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The I21 is an integrated preamplifier and power amplifier with extraordinary performance, The I21 incorporates a power amplifier providing 75 Watts per channel of superb quality sound.The I21 incorporates a classic circuit design based on J-FET input devices and bipolar output devices, typical of far more expensive equipment, giving high performance and excellent reliability.

I21 has a terrible customer service and the device can have faults, warranties are not fulfilled, Tantalised shared a review at audioreview.com

"Unfortunately, 5 days after buying the I21, one of the channels failed and only the I21played out of one speaker. Having said that, I can appreciate that the occasional electronic device can be faulty, particularly at the lower price end. Primary claimed the fault was caused by external factors and would not accept responsibility for warranty replacement. I'm relatively experienced with audio equipment and so made sure that the speaker's wires did not short. I note that I always unplug the I21 from the power source when connecting leads. An electronics engineer said that one of the capacitors may have failed in the unit which led to the problem. The Primare rep would not return my phone calls and took up to a week to respond to my emails. I found customer care to be very poor."


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