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Il Fornaio is a chain of twenty (as of 2019) Italian-themed fine dining restaurants operating primarily in California (16 locations of its 20) in the United States.


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J. Shifman says

"Probably the worst decision I've made. Not worth the money whatsoever. I've gotten more opportunities from Twitter. Don't waste your money. Just hustle on LinkedIn. Basically lit like $500 on fire."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management made this the worst environment to work at. It was a very male dominated play and sexist. Managers were rude and unprofessional, treated everyone poorly."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Sucks, over worked. Always busy on holidays. Low hours. They can change your schedule on the fly. They make it a big deal if you call off sick for work."

Irma Norman says

"When COVID19 hit, all of our jobs cancelled. Since large assemblies of people were banned at the local/state/federal levels, we were not getting any new leads or bookings. We asked TheBash-Gigmasters to "share the burden" and suspend our account for a couple of months, and let us reinstate with the same account credit later. They refused, saying "you can suspend your account, but will continue to debit your annual membership". In other words, THEY CONTINUE TO MAKE PROFIT FROM VENDORS DURING THE COVID19 crisis. (By the way, their competitor GigSalad offers this "suspension" feature with no hassle to the vendor.) Apparently TheBash-Gigmasters will squeeze their Vendors for better profits. Vendors are at the bottom of the food-chain.. They even sent all Vendors a notice, "encouraging" us to refund non-refundable deposits for the cancelled events (which we had already done), "so customers can use it for a future booking". TheBash would have Vendors pay ALL the burden for the COVID19 crisis, not customers, and certainly not The Bash. It would seem TheBash-Gigmasters is Profiteering from the COVID crisis. ****** response to GIGMaster's March 18th reply below***** Despite your elegant words, your actions prove that YOU ARE PROFITEERING ON THE COVID19 virus, making Vendors suffer the entire loss. We Vendors are in this crisis for MONTHS, and you offer TWO WEEKS? And, the employed vendors you mention is either a lie, or they have business that can function in this new virtual world. We are a band. The services we offer are punishable by fine/imprisonment by State/City. I await an HONEST reply, not your marketing B*^#!@it. ****** response to GIGMaster's March 30th reply ***** Now they want to "talk to me individually", probably to buy me out, and shut me up. Not falling for that, GigMasters. If you have a good solution it should be published here where all can see."

Current Employee - Dishwasher says

"Dishwashers do the hardest work 10 times and i know we put ourselves in that position but at least try to keep a full team.They quit twice a week."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"It took for me to threats them with csa to pay me my money this company is a all round joke and will take the life and soul out of you so accept at your own risk"

shaul says

"the bartender was disgusting , unprofesional and rude"


"Management was a bunch of cons"

Server (Current Employee) says

"Good place to get your foot in the door in the restaurant industry. Not a place to work for in the long term. Management needs to improve drastically."

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