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Ian Martin Group has a long, trusted history of Engineering, IT, and Technical recruitment, contract management, and payroll service excellence. Over the last few years, we’ve grown into a family of companies that provide specialized hiring support across a broad range of industries, including Financial Services, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Life Sciences.

Ian Group has a toxic working environment, poor management, and inconsistent actions, a former employee claims at glassdoor.com

"- don’t trust your co-workers - TEAL isn’t always followed properly - in fact from day one you’re responsible for something that most of us have never heard of - although there are no “managers” there are definitely people who seem to have the power to be - CEO isn’t involved in the day to day decisions and probably doesn’t know about half of the things going on - company says one thing and then does another - very untrustworthy group of people within each “brand” of the business - no support from management when you do need it - staff will say how much of a team the environment is but will display differently via actions."


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