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Mark mentioned, " is a low cost holiday site that sells cheap holidays and appears competitive in that regard. However, they didn't have any rooms for any of the hotels which had better ratings on Tripadvisor and so if you are looking for a quality holiday you probably have to look elsewhere.

I rang up anyway to see if I could get a holiday in a Hotel recommended by a friend in Alcudia. I messaged them first and was provided with a number for their Majorca specialist.

This specialist said there was no rooms in that Hotel left and tried to push me towards a cancellation in a different hotel, the Blue Sea Playa Hotel, which had below average reviews on Tripadvisor. I have since booked one of 4 rooms available via Jet2 holidays, for the same hotel.

He didn't want to give me a chance to think about it and claimed he didn't have email facilities, so couldn't send me a copy of the offer. Meanwhile the office where he worked sounded like it was full of a bunch of shouting teenagers. He also gave me the hard sell that this offer was only available for today and even after I said I wouldn't make any booking until the following day, he rang my phone a number of times with more sales patter. have since told me that their Majorca Specialist had nothing to do with them and it was an independent company. However, this independent company started harassing me over a review that I did for and not their own company?

So in short cheap site, don't bother ringing them up though, unless you like winding car salesmen for fun."


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Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"It may have changed since I worked there but what a horrendously toxic environment, full of cut throat, dishonest people."

Web Chat Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A fun place to work if you are a student and this is your first job as you probably would not know your employment rights. For those of us experienced enough in various fields to understand the differences between what an employer can and cannot do please avoid this place like the plague. Cons: Management, They pride themselves on trusting their colleagues yet when you have an issue no matter what, it is always your fault."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Icelolly has a modern outlook on getting people to work, it is a flexible place of business. Cons: No responsibility, unexpected long hours"

Tyrone Rule says

"Due to covid 19 and uncertainty regarding travel the company constantly tried to stop me from cancelling my holiday by sending me emails but as soon as I requested a refund via email they are refusing to respond or give me my money back. Customer beware as I wouldn't wish this on anyone not to be refunded."

ItzAnai _Rose says


Gill Davies says

"As previously stated Keep it simple !"