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The iPod Nano (stylized and marketed as iPod nano) is a portable media player designed and formerly marketed by Apple Inc. The first generation model was introduced on September 7, 2005, as a replacement for the iPod Mini, using flash memory for storage. The iPod Nano went through several differing models, or generations, since its introduction. Apple discontinued the iPod Nano on July 27, 2017.

On June 11, 2016, Xiomara Blanco from the "CNET" website writes a review of the iPod nano, calling it an "aging music player":

"There are three notable problems [with the iPod Nano]. Firstly: your smartphone already does all of this stuff; the Nano doesn't bring anything new or exciting to the table, except featherweight portability. Secondly, that 2.5-inch screen is downright microscopic, and it's so pixelated that any tween born with a rose gold iPhone in their hands would scoff at it in disgust. But the biggest problem with the Nano (and its screenless sibling, the iPhone Shuffle) is that you're still forced to use iTunes on your Mac or PC to get any content onto it. Songs, podcasts, videos, photos: you'll need to tether the player to your computer and initiate that interminable syncing process. Every. Time. What's worse is that the Nano isn't compatible with "rented" songs if you're an Apple Music subscriber. You read correctly: in the midst of the streaming music war - one in which Apple has a big stake - its standalone music player doesn't let you listen to music for which you're paying $10 a month. (And unlike the more expensive iPod Touch, the Nano isn't compatible with other music services, such as Spotify or Tidal.)"


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