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ITV is a British free-to-air television network with its headquarters in London. It was launched in 1955 as Independent Television to provide competition to BBC Television, which had been established in 1932. ITV is the oldest commercial network in the UK. Since the passing of the Broadcasting Act 1990, its legal name has been Channel 3.

Ben Phillips mentioned, "ITV has too many individuals with a perceived grievance given too much air time. They aren't challenged, just allowed to whinge and rant and all demanding their "human rights". How about putting your backs into positive outcomes and guiding people towards self-prpoblem solving instead of expecting someone else to make the effort. There are countless numbers of genuine people in need who need support not the people who just can't be arsed.

Too many sling shots at easy targets by presenters trying to get Brownie points by nit-picking. It's all the more galling, as they are all paid more than the PM for trying to be controversial and knowledgable. NOT!

Less psychophantic Royal Family guff. Who cares? It's pointless gossip."


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Sawmill Worker (Former Employee) says

"No chance of advancement. No accountability. Poor morale. Disrespectful supervisors. Open drug usage and encouraged by coworkers. Quick breaks and attempts to not allow lunches. Cons: Drugs, bad people, bad attitudes."

Dryer Operator (Current Employee) says

"managment is awful I asked for help and my shift manager told me to figure it the f**k out and walked away laughing. Cons: Bad people"

Fiber Optic Installer/Support Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I have ever had. Managment is completely ignorant. This company is so unorganized that it is saddening. Installations were a breeze, but running service calls was a nightmare. I would not work for this compant even if I was desperate. Cons: Management"

site services (Former Employee) says

"My jobs included throughout the day were starting in the mailroom."

Técnico em Inspeções (Former Employee) says

"péssima. empresa não da suporte ao funcionário, empresa paga mal."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"barely started and no competitive advantage on products and management. Couldn't afford in business and closed. Cons: low pay and no future advancement"

Catcher on dryer (Former Employee) says

"They just don’t know how to treat people. The place is just going down hill. The dryers always break and they never buy new parts they just put it back together real quick to keep the day going."

Jefe de Estación (Former Employee) says

"Mi valoración la voy a centrar en una filial de SGS, General de Servicios ITV, S.A. y dentro de ésta, en la Delegación de Canarias. Las demás filiales desconozco su funcionamiento."

Independent Business Owner (Former Employee) says

"The company itself dissolved and left us remaining employees with no structure or guidance to continue. The back office disappeared and we were basically left with no company at all."

Technisch beheerder (Former Employee) says

"Het grootste deel van de werkzaamheden was het zo snel mogelijk wegwerken van incident tickets, kwantiteit ging boven kwaliteit. Cons: Zeer sociaal gesloten omgeving."

HR Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Little development and career progression. Relaxed and good experience but the management seem to be set in their ways with no real management skills."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not a place to spend Alot of time at. Management sucks. Pay isn't that great. No room for advancement. But if you need work they will hire anyone as many times as you apply. Even if your in jail or on drug"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"It’s not a good job yes it’s work but the pay is really low an the hours are always messed up never have a set schedule at all it’s fast paced work not hard"

Telephone Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Office type setting where the customers call you already wanting the product and you sell and upgrade as much as possible until the product is sold. The most enjoyable part of the job was talking and listening to people."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible pay for the work an hours your scheduled to work.its a fast paced jod on your feet all day you get paid weekly an the best time to work there is the midnight shift in my opinion"

Studio Technician (Current Employee) says

"It is very difficult to be yourself while working and feel like you make progress, often feeling like a slog. You often work overtime or earlier than required for no benefits and to have a job progression is almost impossible."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great team, great content. Such a variety of projects to work on! Cons: Unflexible"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hi, Cons: Tough situation"

Sound Recordist (Current Employee) says

"A fun place to work, lots of great programmes made here. I think its central London location is excellent and the canteen is amazing/ I always found the people very friendly"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Lots of production studio work. Some tower work. Was a job I had during college"

Former Employee - Producer says

"I worked at ITV full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Long hours on low pay. Cliquey Not diverse. Race. Women Ignorant. If you’re white, pretty and blonde you’ll be fine. If you’re not you’ll never know as you won’t get a foot in the door. Worked in itv daytime for 30 years seen very little change in terms of diversity of race or women. Sadly the women are too worried and insecure about their own jobs to even think of lifting up another woman. My friends work on GMB, This Morning and Loose Women and they all ‘hate the toxic energy’ and bullying by the editors and presenters even the production coordinators think they’re important and are sometimes cruel and mean. Probably they know they’re glorified secretaries and not bright enough to be producers. It’s not right. Someone should say something but no one ever will. It’s sad."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ITV full-time for less than a year Cons: Bad managers with no leadership skills Weird team structure and hierarchy which makes it difficult to know who to talk to or ask for help and leads to no team spirit Not enough training Salary lower than average Hardly any social events, not even a company Xmas party!"

Former Employee - Creative Strategist says

"I worked at ITV full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Once your settles, there is absolutely no room for career progression or development."

Former Employee - Brand says

"I worked at ITV full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible, bullying culture from management which HR can do little about. Little progression opportunities, treated like children and poor pay. During my time with ITV Studios I witnessed a number of people crying/upset and off with work-related stress. Very clicky and if they decide they don't like you they will make sure you are pushed out!!"

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"I have been working at ITV full-time for less than a year Cons: There is no flexibility in hours, you are expected to answer emails, calls outside of working hours way late into the evenings and weekends. No life! The pay is very low and media city as a site, transport to and from is not cheap. Very gossip driven, judgemental and cliquey environment. If your personality does not fit you will struggle. Its very regional so not there is no diversity of people or the backgrounds they come from. There is no connection between Itv Manchester and other offices. The programming produced here is not ground breaking, its run of mill most of the bigger entertainment, drama series that Itv are known for are still made in London. It lacks variety especially if your a newcomer or mid way through a TV career looking to work on diverse projects. The work processors, systems are outdated so much so that if you moved on from here you would have to start again from scratch with learning with a new employer of how to do everything. The company is limited in resource, financially but employees find themselves compensating to keep clients, projects on track constantly finding work arounds and staying late to keep projects afloat. There is no career progression opportunities benefits only apply if you've worked there over a longer period of time so if your contractor or on a short term contract these won't apply."

Current Employee - Not Applicable Too Obvious says

"I have been working at ITV full-time for more than a year Cons: Cliques, politics, patronising management in particular departments best not named. Stifling. Technology poor. Very long unsociable hours. Expected to be on call 24/7. Manipulative incestuous environment amongst the very young no respect for others in team. Drama distracts from the day job."

Technology Manager says

"I worked at ITV Cons: Poor pay, not the best benefits. Management structure within the IT Department was exhausting, took ages to get things done and no one would make a decision."


"I worked at ITV Cons: IT staff is joke. They do not do anything by themselves. They even do not manage their own company network. IT specialist task in this company - is to hire someone who will do job for them :)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ITV full-time for more than 3 years Cons: If you are in an entry-level position your hard work will often not get noticed and management will get all the credit. Once you've established yourself in a role at the company it can be difficult to move up and out of that role. You will work very hard and not feel valued."


"I worked at ITV for more than 3 years Cons: If you're on a non-union show, expect long hours, low pay and little oversight of showrunners"

dougemck says

"I would like to know why a presenter like Emily Morgan is given access to hospitals when patients families are not aloud near there loved ones. It’s rediculous."


"Tried to watch Dancing on Ice but after 30 mins of the nauseating Schofield, Barrowman and a half naked Holly Willoughby - hardly appropriate for a family show - I switched channel and watched a film on Amazon Prime - fantastic and no offensive unrealistic adverts Update 18/01 - A family entertainment show like this should not be used as a platform for the likes of Rufus Hound (or anyone else) to air their political views - This is neither the time or place - We want family entertainment not political lecturing! - Shame on you ITV don't follow the BBC into the woke abyss - Needless to say we won't be watching anymore"

George Cullen says

"alison says she lost 2 pounds this week was it in the pie shop, cake shop or chip shop?......."

Jasper j says

"the top ten tv programmes most complained about to ofcom in 2020, eight of them from itv. number 1 with 30 odd thousand complaints is bgt. 2, gmb. 3, this morning. plus emmerdale, corrie , ect. says it all really."

Adrian Troalic says

"Completely unwatchable, 5 seconds of footage before it buffers, i can't make head nor tail of what the news or the programs about because I'm getting 2 or 3 words at a time and then it moves onto the next story watching the news, no options to adjust the quality, so you're stuck with it 😕 it's so bad that I'm forced to conjure up all sorts of conspiracy theories because of the channels apparent emergence with the BBC, who force tv licences. Well I'm sorry but i have better things to do with my time than sit in front of the tv every night to warrant paying for a licence, is that abnormal? Channel 4 streams perfectly without any buffering, so why can't you? I'm glad I'm not paying for this, I'd feel like I'm being ripped off!"

Cal8910 says

"Absolutely sick of ITV win competitions. Andy Peters (founder of these competitions and I making thousands out of them) is flooding the channel with even more despite entrants having no chance of winning a few years back. Get him and these competitions off the channel."

Tomi Ogunjobi says

"Why do I suddenly feel like I'm paying my TV licence to Bradley Walsh? The chaser, Beat the chaser, Breaking dad and then switch channels and guess what it is either Dr Who and more of Bradley Walsh...please give us a break!"

Catherine Hughes says

"yet again the tory gang within itv and stv are attacking the scots first minister without any evidence acting like this during the middle of a national pandemic is the lowest form of reporting lets hope there reporter who made these claims is sacked if they are proven to be false the scots are behind there first minister she and her team are doing a great job under extreme pressure due to the virus they are protecting us all as for salmond if true putting forward these allegation in the middle of this crisis he will be seen for what he must have always been not caring a toss about his own people he might even get made a lord like his mate darling"

Steven Florey says

"I think you need to get better advice on the law about eviction on tenants it is against the law to change locks on a rented property and two weeks notice don’t think so this storey line in coronation street is totally incorrect"

Dave says

"Morgan has just spent Christmas in the Caribbean... and now has come back to fear monger using a Labour activist. Let's not forget he doesn't care about wearing masks in public and cheers his son on for attending BLM protests during lockdown. ITV is an utter disgrace for employing this far left globalist shill and tells me all I need to know about YOU."

Geoff Cook says

"Just had the agony of watching GOOD MORNING BRITAIN disgusting behavour by Piers morgan and Susanna Reid . Neither interested in what Mr Hancock was saying, just 2 labourits wanting to slur the speaker and the tory party. What are these 2 muppits doing on our morning NEWS programme... Dunno who produces this programme but maybe its time they and the so called over paid presenters found some sort of job within the labour party or have they already found that.!! Last time i try and watch that news programme"

Graham Yates says

"So two rich people flew to Alaska on a Vanity project .(To skate on a Frozen lake ) Then proceeded to drive around for a Month in Diesel guzzling 3500+ 4x4's & even took a ride in a Helicopter & a 12 hour trip in a old Diesel train . At the end of there trip proceeded to Lecture us poor ignorant people on Global Warming . The hypocrisy of the rich astounds me ."

Greg Lovell says

"On New Years Eve we are being encouraged to stay at home. What do ITV give us to make up? A tired and rubbish night of entertainment. Just who I thought 2020 could not get any worse!"

Les says

"Why did I give 1 star????? ITV MUST be the absolute WORST TV Channel.. in the UK Why don't they just be 'THE RUBBISH QUIZ Channel in the UK.. because there's nothing else they can do re entertainment... Rubbish viewing.. Continuously.. Example.. When did 'You've been framed start.. 🤣 And ITV still think people are interested 🤣🤣 Plus the presenters / Voiceovers could do with elocution lessons too!! 😅 Channel 4 should take the reigns!!"

MIKE says

"It really shouldn't allowed to exist,repeating repeats within a day or two of showing them plus terrible rehashed game shows with people that barely speak English as compare. They invent worthless celebrities to pay them peanuts and then create so called celebrity shows with them. Rylan has made a career of being a self important posing talentless nobody, a modern day schofield."

Kevin Gibson says

"The poorest tv I have ever seen put together by itv this Christmas, I think I would give them zero if you would allow."

a cotterill. says

"These don't even deserve 1 star,this channel is just overwhelmed with adverts. Pathetic stupid adverts aswell. How the hell can you enjoy a decent film,when they constantly stop for commercial breaks every 15 minutes.. Complete disgrace of a channel..."

Christopher Ruff says

"So Dancing on ice is back, the pointless eye candy dressed like a fairy on a Christmas tree and a new twist a free gold card to keep the worst skater through which means a better skater is likely to be out, yet another fiddle to go with it win £120k hmm. Couple this with "the Hound" spouting his champagne socialist views that were totally unacceptable, you can vote this week and next for the same round. All credit to the efforts put in by performers but why we have to endure two hours a week of "it's all about me" Barryman God help us."

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