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INTL FCStone Inc. is a financial services organization. The company operates in five areas: Commercial Hedging, Global Payments, Securities, Physical Commodities, and Clearing and Execution Services (CES). The company ranked No. 112 in the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

A former Desktop Support Engineer shared his experience about working at INTL FCStone, ¨Worst Company I ever worked for. HR is corrupt: Over-worked employees (60+Hours a week); revolving door of IT Management; Verbally abusive clients and customers. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone!¨


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Former Employee - Enterprise Application Engineer says

"Micro management, Low Pay unprofessional in every sense... HR revolving door Don't bother AVOID at all costs"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No consistent direction from IT management Lack of trust with IT management Toxic environment No career/life balance Very demanding expectations Very high turnover rate"


"Unprofessional and poor leadership. Low standards for employees. The culture in the office is toxic - backbiting and gossip run amuck. Executive leadership has complete lack of understanding and experience in IT. Instead of viewing professional IT as business partners they are seen as administrative workers. In addition, leadership and HR lack integrity."


"Incompetent management Toxic environment High turnover rate Low pay Little to no opportunity for career advancement"

Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"• You will be hired for your expertise in a particular field, software, or for a specific skill set only to be re-assigned and have your role and responsibilities changed as they see fit. This is done regardless if its right for you or your personal career goals. • They treat employees simply as gears in a machine. Senior management never asks if you're happy with your position, nor do they care if you see a career path with the company. • They do not have the right people in the right places to make smart decisions about IT software improvements."

Current Employee - Accountant says

"completely discriminatory, and very sexist and also, very underhanded"

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"There are many good companies in Des Moines that treat their employees well and encourage them to be successful. INTL FCStone is not one of them. - Management out of their Chicago office has laid off, or through negative interactions, cause a significant number of IT people to leave. It may be approaching 50% of total, including many senior managers. Barely a week goes by without a few resignations. - Their IT staff has poor direction and no real focus on next steps. There is a lot of work being done that no one understands why and it is often discarded, with negative input, even though it might be valuable. - Senior management, to allow the things to happen that have happened in the last 12 months must be clueless. -Please for the sake of your career, do not consider joining them."

Former Employee - IT Engineer says

"IT Dept. is toxic, people are working in fear, no clear direction, new management team is a joke!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start? The place is a chaos with no direction. Hiring some people who don't have any idea of what IT is a mess. People are been forced out for no reasons. Horrible..."

Former Employee - Head of Business Solutions says

"Zero work life balance Incompetent and unethical IT leadership No process for identifying and prioritizing work Complete lack of strategy and vision for managing IT resources"

Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"HR is corrupt: Over-worked employees (60+Hours a week); revolving door of IT Management; Verbally abusive clients and customers. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone!"

Managing Director (Former Employee) says

"Mgmt has favorites and pays them accordingly No rewards for those who goes the extra mile. Had to travel from Birmingham to Mobile every week Very little support from the csuiteNoneMgt pay communication benefits"

Sr. Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"I'm not sure why anyone would actually choose in their right mind to make the decision to work at this company as there is nothing of any good that either remains at this company or that leaves this companyThere are absolutely no Pros to working at this organizationHave to say that every single thing is in negative coming out of this organization"

Risk Management Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Its extremely slow business somedays and inordinately stressful the next. Expect to be excluded if you're not a white male. Very nepotistic hiring practices. If the branch manager didn't pick you out himself (only male management), don't expect to work here, at least not for long. Diversity is basically shunned here. Workaholism is encouraged, very toxic."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No proper management structure.. No room for opinion difference Just "YES" boss type of environment No career advancement option... if you really wants to ruin your career go ahead join em.nothingno chance of career advancement"

Accounts receivable specialist (Former Employee) says

"Even with having various locations, there was only one accounting department that deals with the brokers’ customers. The communication between upper/lower management and employees was terrible. The accounts receivable department had two employees, a senior accountant (who lacks the comprehension to do her job) and an accounts receivable specialist/coordinator but the specialist/coordinator has been replaced multiple times so the only common denominator on why they leave is the senior accountant. Management should see that there is a pattern in the accounts receivable department; someone is not seeing the big picture that the senior accountant is not a substantial supervisor and should be trained or demoted.The accounts payable department had multiple employees, so they had more capabilities then the accounts receivable department, which only had two employees.W-2’s are not electronic and will be received by the last day of January."

Senior Risk Management Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Proyectos cambiantes, falta de liderazgo, competencia desleal entre miembros del equipo."

Assistant Research Director (Former Employee) says

"Was employed at the firm for a little over four months. Position title and duities were different from the actual position due to many mergers.The hardest part of the position was learning the internal databases that information was pulled from. Direct co-worker was not coorporate or friendly. The hardest part of the position was working with him. My title and position I was supposed to be in charge and ending up his employee in the end. Poor management did not fix the situation and instead I was let vending machines, free lunches and dinners.poor personnel structure and management"

Director, Sales and Trading (Former Employee) says

"Impatient and do not understand the product. Management lacks the ability to focus the best aspects of the platform in a way that is marketable to the clients."

Accounts Payable Associate (Current Employee) says

"Started working at INTL FCStone in December as a contract employee. Was told would be full time in 3-6 months. I have asked multiple times about an offer and have yet to receive one."

DR Analyst (Former Employee) says

"No integrity as all. Placed kids in charge of IT Initiatives which gave the entire department a "Black Eye". Never completed assigned projects, even after years of tardiness. Entered into the Exchange business with systems that were not ready for prime time. Lied to federal regulators regarding overall system functionality, left upper management in the dark allowing them vulnerable to huge fines. Set employees up to take the fall for incidents they had no control over.easy parkingNot an organization one would be proud to be associated with in the financial industry."

reconcilaitions (Current Employee) says

"it is a good and relaxed place to work,they treat all their staff with respecti am doing a project to help get reconciliations up to date,free bread and spreads and wine on a friday"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst places to work, managers should not be mangers they drink on the job and engage in petty office disagreements among their employees, managers let people call in sick every week come in late and be unfair to other employees with the workload!"

Full Time Employee (Current Employee) says

"INTL FCStone is a fortune 500 company that is a complete mess. Over-worked employees are underpaid and under-valued. management is not focused on department or team goals.healthcarepoor pay, poor structure, poor management"

Cash and Logistics Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"My manager was never there and none of her direct reports had direction on certain confidential matters. She never wanted anything documented which cause things changed but this cause alot of corrections.No management"

Institutional Sales (Former Employee) says

"I personally didn't like working there. The boss didn't provide any direction. Training was lackluster. And the ability to close business as well as building relationships was dampened due to the lack of resources."

Trade Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Typically highly stressful work days at what I argue is underpaid positions for the amount of stress. I learned the worst part of the corporate world and that is deep down there is no loyalty or compassion for you as an employee. I actually really enjoyed most managers and they liked me. I unfortunately had a terrible direct manager over me who had horrible conversation skills and typically wouldn't even give you the time of day. The hardest part was having to manage the bad manager.. The best part was there were many amazing coworkers who were quite friendly and caring!Free lunches at times, good benefits packagesTerrible Training & Management"

Senior Database Developer (Former Employee) says

"Inconsistent management, management constantly changing, lack of direction. If they could work out what they want to achieve, establish a plan and remain consistent for more than a couple of months, team might be more stable and productive.Peers and culture at that level were direction kept changing every 2 - 3 months."

Risk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a contractor with the opportunity for full time employment. I thought the job was putting together risk management proposals. Turned out it was a sales position and I was not interested"

System Access Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience ever working for this company, no matter how hard you worked or how many extra hours you put in they always wanted more, and when you're so tired of working and make an error they write you up and use it to get rid of you.Worked with some good coworkersManagement set you up to fail."

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