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INTTRA by E2open (INTTRA) was formed in 2018 when INTTRA merged with E2open to create a unified global logistics and supply chain network. The acquisition by E2open, the largest cloud-based provider of networked supply chain solutions, brings together the world leader in ocean shipping logistics covering a majority of ocean shipping container capacity, with the global supply chain and logistics network of E2open. With this unification, customers of both companies realize extensive efficiencies and ease of use across global supply chain and logistics management.

INTTRA was originally founded in 2001 by the world’s largest carriers to create a standard electronic booking system for the ocean freight industry. Neutral from the start, the company and its platform evolved from its roots as a booking engine to provide a full range of software solutions and services for both shippers and carriers.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "If you are a mid-level career person with ideas and an education, INTTRA is not the place for you. There is constant re-organizing and unfortunately human beings are shuffled around or let go at the slightest whim. Upper management is over staffed and highly overpaid while doing minimal work. Most of the pressure and urgency is felt by the worker bees who have to brown nose to get ahead. Many senior managers/VPs drink on the job and some workers are hungover and run into walls, but since they are in the brown nosing club, they somehow still work there at least for now. Lots of discrimination and racism for a 'global' company. I have saved some gems from my former 'senior' manager who would write emails in all caps while using profanity. Again, you do not have to have much of an education or be able to articulate your ideas to work at INTTRA. It also helps if you are white."


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"I worked at INTTRA for more than a year Cons: need a change of leadership"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at INTTRA full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Out of curiosity, I searched Linked in for employees that work or have worked at INTTRA since its inception. Believe there to be about 70 current employees, mostly new faces. There were 1400+ ex employees, including all of Leadership team and at all levels of the firm. You can't ignore that statistic. If you are looking for a career, look elsewhere. If you just want a job and enjoy the stress of wondering when you'll get the axe, then this might be for you."


"I worked at INTTRA Cons: Horrible Management, poor business execution, not open to new ideas"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at INTTRA full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Not enough distribution of responsibility. Lots of miscommunication. Typical corporate culture. Office politics. No work/life balance. No real opportunities for growth in the company. Extremely small HR department so no time devoted to employee relations. Lack of solution-oriented management. Instead management focuses on blame."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at INTTRA full-time Cons: Business model is at risk. The value proposition around EDI data exchange is under threat from MANY competitors who provide the same service at a much cheaper price point. Contant change in top management because investors are not seeing progress they were promised. This business model guarantees race to the bottom - leading to frequent change in leadership and direction. Every new leader brings in his own people who try their new ideas....while ignoring the basic issues."


"I worked at INTTRA Cons: Industry moves extremely slow. Poor decisions by management have jeopardized growth for company. Poor work life balance"

Former Employee - Will Not Disclose says

"I worked at INTTRA full-time Cons: Management is dysfunctional, from the top down. No strategic vision. They hire and fire with no real plan. The dysfunction translates into lack of vision which results in little being accomplished. I would not recommend this company in any capacity."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at INTTRA full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Senior Management/Executives should be fired. Sales never makes the projected revenues/forecasts. Products never seem to be significantly improved."


"I have been working at INTTRA Cons: It saddens me to write a negative review about a company I once enjoyed working for, however things are getting worse & worse by the's what I have to say: - Management is playing with people - Unrealistic expectations in which wears down employees, resulting in turn over - Too many levels of management - Most projects are poorly planned and poorly funded - Lots of $$$ spent on the wrong areas of the business - No career path - More & more restrictions and "BS" in place instead of fixing any actual problem"


"I have been working at INTTRA Cons: Too many changes in every aspect of the business more than once a year that affect tremendously the employee morale, and the company’s credibility . Very sad to see a company that once we could consider ‘one of the best companies to work for’,and now it has come down to a place where employees feel insecure about the company's future; too many turnovers, lacking direction & leadership, decisions are often made without proper planning, and usually the 'middle workers' suffer the consequence of it."

Asus delux says

"The keystone jack patch panel clearly has an issue and it is still available for sale... no alternative was suggested. My 24 lines are now terminated with keystone jacjs tha3do not fit the patch panel despite stating that they are compatible with the keystone patch panel for sale... i was offered a refund for the parts but the work is done and its my loss.."

Thomas Marinelli says

"Comments already noted."

Bryan Knight says

"The fans in the cabinet are very loud, the holes cut in the back of the cabinet for mounting are 17 1/2" apart. The studs (which the cabinet has to be mounted to) in all houses are 16" apart. The details on their website say a mounting bracket is included, IT IS NOT! Coustomer service offered no solution for the loud fans, and suggested I purchase plywood to mount the cabinet to my wall."

Kiki says

"The rack itself is decent. However ours was missing over 16bolts to put it together. As well as there were not enough rack screws. We were contacted by Greg Jenson who happens to be the sales guy in our area. He asked if we needed anything. We informed him we had to purchase over $25 worth of bolts because they didn’t send enough. He didn’t take care of us. Just told us that we should contact them next time before we buy. Unfortunately the job we were on timing was crucial as we were wiring a movie theater and waiting for screws when the should have already been sent is unacceptable. We may buy NavePoint again in the future, but as a brand and customer service they definitely didn’t win us over as solid customers going forward. Still in the hunt for that company."

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