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The real estate developer Immochan, connected to the French retailer Auchan, changed its name to Ceetrus in a brand transformation. According to the company, the new name embodies its evolution from a commercial real estate company to a mixed-use real estate developer. The French company developed the Coresi project in Brașov, a mixed-use urban regeneration real estate scheme, which includes a EUR 60 million retail park, Coresi, 3,000 residential units in Coresi Avantgarden – in partnership with Avantgarden Immo Invest – and an office complex.

A former employee reports that, "They set back people in Ceetrus who pick up on what is normal when they are incompetent and work in the old fashioned way in a paternalistic fashion. They interest you as a person without a role and responsibility. They deny your skills and your humanity. You are helpful and you do not have to think but to obey even if your job is responsible. international car trips and weekends included without additional salaries."


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