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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded on 23 February 1947, the organization promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and works in 164 countries.

Hzn have a low salary comparing to other actuarial positions and over the years, missing out on more traditional actuarial experiences, according to a current employee at glassdoor.com

"I have been working at ISO full-time. Do not pay as much as other actuarial positions and after a year or two you may miss out on more traditional actuarial experience."


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Adam Britnell says

"Ordered a tester and then a 500ml based on that tester. The 500ml tastes nothing like the tester, it’s so bad I can’t Vape it. Hopefully it will improve over time but they recommend 1 week steep, it’s been 3"

Paul Winstanley says

"First class service as always from Flavour Boss,always my go-to for bottle shots"

aaron marriott says

"juice is nasty(unicorn milk). Packaging is aweful, looked like a pre used box all beaten and torn. Slow to despatch and didnt even deliver to my house. Pack of 5 60ml bottles are useless, they leak from the base of the spout and ml markings rub of. One positive is the 500ml bottle that the 100ml concentrate comes in is good for mixing and comes with a spout aswell as normal lid. But i definitely wont be ordering from them again. Ill stick to trusted sites like chefsflavours."

R G says

"Slowest service i've ever experienced. It would have taken me less time to WALK to their warehouse, pick it up and walk back home than it's taking these guys to actually send the item. Not deliver but actually dispatch. Order placed thursday 9am. Now is saturday 10am, it's not been dispatched. Never again. Response: funny, but reply function somehow has disappeared. oh well. this is not a customer service page, this is a review page. you had 2 working days (thursday and friday) to fulfill the order.. as in, hand it over to the carrier. did you? nope. then you had a weekend. you did that on monday. am i in shopping in a Mon-Fri shop that i can just walk up to and get served straight away, or am i shopping on a website where it doesn't take 2 days to somebody be bothered to even look at the order... or are you running on a 1 person team in an amazon sized warehouse fulfilling the orders? or, hey... let me guess - you have got hundreds of thousands of orders daily? no. none of those. your service is sloppy. no information.. nor on dispatch times.. nor on delivery times, even if ordered using the paid for service... nothing. LAZY (and that's the nicest word i can use to describe the service) on a side note: check the time this was posted vs time you answered... and i don't only mean day, but time of the day too, to respond. you guys really should not be an online shopping service... or should really work on transparency and information for your customers on your website. damn, even private sellers on EBAY are doing better."

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