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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York. It was founded in 1911 in Endicott, New York, as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) and was renamed "International Business Machines" in 1924. IBM is incorporated in New York and has operations in over 170 countries.

One angry customer wrote this about IBM on The customer service received by the IMB team is completely unprofessional, asking probing questions on a continual basis about personal family matters associated with our loan. Their level of communication and ability to listen is very poor. They evoked a real air of distrust and I would seriously dissuade anyone from dealing with this company.


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Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers yell at you, stress is high, they couldn't keep the position filled. Nothing you do is ever enough. When I told them I was thinking about what neede to be done next, they just said that meant I wasn't concentrating on the job at hand. Wouldn't recommend working for them to my worst enemy. Cons: Too many to list"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"IBM based in Cracow, Poland is not a good place for Ukrainian women. I felt too much pressure at work, had much more tasks than other coworkers and was overwhelmed with work. Cons: Almost no breaks, not fair work devision between workers in the team."

SWAT / L3 Support Manager and Customer Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"At IBM, it matters who you know, rather than what you know. They promote a "Yes Boss" culture. Departments work on competing products. The information is not clearly communicated. The middle management does not care for the team. Cons: Culture, lack of promotion, low compensation, negligible bonus."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Consultant are required to work considerable amounts of overtime hours to make their incompetent Project Manager, Associate Partner/Partners look good. You are part of the Machine - get it done fast or get run over. Cons: Lots"

Computer Systems Administrator & Support (Former Employee) says

"They have lost their vision of what they want to be. They were a world class hardware maker, and then they decided that hardware was not a money maker, so they jettisoned it for their storage group - that was a major disaster so tey jettisoned it and then they decided to be a software developer. Well, the problem is that the world was already developing software incuding the mom and pop joints who were doing it better than IBM's lethargic and sorry methodology. Cons: Self Imposed deadlines to prove it can't be done in the US, and then 90% of the deadline work never is productive - it is just busywork for pay."

Ingeniero de campo (Former Employee) says

"Aunque tu horario es de 9 a.m. a 6 p.m. desde las 6am ya tienes que estar trasladandote a tu primer servicio y finalizas el último servicio a las 10 p.m. llegando a tu casa lo más pronto a media noche así todos los dias Cons: No pagan horas extras"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"IBM insisted I get a license for a company car so I didn’t have to travel to London. I got a license and asked for several years to be placed in my area and that travelling to London was affecting my performance. Cons: Everything"

Mailroom Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I worked here in the mail room in 2018 on contract for 4 months. The lady that trained me was very nice, patient and understanding, but she eventually retired, and left. So I was left with a less than desirable so called " manager" who previously had absolutely NO experience in being a manager when I arrived there in December 2018. This person was a shipper/receiver who threw her weight around and was a complete bully and had absolutely NO professionalism in her work ethics. She gossiped about everyone, and had NO understanding if you made a mistake and didn't find solutions to helping you if you DID make a mistake! She was NOT a nice person to work for. She made the work place stressful and made it very unpleasant to come to work in the morning. She pinned other employees against each other as well. Cons: Hard pressed to find parking if you leave the parking lot on your lunch break."

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"dont care about you as a person, fired over 20k people worldwide during global pandemic. I learned that management doesnt care about your career and they fire top performers."

"test tech" is what I was hired for, I worked in Assembly (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to be a test tech, stress testing their Z Mainframes. It was a lie, I was thrown into Assembly pulling ethernet and ram cards out of their books. I was terminated for "refusing to work", which is a total lie, they don't enough work to go around and employees are talking about furloughs. Cons: lied about the job, fired when they didn't have any work" Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Laid off workers with new CEO weeks into his tenure. March/April several thousand workers laid off due to COVID-19. Same 3 month severance package given to individuals who had been there 30 years or 3 years. Cons: Typical large corporation and everything that goes with that environment."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to start the work. Cons: No Job Security, Differences between permanent and contract employees"

System Admin (Former Employee) says

"iBM was the worst company I ever worked for in my IT career. Cons: Everything else"

Sr. Mgr (Former Employee) says

"IBM is a company of people acquired from other companies. They take the short term cost of employees to gain market share. The market share is purchased, not earned. Cons: ageism and annual lay offs to pay for acquisitions"

ATM ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"Great job and great guys you work alongside but poor management and very little communication from them. Would not recommend applying for a job with this company."

Procurement Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"working IBM Procurement Service on client account is not for the faint hearted it’s stressful, demanding and ultra competitive. The work environment on client accounts is political and toxic, putrid and demagogic management. At the interview I was told everything I wanted to hear don’t worry we are here to support if it doesn’t work we will move you to another account or to an internal IBM post which was a complete load of nonsense . The problem on these outsourcing deals they over promise and under deliver . They claim they can make savings without doing due diligence. They also promise they can deliver utilising half the resources than what is required, you then work all hours god sends . The IBM management constantly pressure you to deliver savings bullying you harassing you out of hours phoning you up hectoring you demanding the work is done regardless of the time of the day, threatening you if you don’t deliver your job is under threat . I would say this there is no amount of money that can compensate you for the stress, anxiety, bullying and harassment you get on this job. In all my years this has to be the worst place I have ever worked. There is no support , no structure, you ask for information, templates, insights, processes and they don’t have jack. It’s all smoke and mirrors, how these people survive is beyond me. Prior to me joining there 3 people left in 4 months in the category I was working on , another 5 people left in another category, this account had a high churn rate due to the client being demanding and complaining about everything. What they do not tell Cons: Everything"

lead tech support (Former Employee) says

"The title says it all. IBM makes money on you and doesn't care if you ca barely live on the small amount you get paid compared to what IBM charges the customer. Then IBM threatened to terminate me afer I told them I was shown the contract, and asked for my rate to be increased to a fair and reasonable amount for the job. Cons: low pay and threats from management are carried out if you exercise your legal rights."

IT Architect (Current Employee) says

"At IBM I am far underpaid for my education and experience. I am punished for doing things better and more efficient (apparently because my manager thinks that will reduce the number of people in her department). Although I have always scored at the highest grades on my annual reviews I have never been given the chance to move up in the company. I have been with IBM for 17 years with consistently highest marks on my review - but NO PROMOTION! IBM is a joke in the industry. No one takes it seriously. Cons: Discriminatory against white males, unfair, unethical, punished for discovering better ways to do things"

Associate Partner (Former Employee) says

"IBM is all about squeezing the last penny out of every engagement. It's all about what's good for IBM and then you have to backward engineer to make your client think they're getting what they want. It's also a nightmare for following internal policies and processes, many of which conflict with each other. Every day was a lesson in trade offs on how I was going to get screwed. If you've ever watched the movie "Brazil" you'll get a good sense of the IBM experience. Cons: Impossible to make your bonus, administration nightmare, never get raises"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"pointless outdated work and lots of office politics"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at IBM full-time Cons: Work environment is not very good"

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at IBM full-time for more than a year Cons: Nepotism, no promotion, favoritizing people"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at IBM full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Company is shrinking, executives are not doing much besides working on slides. Constant RA and lay off. don’t recommend"

Former Employee - Network Engineer says

"I worked at IBM full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No room for growth unless management like you and you are white regardless of technical skills,No job security constant layoff"

Current Employee - Vice President Sales says

"I have been working at IBM full-time for more than 10 years Cons: inept senior executive management, unqualified board, and unscrupulous treatment of employees"

Current Employee - Contract Extension Representative says

"I have been working at IBM full-time for more than 10 years Cons: No control over your career, they’ll move you to a new position without asking you. They do not care about expertise and consistently replace older workers with new recruits right out of college. No employee incentives program, eliminated Blue Thanks program where you could recognize a coworker or teammate. Revenue generation trumps customer satisfaction every time. Complicated internal processes and constant (useless) mandatory training."

Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I worked at IBM full-time for more than a year Cons: At this rate, those diamonds won't be sticking around for long"

Current Employee - Business Transformation Consultant says

"I have been working at IBM full-time Cons: Everything else. Management will not care about you seriously"

Former Employee - Procurement Specialist says

"I worked at IBM full-time Cons: No opportunity for advancement Poor pay for expected results"

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I worked at IBM full-time for more than a year Cons: Literally everything else within the company."

Wendy S says

"NEVER NEVER NEVER My Husband was just offered a Job with IBM. He WAS on full spectrum CBD for a multitude of health issues. In the drug test he rang the bell for Marijuana. Without much further action or allowing for explanation. The job offer was withdrawn. Please see the link below & EDUCATE yourself on Full spectrum V Isolate. Not everybody that rings the bell is a pothead. It doesn't help that the head hunter is out of NJ / India making communication a PAIN in the Backside! I guess his Dr is going to have to prescribe a bunch of other medications now that the symptoms and problems will most likely return. I wonder how spaced out he would be on prescriptions but at least then if he rings the bell it'll be legitimized. YES he was taking full spectrum CBD with the consent and knowledge of his Dr. Full Spectrum CBD has been found to be more beneficial over a wide spectrum of health issues as well as more effective than Isolate. Full Spectrum CBD has only TRACE AMOUNTS of THC. THC is the only part that makes you high. The amount in Full spectrum is nowhere near what the body would need to get high. To put this in perspective for you, if I tried to transport weed across state lines, I would wind up arrested and convicted of a drug charge. Please keep in mind that some drug charges keep you from ever getting a gun license. I could load my car from floorboard to roof liner with CBD and drive from LA to Hartford and nothing would be done! CBD is LEGAL but rings the bell in the drug test. This is a direct statement from the manufacturers web site Hemp oil may naturally contain trace amounts of psychoactive ingredients, as they are innate to the plant in trace levels. We third party test all of our finished products to ensure that they fall below the federal threshold set for psychoactive ingredient composition. We use a full-spectrum extract from hemp that keeps all of the phytonutrients in-tact to ensure users benefit from what's called the "entourage effect" of all of the compounds working in harmony, as nature designed them to be. Similar to how consuming too many poppy seeds may result in a positive test for opiates, consuming certain hemp-derived products may also lead to a positive test result for THC. As the chemistry and breakdown of compounds in hemp is still being researched, there is a possibility that the bodily conversion of these compounds and the possibility of trace, but legal amounts of THC inherent in hemp products, could cause a positive test result. So based on that statement they would have considered him a drug addict for having a poppy seed bagel for breakfast. One other tidbit of information.. The Head hunter HQ phone number listed online from THEIR web site is not in service..Makes me wonder. Look up Full spectrum CBD V Isolate Then look for a link in videos to Way of leaf! I apparently can't post the direct link If IBM wants to reconsider my husband after properly educating themselves, we will possibly entertain the offer with the knowledge he was treated in a very discriminatory manner over this issue."

Kaia says

"I was hoping to clarify the purchase process for the IBM SPSS Statistics software, because it required us to enter company details (GST code), and I could not purchase a copy as a student or someone working in academia. I contacted them via a online chat service but no one was online at 930am despite their online hours starting from 9am, and I even called the local hotlines, to realise that all their numbers stated were invalid. I contacted them through the online form to the sales team, with a statement from the form guaranteeing a reply within a working day. I also waited for a reply from the online chat bot, but I had no response from both. Finally, I managed to get hold of an online representative the next day at around 10.30am through the chat bot, who then informed me that I had to purchase with one of their partners. I asked to clarify about the possibility of purchasing a corporate copy because I understood that their partners offer student and academia editions of the SPSS Statistics software. He interrupted me halfway through my question and insisted I give him my email address so that he could connect me with the partners. After I did, he sent it to the wrong email address, and I had to ask once again whether he had sent the email. He then told me that my email address is invalid, and I realised that he had entered the wrong email address. I am very disappointed with such customer service, especially since IBM is supposed to be a professional company with years of experience. I hope that they can at least make a clarification or a note on their webpage to inform customers that they cannot be contacted at certain hours, and through their hotlines."

Sapbo says

"Hello, It's one of the unprofessional, unethical IT company I worked for a few months and I strongly recommend staying away from this company as I had a very bad experience. Cheers Sri"

T Olsen says

"May 2020: IBM Denmark, GTS - you owe me a substantial amount of money for services rendered and more. I’ve tried to reach out to internal contacts including local leadership in Denmark (GTS GM, Delivery Director, HR in Denmark and Nordic, CGM Denmark) as well as Ginny (FB) - and I’ve contacted local police in Denmark. I’ve taken initial steps to ensure legal support. Giving me the silent treatment will not make me go away........ 1. ‘Social dumping’ describes my IBM compensation 2. Mafia methods describes the corporate actions applied in an attempt to make me accept an low status/low skill/No future position within IBM rather than the career that I’m persuing 3. Harassment describes the damages done to e.g. my career, my health, my cars - and my home 3.1 ‘One’ describes the number of bathrooms in my apartment that has been wrecked by IBM 3.2 ‘One’ describes the number of balconies wrecked by IBM 3.3 ‘Two’ describes the number of my cars that have been severely damaged by IBM 3.4 ‘Two’ describes the number of bedrooms in my appartment where the original 1930’ies wooden floors have been deliberately damaged 3.4 ‘Substantial’ describes the number of fraudulent invoices submitted to me to steal money 3.5 Fraud describes the incorrect invoices from my ISP and the Facility Service company handling my appartment building 3.6 IT hacking describes attacks made to my personal mobile and MacPro 3.7 ‘Low life disloyal liars’ describe the people that have been instrumental in the execution of the IBM harassment 3.8 Manipulation describes the proces used to severely damage my health 3.9 ‘1.5 years’ describes the time it took for my brain to recover to a level where I was able to once again read and understand complex text 3.10 ‘Cock’ is a word used in an open IBM office space on Proevensvej 1, Broendby, Denmark with several bystanders present in a company that claims to value diversity, equal gender rights and having ‘zero tolerance culture’ in regards to harassment 3.11 ‘Numerous’ describes the number of fake calls that I have received - including today (29.05.2020) where a woman claimed to call from the government Ombudsmand, one of more places where I have submitted complaints of IBM Denmark and the people involved in the execution of the harassment 3.12 ‘12.600 DKK’ is the amount still pending IBM reimboursement following a business travel to France in April 2014 - all expenses have been submitted according to internal IBM guidelines 3.13 ‘7.600 DKK’ is the amount still pending IBM reimboursement following the illegal removal of the plates of my car, summer 2016 - yet another harassment item 4. Master degree / highly skilled/ Senior Leader / sustainable high performer of 15+ years describes my market offerings 5. Gap - describes the difference between IBM image, Business Conduct Guidelines - and the actual daily employee handling 6. ‘Lists’ describes the preparation of a detailed list of harassment contributors as well as their individuel activities 7. ‘Diary’ describes the documentation prepared by me to facilitate an extremely generous settlement agreement 8. 57 million dollars describes a recent US harassment settlement - #MeToo has improved female attention towards harassment in general 9. 200 describes the number of male leaders that have been forced to leave their position as a consequence of #MeToo (source: US online articles) 10. Persistance and perseverance .... well, do the math I’ll be more than happy to continue to share details of the IBM Denmark, GTS conduct on this and other public platforms...... Call me - GTS Denmark execs know whom to contact...... key words: Nordic and PM and Delivey Excellence This could have been resolved a long time ago. Looking forward to hearing from you."

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