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IHOP is an American multinational pancake house restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods. It is owned by Dine Brands Global—a company formed after IHOP's purchase of Applebee's, with 99% of the restaurants run by independent franchisees.

Ihoops has poor cleaning service, employees are rude and unprofessional, and food is not warm, according to Eric at consumeraffairs.com

"My family and I chose IHOP in McMinnville to have breakfast today and we are very disappointed. Our server had a rude and uninviting attitude and body language when we were not ready to order at her first check-in. Our Omelettes were cold. The cleanliness of the restaurant is bad and this is especially directed at the tables, plates, glasses, and silverware."


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Offset Styling Freelance (Former Employee) says

"After I was offered the job , I didn’t start until 5 months later . After I emailed them constantly. When I showed up on my first day my “trainer” wasn’t aware that he would be training me and wasn’t prepared and didn’t really know what to tell me . They didn’t put out schedules we were inform to email the head supervisor our availability which I did and never heard from them . She would email me to come to work and then basically say never mind .. after constantly emailing them to be put on the work schedule I didn’t hear back so I stop emailing them and found another job . The work place environment seemed very high school and super uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend this position to ANYONE . Free LunchesNo training"

Rf scanner (Former Employee) says

"The manager was not helpful was rude and only have me 4 hrs a day of work. And when i said i couldn't work two warehouses I needed to only work one i was let go just like that"

HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not serious. Wrong priorities . Was ok to arrive at 19 to work because you had a party the day before but was not ok to leave early to pick up your son from school. Very poor management with no experience. Most of them started in Nike as stagier. Too young , too ambitious and no knowledge. Close minded . Perfect for young kids that want a place to hang around, no work too much go to the gym and dress almost in pijama na every day .SalaryToxic environment"

Verkoopmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"ongeregeld zooitje.. Je bent letterlijk maar een nummer !! Managers stellen niks voor en zijn op 2 minuten verwijderd van een inzinking.. Tis triest !! Geld klopt ook nooit.. De zogenaamde race bonus .. Ze denken alleen aan target van de winkel .. Niet aan hun personeel !!!!"

Logistiek medewerker (Former Employee) says

"leuk werk , de werk sfeer is minder veel babbelen en klikjes en mensen met twee gezichten niet eerlijk behandeld .Moet goed staan bij de coach anders geen een kans voor werk zekerheid .vriendelijke cafetaria en veel keuzeniet eerlijke"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"It was a terrible place to work, the people where absolutely terrible they didn’t respect each other or other people and the way that customers treated us was horrible"

sap/trainer (Former Employee) says

"Don't go terrible stay away favorite gets job all the time management sleeping with women slave people to death 😠 don't pay well just a name company sucks"

PCI Security and Operations Systems Admin on multi-Billion dollar websites (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Nike for a year. I had lost my job and ended up taking a job that was under my market pay -- I kept applying elsewhere but had trouble getting interviews since i couldn't leave the office for interviews. And/or leave work to interview in person. As an IT professional, I took a paycut to work at Nike. The other employees, i assume had below market pay as well. This showed in the immature habits such as having a beer Refrigerator in a cubicle feeding the bad habits of the other workers. I saw next to a Director, and next to a loud mouth'd conservative gentlemen who always threatened his wife and children on the phone. I complained and even recorded it then i got "written up" for recording audio in the office. To my knowledge my unfriendly neighbor was never disciplined or talked to. My management seemed quite interested in the latest management fads. I recall during a single year two restructures of work assignments and methods to shake things up. What is really just meant was more meetings, more emails, more talking and less time at the keyboard to just get the work done. Also, the use of tech buzz works like DevOPS and Lean kept getting thrown around, misused by people who demonstrated to me they clearly didn't know what they were talking about. To my knowledge not much has changed over there. I've avoided interviewing again at Nike -- im glad i didn't drink the coolaid. It felt cult lite when i worked there. Who wants to go for a run with your manager or overpay for the gym so you can see him naked or sweatty? If your a serious IT person steer clear,"

Bediende (Former Employee) says

"Geen samenwerking, geen sociale contacten. Je werk niet gewaardeerd als medewerker"

commessa addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro stressante. non collaborativo, azienda non meritocratica con troppa competizione fra i dipendenti"

Yok (Former Employee) says

"Kolay gelsin sizlere yaşadığım bi mağduriyeti anlatmak istiyorum; Ankara Optimum Outlette şahıs mağazasında part time çalışırkan Yine Ankara Optimum Outlette Nike Factory Store mağazasının part time eleman aradığını öğrendim ve 14 şubat tarihinde görüşmeye gittim tüm görüşme güze geçti ve bana dönüş yapılacağını söylediler tabi ben bu sırada çalıştığım yere Başka iş baktığımı eğer sonuç olumlu olursa gideceğimi söyledim..20 Şubat perşembe günü saat 14.00 da Ankara Optimum Outlet Nike Factory Store mağazasında görüşme yaptığım yetkili hanım beni arayarak görüşmemin olumlu geçtiğini gün içinde yanına uğrayıp hazırlamam gereken evrak listemi almam gerektiğini söyledi. 14.05 de mağazalarına gidip evrak listemi aldım.. 21 Şubat sabahı tüm evraklarımı toparlayıp aynı gün içinde saat 14.15 de gidip teslim ettim.. 1 Mart günü başlayacağım söylendi.. 27 Şubat Perşembe sabahı da part time çalıştığım şahıs mağazasında istifa ederek ayrıldım.. 28 Şubat saat 15.00 da evraklarımı aynı zamanda iş görüşmemiş onaylayan Nike Factory Storedeki hanım beni arayarak sigorta girişimde sorun olduğunu ancak 3 yada 4 Mart’ta başlayacağımı söyledi ben tamam diyip kabul ettim.. 3 Martta beni Nike Factory Storede çalışan bir bey arayarak bi sorun olduğunu küçülmeye gittiklerini ve beni alamayacaklarını söyledi.. Ben hem bi önceki iş yerimden çıkış aldım hemde bu yere giremedim aşırı madurum.. Nike Factory Store mağazasındakiler hem Onur kırıcı hemde maddi açıdan mağduriyetime sebep oldular.. Şuan tüm dünyayı saran corona virüs salgını var biliyorsunuz ve Türkiye’de işkurun işçilere sağladığı bi kaç imkan"

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"You basically had to teach yourself everything the supervisors were very unprofessional they picked on you about the smallest things abused they're authority."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Nike employees are not appreciated. They are over worked and under paid. The company expectations should have a higher value. Pay the employees for what the job is worth. Be more family oriented."

Sorter Operator (Former Employee) says

"Overwork their workers. Underpay their workers. Hostile work environment. No communication and the supervisors have a don't train, teach or care attitude."

Athlete (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Nike almost a year and the only thing that held me there were the other athletes with their fun , laughs and positive energy. Other than that I feel I wasted that year working for a company that is managed by the most rude , negative, ignorant people . There were Many times when a customer would come over and ask if I’m ok after noticing how poorly I was spoken to by a manager especially the head coach ( head manager ) . It was rare to see the head coach work past 5 which was clearly above him . All employees were expected to work till 9/10 and I worked every single weekend until I left which was just behind a joke . ALL managers were the first to jump at you and be on to you about sign ups charging for bags , customer interaction, chat, the ay you were standing and so on but I would rarely ever see them doing those things themselves . If you made the smallest of mistakes you were pulled into the office and written up straight away . If you clocked in at 56 not 55 you’d have to fill in an immediate late form . Managers also felt it was beneath them to serve customers or answer the customers questions . They would radio for an athlete to come and do it for them . There would be occasions when The head coach would see something on the floor and instead of just picking it up like a normal person would he would radio for me to come and get it for him !!! Favourites were VERY apparent at Nike . The only time you could ever leave the floor was for a drink or toilet . Everyone did that but certain people would get watched constantly by managers and times were recorded"

Floor Manager (Current Employee) says

"It's never fun at nike as their managers (coaches) they decide who to hire and to who they give better increase to as its a male dominant environment so its very unfair to individual hard workers to be recognised, favouritism is too much at nike, but besides that it a good company to those who runs it accordingly.Free uniformToo much paper work"

Operations Coach (Current Employee) says

"I lasted 3 months before I couldn’t take anymore, never worked somewhere so demoand morally wrong. Great if you want stand in the corner talking about other employees but if you want a carer give it a miss"

Cook/Prep (Current Employee) says

"Hate working here its only temporary hope and its not nike its churchs chicken. I applied for cashier got put as cook/prep. I hate cooking first of all. And dont like working here when i got certificate in medical office administration"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"When I started working for Nike I really enjoyed every moment of it. However, it was apparent after a few months that there was a patriarchy within the system. We were expected to take abuse on the daily and often told there was no solution to the customers issues all for a ridiculously low wage. A lot of the issues customer called about were reoccurring issues that Nike clearly wasn't bothered solving. The management was dreadful, none of them had a clue what they were doing half the time and they would pick on you over stupid things, going as far as questioning you over how long you took in the bathroom! There was a lot of favouritism within the company as many people who were constantly messing up orders and lying to customers were getting promotions all because they were friends with the managers whereas people who worked extremely hard got treated like dirt because they weren't a part of the 'in crowd'. I could go on and on but honestly it's not even worth it don't work for this company all they care about is the money they couldn't care less about their employees or their customers."

Processor (Former Employee) says

"Bad will not ever go back because they will lie on you about anything and everything. When I was there it was 2 people with the same name and theyfired ine person for the"