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The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IJL) strives to advance human rights everywhere, including the prevention of war crimes, the punishment of war criminals, the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction, and international co-operation based on the rule of law and the fair implementation of international covenants and conventions.

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "I worked in IJL for 10 years and management was very disrespectful and inconsistent. People are not treated with kindness and understanding. People are often talked down to".


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"Very unstable and toxic work environment. Very shady unethical business practices which is a shame because it could be a great company. They take everyone who will give them money. Always struggling to find men. The men go out 10x more than the women. Don’t listen to customer preferences. Work the staff to death. I was criticized for going to the bathroom and had little time for lunch. Was insulted by manager. I can’t speak for other locations but the Houston manager is terrible. Owners are clueless and don’t care. Such a shame. Cons: Toxic environment. Micromanage. Overworked staff."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"No support or credibility, management is non existent. Cold calling on the phone all day long in s call center. Service is hard to sell with horrible Yelp reviews and 10 year old leads. Horrible work environment and extremely high turnover,"

Matchmaker (Former Employee) says

"This place is packed with aggressive women who think they are your mommies and can speak to you any kind of way. They are manipulators, dishonest, racist, and I would not waste my time if I were you. Cons: Stay away"

Customer Service - Matchmaker (Former Employee) says

"Sales Rep sells memberships to individuals that the company is not able to serve so we are instructed to lie to the customers. IJL will never refund their clients the money they paid for the service they never received. Positions involved a lot of work and IJL pays too low."


"Horribly Managed. Terrible boss, terrible management, no management, great idea just poorly execuited. Needed better management in order to work. Thank you. Cons: Everything"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional. Do not recommend at all. I wished they never called me for an interview here. Their behavior is less than professional, not much more to say."

Dating coordinator and dating director (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke and constantly has a high turnover rate because people quit once they realize what the company is all about. They promote from within and there's favoritism. The workload is not worth the pay and the customers are lied to on a daily basis. Management plays favorites and is rude constantly making jokes about customers and they don't care about you as a person. I had to leave and wish I left sooner and didn't waste so long there. Cons: Management plays favoritism, you are encouraged to lie to customers, the pay is insulting"

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company! The hours were ridiculous and management would degrade you. The management was not encouraging or respectful. I would not recommend this company."

Membership Sales Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"very high turnover but you can make $ and peers are nice and flexible schedule"

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was there for one month exactly--seems that is how they test you out. You are working old leads, until you sell one, which is next to impossible. We had 15 people in training, and only 5 are left. They do training every month. The recruiter in Orlando works for the company and lies to you to get you in. Seems like you can make money here--but like the service, it is only the lucky ones that succeed. Bad, bad reviews by disgruntled clients. Women 55+ only get min 5 dates--think the concept is good, but the company has just gone downhill in the last decade. Everyone has the same singsong voice. And when you ask management if you will be let go, they lie and say you are fabulous. Relieved it didnt work out. Felt that it was a sham to sell. Cons: Not exactly being honest, taking $2800 from people for a service that just isnt that good"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was terminated after only one week of at home training, consisting of role plays and watching web inward for gods sake. Did not give any excuse. I quit my last job thinking it was a better opportunity at this company and I felt they just spit in my face. It shows a lot about this company and I'm glad I was let go because I would have quit anyway!!!!! Cons: Need better management"

Director of Sales (Current Employee) says

"Call over 80 people Cons: salary, bonus plan, management."

Dating Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great base pay to get you in the door, then the managers take all of the leads and leave you with nothing to work with, bumping you down to no sales and minimum wage. Poor management, all around. Clicky, certain people take all the good leads, there’s really no way to succeed in this company."

Matchmaker (Former Employee) says

"This is a horrible place to work for 1 reason: management. The coworkers are amazing but the stress and regular cursing out that you receive from irritated clients is not worth it!"

Matchmaker (Former Employee) says

"The upper management are very racist. The upper management give you unrealistic quota with no means of people to match them with. They rather u lie. To them and then try to upsale them i. The mean time it is really embarrasing . The chrisymas parties are held at the job . The upper management julie is very racist"

Dating Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible commission structure, bad service at a very high cost to customers. Switched managers all the time, a lot of turnover, inconsistent markets and training."

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Anyone can get fired at anytime. No room at the top. High stress, more work you do the more effortful they pile on. Never stops. Too much back and forth. Cons: No advancement"

Training (Former Employee) says

"These people are a joke they train you for one week expect you to know everything they taught you make you take a test like you are in school make you feel like you have a job setting you up then they fire you this place is a whole joke they need to shut down seriously they play you don’t waste your time people they train you waste your time then fire you Cons: Nothing"

Dating Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Average calls a day 100 plus. Cons: Buyer be awar"

Sales Manager/General Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work involved a lot of (for lack of a better term) "pulling teeth" in a franchised location that had no direction, little to no standard operating procedures, unrealistic sales projections and unprecedented goals."

Former Employee - Executive Matchmaker says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time for less than a year Cons: Your team, your co workers make this just a tolerable one but besides that RUN! Trust me, data base of men SUCKS so you’re forced to lie to these poor women because the dating specialists (sales people) set the expectations so high and make it seem like men are falling from the sky. Pay SUCKS"

Former Employee - Executive Matchmaker says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time for more than a year Cons: Literally everything else. Any of these glowing reviews from matchmakers are not the norm, I can promise you. Employee overturn is astonishingly high, however after working there I can understand why. This company has zero morals and lies to clients to get their money and bring them in. The majority of clients are angry and frustrated (as they should be) with the service AND the constant change of matchmakers (due to overturn). Every single day is stressful. Management offers no support and has unrealistic expectations. Clients are yelling at you every day. It really takes a toll and it’s truly not worth it."

Former Employee - Executive Matchmaker says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time for less than a year Cons: -All five star reviews are bogus -Toxic culture (the one thing that bonded staff was a hate for the job) -You are brought in under the preface of "making a difference in people's lives" its all BS - I cannot stress this enough!! -You are expected to do 80 hours of work in a 40 hour work week; if you stay to do overtime you are encouraged to show up to your next shift later so they do not have to compensate you for the extra work/time you stayed. -When you contact clients they typically are apprehensive and disgruntled because you will be the 6th or 7th matchmaker they have spoken to (this is because the job literally is so awful your coworkers walk out left and right). -Clients love to tell you how much they dislike the company, and constantly want refunds because it is not what they were promised when signing up. -You play damage control for 8-9 hours straight. As you put out one fire and talk a client off the ledge, you will get another client handed to you who requested a new matchmaker because of the same problem, there are no matches, they haven't been on a date, the matches presented are awful and they want a refund. -There is no training or discussion on how to make more money besides the hourly compensation - therefore under $40k a year is what most matchmakers will make. -Expected to keep your phone in ready your entire shift which means that while you are trying to match or respond to e-mails you can take a call quite literally at any time and it could be someone else's client and they will take your time telling you anything they can."

Former Employee - Executive Matchmaker says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time for less than a year Cons: There is not enough space for me to convey everything that is so awful about this place. The company lies to clients to get them in the door, and then matchmakers are forced to deal with the aftermath. Rightfully so, clients are upset and unfortunately take it out on the matchmakers. Upper management offers zero support to the matchmaking team and instead shoves unrealistic goals down your throat. These clients pay a hefty price for this “quality service” but are actually provided services that are at the same level (if not lower) of those like match, POF, etc. There is clear animosity between the sales and matchmaking teams, simply because we are collectively forced to meet unattainable quotas and do what we need to do to get the job “done”. Yes, there are some successes but those are few and far between; these “wins” do not outweigh the constant onslaught of stress you receive from both management and the clients. I beg you, please do not work here. I didn’t believe the reviews before starting and I regret it full heartedly. This has to be the absolute worst job I have ever had."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A culture of manipulation, toxic positivity, and gaslighting. It takes a toll on your mental wellbeing and is cult-like. Expect to work multiple weekends a month and if you don't, you will be heavily guilt-tripped. Unethical selling practices encouraged as long as you hit your quota. Greed driven company."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time Cons: Everything. Worst job I've ever had, in realistic expectations, poor leads that are 10+ years old,"

Current Employee - Executive Matchmaker says

"I have been working at It's Just Lunch full-time Cons: Workload is unmanageable, sales team lies when on boarding new clients, no support from management, clients are always angry. Stress is unmanageable for almost everyone."

Current Employee - Dating Specialist says

"I have been working at It's Just Lunch full-time for less than a year Cons: Leads-during the interview process I asked a lot of questions about leads and was reassured they had more than enough leads. They brag about the quality and abundance but it is all smoke and mirrors. There are very few new leads coming in so you might get 1/day and of those many are bogus, bad quality Facebook or instagram clicks not a quality lead. In reality they expect you to cold call leads up to 20 years old even married people or people that asked not to be called again which is illegal but they don’t care. Most of the old leads have bad numbers and emails but they keep rotating them around to different reps so it looks like you have more leads then you do. Managers take the best leads which is infuriating. Sales reps are struggling to hit their numbers but managers cherry pick the leads. They try to project a team atmosphere but make no mistake it is very individualized. Once you go thru training it is next to impossible to get a manager to help. Since it is a revolving door of employees they are constantly hiring new reps and managers are always in training. Most reps do not make it a year, there are a handful of reps that make it but most see right away how the company operates and the opportunities they talk about during the interview are not achievable. Then if you do get a few sales the customer service is so bad they sometimes just cancel. Read the reviews they are very accurate online about how clients are treated. Matchmakers stick clients on hold without consent so they don’t have to match them, it is horrible how they ignore clients calls and emails. If they actually followed thru and offered the services we sell this company would be incredible."

Current Employee - Matchmaker says

"I have been working at It's Just Lunch full-time for less than a year Cons: They are stealing people’s money. Please please do not pay them for any services or you will loose out."

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"I worked at It's Just Lunch full-time Cons: Weak training that encourages being uber pushy asking for a credit card at least 3 times after being told the client wants to think about it because if you do not close on the first call, you can forget it. TOO long script that encourages you to be fake. Old leads, poor training pay, lied about overall pay (base does NOT equal $50k) can NOT work from home, fresh leads only given to mgr and maybe one or two other sales people, low value to product offering."

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