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Independence Blue Cross is a health insurer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Independence is the largest health insurer in the Philadelphia area, serving more than two million people in the region and seven million nationwide.

Dan mentioned, "Their employees aren't knowledgeable and gave us incorrect information about our plan. My wife was pregnant and called IBX asking if the stress tests the doctor recommended would be fully covered under our plan. The employee that answered the phone said yes, we wouldn't have to pay anything. So she went through with the twice-per-week stress tests with the understanding that we wouldn't have to pay anything. After she gave birth, we received dozens of bills in the mail for the tests. She called IBX and was told the employee had given her incorrect information and we are responsible for the bills. If we knew we would have to pay for the tests, she would have gone much less frequently. Thanks IBX! Still paying them off half a year later."


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