IHS Markit

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IHS Markit Ltd is a London–based global information provider formed in 2016 with the merger of IHS Inc. and Markit Ltd.Some parts of this company are pre-1800.

A former employee said, "What a waste of time. In my first week at IHS Markit I knew I was not going to succeed. There is no inclusivity, people are very cliquey, everyone does the bare minimum. Its not a youthful energetic group of people. There is no sense of team work or fulfillment. If you are ok with sitting at a desk all day with nothing but 2-3 tasks, then this is the place for you. If you aren't interested in growing and learning and are ok with covering reception when receptionist don't feel like it, then this is the place for you."


Former Employee - Research Analyst says "- Poor management - Low salary - Lacks growth opportunities - Not real finance - outside looking in - Tedious repetitive work - Poor training"
Former Employee - Research Associate says "Overly competitive and not female friendly"
Former Employee - Research Associate says "Comp is terrible, middle management is mostly abhorrent, the division is incredibly overworked, and the company is losing talent in spades because they refuse to pay anything other than wildly below market. The broader corporate structure post-acquisition (Ipreo to IHS Markit) seems to be slightly better but the unit specific leadership, and more importantly, team-specific leadership, cultivates a toxic-level culture of "client first, no matter the hours/lift/burden.""
Current Employee - Sales Representative says "HIGHLY unorganized is an understatement. IHS has never heard of Sales Operations - it's every man for themselves. In Sales, you do it all - you sell, follow up on unpaid invoices, generate your own quotes and proposals, search endless databases for pricing, cull through outdated websites for product information, and lots of time, act as your own Customer Support. If you are in Sales, you should only expect spent 40% of your time selling. Sales Assistants are forbidden to help in the Sales process, and Upper Management doesn't know enough about Energy to help. Sales is required to input 20 calls per day in Sales Force, but then Management wants to see it all on a separate spreadsheet. The ENTIRE Energy Marketing team has been laid off. SVP's of Energy only concern is to generate more frequent flyer miles for themselves. IHS was a well oiled machine until Markit started picking the Energy Sales leaders - it's been all downhill since - and the revenue shows this. All the experienced Sales Associates have been laid off or are taking early retirement."
Current Employee - Managing Director says "The management has always been cost focused but they managed to balance this with growth. This has increasingly given way to a management philosophy of growth by cutting. Recent M&As seem random and a poor decision except as cost reduction thru scale. Management seems rattled by poor execution of new initiatives and can't see past its nose. Deep cuts to headcount have reinforced silos by encouraging defensiveness and anyone that tries to work across them ultimately penalized. Company has vision to sell to investors but on the inside there is little of that binding the myriad P&Ls except overburdened central functions and brainddead, self congratulating management. Recent pay cuts hit top performers and headcount cuts hit deep while no such drastic measures made by competitors. As a consequence top talent not positioned to benefit from an inevitable acquisition looking for the exits."
Former Employee - Sales says "Parking in then building is $22.00, they don’t pay for it. If you travel for work, be prepared to stay at the Comfort Inn or Holiday Inn Express, even as a Senior Manager. Absolutely zero training unless you are working for IPREO. Most of the time, you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs, trying to find thing to do. Horrible management in certain teams. Takes 10 interviews to make sure that they are hiring the right person. This includes a presentation of the IHS product to their teams, multiple conversations about my sales style and his expectations. It was all discussed. Once I was there, I didn’t hear from him for weeks at a time. I was in a holding pattern, by myself in the Raleigh office. There was a definite bait and switch that happened. After being extended an offer, it is another couple of weeks a to have London approve the actual terms and pay that they extend to you. Lastly, you go through the drug test and background check through this third party firm. This process takes about a month I wish I never took the job, honestly. I had no opportunity to actually perform the function that I was hired to do before I was let go. There was never any disciplinary action, no warning, just fired and humiliated."
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "Most managers I met were so rude and dismissive of all concerns. I know of multiple people who complained to HR about how managers treated them and HR did nothing. And IHS Markit HR is a whole other issue. They cannot answer the most basic of questions. The women in the Raleigh office are super catty and are too busy gossiping about The Bachelor or other employees to assist anyone. The turnover rate is high in most departments, and the pay is bad."
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "There is a lot of politics happening in a team. They even have a problem with you taking leaves. When I went to my manager to talk about future opportunities, his advise was many of our employees come here to start their careers and later switch companies and move elsewhere."
says "Horrible communication Compensation is weak Comp is over-leveraged to equity Benefits expensive Overly aggressive sales goals Promotions at lower levels are way too competitive Management makes decisions with only higher ups in mind"
Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says "Pay is very low compared to the market. Most of what you do is just read excel work and Tableau. Doesn’t prepare you for other Analyst type jobs at all."