch with the customers from the start of the shipment to the ending of their shipment. The customers were very pleased with me. Now management on the other hand was very hard to deal with. It seems that they were never satisfied.Insurance and pay was good. Co-workers were very helpful.No job security. Too many cliques, if you were part of the cliques you were good, but if not, they would make it very bad for you."

Maint tech (Former Employee) says

"Beware of the management snakes at Joffre. They pit employees against eachother, will backstab you and lie to your face. HR manager is spineless and bows to management. No recognition for hard work but does not hesitate to discipline for smallest of mistakes. They also preach "self managed teamwork" but are strictly dictatorial in their management style.short commute, decent payMicro-managing under the guise of self managed teams"

Mechanical Technician (Current Employee) says

"desperate to leave along with the rest of the maintenance team, treated as a number, terms and conditions constantly attacked and reduced.noneconstant attack on terms and conditions"

Shipping/Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The day would normally begin with passing through security gate and checking in lab to see if any packages were delivered for warehouse.If so I would take package into warehouse to be checked in and entered into SAP system for inventory. I worked closely with merchant and journeymen who's responsibility was to fix. repair and maintain the operating resources to produce solvent, synthetic oils, modern plastics and preserves for food and drink. The hardest part was working around a chemical facility, that without warning something could explode. I enjoyed working with other professionals who really took pride in their field of work.the pay, location and day shift no risk"

cabinier (Current Employee) says

"Il n'y a aucune culture d'entreprise, chaque entité est gérée indépendamment à sa manière. Les avantages et rémunérations diffèrent donc d'un site à l'autre. Gestion des coûts très exigeante causant une organisation souvent catastrophique. Salaires et avantages sociaux en deçà de la concurrence. Du coup l'attractivité étant faible INEOS n'est pas très exigeant sur l'expérience et le niveau des candidats. Une bonne entreprise pour faire ses armes pour postuler chez la concurrence. La polyvalence à chaque postes est poussée au maximum, voir à la limite du burn-out .Possibilité d'evolution rapideSalaire par rapport au travail demandé"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Since upper and mid level management changed (2017 to 2018) at Ineos O&P USA, worker safety no longer matters ... at least at BMC in La Porte, Texas!!!Ineos was a great placle to wotk...until 2017-2018If speak you up about worker and site safety ... your career is over"

Principal geophysicist (Former Employee) says

"A local small company only active in the country of residence.High salariesstagnating"

senior operator (Former Employee) says

"Slecht management ( CEO, Sitemanagement) Collega's zijn oke,, weinig doorgroeimogelijkheden. De job heeft tijd nodig om deftig onder de knie te krijgen ( minimum 2 jaar)loonmanagement en hun houding"

API Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Inspection management was poor at this site. They don't even trust their own employees to perform their daily task without question. Every little thing was micromanaged, I have worked at many locations and this by far was the worse.Management"

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