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Movistar TV is a subscription television service operated by Telefónica. Currently, the service is available in Chile, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Argentina. In Spain, this service merged with the satellite platform Canal+, resulting in a new platform called Movistar+. In 1999, "Telefónica Cable" (a Telefónica Group company) launched the so-called "Imagenio Pilot Project" in Spain, in order to technically demonstrate the viability of offering broadband services over IP-type networks, based on access connections. of the XDSL type, in what is called IPTV.

Back in 2020, KELISTO website published a review in which mentions The worst of Movistar: The rigidity of his proposal means that each package is closed with fixed conditions. Thus, to watch all Movistar television you will have to have (yes or yes) several mobile lines with a lot of data. This can make the final bill more expensive, so it is important to assess whether you are really going to squeeze all the services you hire. Despite its agreement to integrate Netflix with two simultaneous screens for 11 euros per month, there are still other alternatives (and series) outside the catalog, such as those that are broadcast on HBO Spain or Amazon Prime. On the other hand, there is no operator that gives access to all three, and you can always hire them independently without a commitment to stay. If the only thing that interests you about these rates is the operator's programming, one of the best alternatives to Fusion is precisely the Movistar + Lite online platform. For eight euros per month (without the permanence and with the first free trial), customers of any company will be able to see # 0, #Vamos, Movistar Series, Movistar Seriesmanía, Fox, TNT, Comedy Central, and AMC. The only requirement is that you have an Internet connection.


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