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Hydro One Limited is an electricity transmission and distribution utility serving the Canadian province of Ontario. Hydro One traces its history to the early 20th century and the establishment of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario (renamed "Ontario Hydro" in 1974).

"Mistreated employees" says a Hydro One former employee on Glassdoor on May 4, 2020:

"Poorly treated as a worker, the majority of electricians here could not go home and wire their own house because you do not earn actual electrical experience. Even as an electrician you are just a laborer. As a journeyman at hydro, you will be declined career opportunities at other companies as hydro has such a bad reputation and they know they will have to teach you to actually be an electrician. The entire company is cliques and you will only work close to home if you become a buddy with management otherwise expect to be sent from one end of Ontario to the other for your career. (Usually upwards of 4-12 hours away from home) and your work location can change on a weekly basis so be prepared to sleep in your vehicle/motels and move constantly."


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Current Employee - Journeyman Electrician says

"Poorly treated as a worker, majority of electricians here could not go home and wire their own house because you do not earn actual electrical experience. Even as an electrician you are just a labourer. As a journeyman at hydro you will be declined career opportunities at other companies as hydro has such a bad reputation and they know they will have to teach you to actually be an electrician. The entire company is cliques and you will only work close to home if you become buddy buddy with management otherwise expect to be sent from one end of Ontario to the other for your career. (Usually upwards of 4-12 hours away from home) and your work location can change on a weekly basis so be prepared to sleep in your vehicle/motels and move constantly."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Too much back-stabbing especially senior management"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Heartless, gutless, and soulless place. No room for advancement or training. No promotions - company is downsizing by not filling vacancies. Inflexible - no telecommuting, penny pinching. Inexperienced, incompetent management - sycophants who will do anything for a bonus, including throwing their staff under the bus. Outdated, inefficient systems and processes. Several workplace accidents and deaths occurring due to poor processes and procedures. Unengaged and unmotivated workforce due to no real support, appreciation, incentives, or advancement opportunities. Uninspiring management lacking basic leadership skills, strategy or vision."

Former Employee - Office Worker says

"The kitchen tiles could use a refresh"

Former Employee - Senior Security Advisor says

"Mid-level management is inexperienced and incompetent. If you get stuck reporting into someone of that nature, they can make or break your life. - If you are an entry level/junior employee, do not go in expecting any coaching or mentoring. There is no development plan to give employees to give any kind of career projection or guidance. There are tools in place, but not being utilized or enforced. - I had all the faith in the original C-level management when I first started, but the egoistical inter-department battles and constant backstabbing got out of hand. The toxicity between them is quite visible and it's very unfortunate because they are all great leaders and mentors outside of work. There were no efforts to retaining existing employees after the lenghty hiring process and background checks, which was incredibly disappointing."

Former Employee - Employee says

"- Everyday I was harassed and bullied by management. It was an extremely disrespectful and terrible work experience. - The HR department and Union reps did absolutely nothing for me when I asked for help. They swept everything under the rug. They will always side with senior managers. Really goes to show that this company doesn't care about employees or customers at all. Very fake and sneaky. - Managers use isolation to bully employees they don't like. Dealing with fully grown adults behaving like spoiled children makes you question how these people are managing in the first place. This is a workplace not a school yard. Extremely unprofessional. - Managers withhold information, resources, and support if they don't like you. - Managers use verbal abuse: homophobic, racist, sexist, insults and status remarks are made commonly. - Managers spread lies and gossip to target other employees against you. They wolf pack bully. - Some kind of hidden agenda is going on here with upper management. Continuous secretive meetings about gossip, how to slight employees and sneak things below the unions radar. - The company focuses on safety yet I saw daily infringements of policy and union code. A lot of it goes unnoticed because senior management is locked-arms in how they deal with things. You might as well throw the rule book in the toilet. - If no bullying happened here, more would get done work wise. Much less injuries and accidents would happen overall. I'm guessing millions of rate payers dollars would be saved. - Extremely corrupt workplace with little regard for employees. Employees are basically guinea pigs. - Management acts entitled, condescending, ignorant, arrogant and rude. They believe they are better than everyone else. - Managers are sadistic narcissists. They care the world about themselves, and treat employees like garbage. - Hard work goes unrecognized, others will take credit for your work by force, and you will be silenced. - Just a sad, pathetic and terrible place to work. My soul got sucked dry here. I found myself burnt out everyday. - Greatest day of my life was not having to return to that hell hole. Hoping to raise awareness of this terrible workplace. Hoping this post doesn't get taken down - starting to believe HR is removing my posts. I'm only telling the truth. I don't recommend working here. Stay Away if you value your sanity!"

Current Employee - Administrative says

"Working at the Orangeville location. Here’s some of the many cons at this place: - Managers aren’t leaders. They are micromanaging dictators with no leadership skills. - Managers have zero people skills and lack a conscience. - Managers incessantly bully. Specifically mob bullying and gang up on individual employees. - Managers act extremely entitled. It’s to the extent where they become completely ignorant and arrogant. - Managers treat employees like slaves. Robotic interactions with subordinates. Not a family-oriented place at all. - Managers here are the type of people who hide behind lies like a bunch of sewer rats. - I’m pretty sure these managers are psychopaths. - A manager I considered a close friend for years, turned out to be the most unsupportive and deceitful. At the end of my career I would like to reflect on all the good work and positive impact I’ve created instead of all the employees I’ve stomped on. - If you meet management you’ll notice they either have missing teeth, are overweight, have some kind of mental psychosis, have chronic health issues, and smoke. Basically the exact opposite of what someone who practices health and safety should look like. - Managers are all in-bred country folk who have guns, love to hunt and stay cooped up in barns. - Homophobia is on the list. Casually calling employees ‘gay’ or ‘queer’ to them or in a meeting is not out of the ordinary. - Fair treatment at the Orangeville location doesn’t exist. - HR and union are just as corrupt and ultimately useless. - Lots of double standard nonsense. How these people function off of such negativity is beyond me. How they are allowed to behave like this I understand because they are all in a group. As individuals they probably wouldn't even know what to do with themselves. Pathetic."

Apprentice says

"Almost everyone there is a bunch of lazy, whiny dog breeders"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Boring, lack of challenge, most seem to be riding the gravy train."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"long working hours low pay"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Back stabbing useless union terrible moral always fear of losing job not worth worrying about RIP off public with inflated hydro rates better to go off grid cheaper in the long run"

Power Lineman Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"I Was wrongfully terminated by power hungry management. He Maid up corrupt false documents to have me fired. Hydro one does not care about there employes. All you are to them is a number. For instance if your employe number is #897646 that’s all you are to them. Your name means nothing"

Coop - Area Distribution Engineering Technician (Former Employee) says

"Excellent experience to work with hydro one. All employees were very cooperative and helping. I learned a lots of new skills during my stay at hydro one.all benefitsno"

Network Analyst (Former Employee) says

"it was great at the beginning, but as time went by, I realized how racist people were in the Mississauga office. Having been called many racial names by the employees, and even some of the supervisors. If you are a white person, you will not be bothered by anyone, but if you are not white, and are a different religion such as hindu, jewish, bhudist, or muslim, then you will find your self wanting to quit everytime you leave work."

jouneyman lineman (Current Employee) says

"big company that doesn't care about there employees they will throw you under the bus no questions asked treat you like a number not a human management is brain washed don't support the employee at allwinter mealsco workers lack skill and most are lazy protected by union"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great Pay, and some incredible people and industry, yet so many poor poor poor leaders in charge of innocent and unsuspecting resources. ISD and CSO are the most wasteful and inefficient entities I have ever seen."

Customer Research Quality Control Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Think twice. Total mess and highly stressful given lazy management and unprofessional use of time/resources. This internship was almost a complete waste.Pay"

Regional maintainer forestry (Former Employee) says

"Great paying job with great benefits and pension. Crews mentality is poison and company constantly puts fear into there employees by saying that there jobs aren’t solid. Union protects the wrong people and so the company is full of negative and lazy/dangerous employees. There’s a major problem with drugs on some crews. If you work for hydro one be prepared to be a public slave and put hydro one above your personal life and family"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It's a hostile environment. They don't provide you with proper training and there's not enough time to understand everything. There's no flow. Too much favoritism.They try to celebrate most holidaysStrict"

groundsperson (Current Employee) says

"this company sends people over 10 hours away from home and won't pay for your hotel unless you rent a place on your own. meaning if you rent with a friend you dont get money to pay for the hotel you drove 10 hours to get to. in my opinion, if your obviously not able to drive home every night after work because it's too far, the hotel should be paid for. so you make 42$ an hour but if your paying your own gas and hotel fees it's really only 24$ an hour which most people could find in their home town. and get to see there family every nighthigh pay ratenever home and very unreasonable excuse for now board allowance"

Program Manager / Consultant (Contract) says

"Management and environment keeps changing. New policies and rules rarely followed due to continuous changing and lack of communications. Challenging to deal with the preferred vendor, timelines hardly met"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"hydro one offers a wonderful telework program that allows me to work from home, however i am looking for a new exciting career path in a brand new field of work."

Carpenter (Former Employee) says

"To many crew foreman with no studies and no experience at all, and to much power for some unions keeping super lazy people because of the unfair stupid seniority.4 days 10 hours, great"

Risk Manager (Current Employee) says

"New environment is not good. work is not challenging and management does not ask/accept new ideas. People are afraid to speak and are treated like clerks.culturelack of management support"

Regional Maintainer Electrical (Current Employee) says

"The positives listed in the summary are important but only go so far. Basically it takes you about 5 years or more to become a full time employee, fine, then get ready for the 3 to 4 years it is likely to take you to get a position close to home, unless that home is Toronto or Remotes. By the time most employees get where they want to be they have lost most of their motivation and carry a fair bit of resentment towards the management and company that puts their bonus' ahead of just about everything. basically the pay is great, the benefits are average and the pension and vacation are great and all. But they come at a steep cost.Great vacation and Pay.long hours, on call, management is terrible"

Powerline Maintainer JourneyMan (Former Employee) says

"alright company to work for with long hours and many different locations . many different types of jobs and aspects to the work . overall a decent company to work forfree lunchesdrama"

Powerline Technician (Current Employee) says

"The company is mainly comprised by nepotism. Hiring of family & friends. Hiring Hall employee’s are looked down upon. They are not even considered equals.Great fellow Powerline Line TechniciansManagement less than adequate."

Operations and Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Steady workplace. Not exciting. Highly regulated industry so not much change. Location is good if you live in Brampton."

Data and Network Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Management was at best incompetent at worst malicious and negligent. They seemed to only hire their friends and family and were very manipulative and corrupt. Everyone who works there is trapped by the good pay but hates management and their positions."

Electrician Foreperson (Current Employee) says

"Very little room for growth because you are just a number. People who are lazy get away with anything and hard working people are expected to pick up the slack for the lazy people.Province wide companyNot a competitive work place."

Bag says

"I am a customer of Hydro One; and not by choice! I\'ve just worked two 12 hour night shifts back to back with a 6 hour commute and instead of being in bed sleeping, I\'m STILL up and awake, doing laundry and making my meals for my next three 12 hour night shifts, because its supposed to be very windy again tomorrow! Its f...ing pathetic being a front line first responder, and having to try to get ready for work WITHOUT POWER because someone in Norfolk County farted and took out the power for the SEVENTH time in my immediate area, this year! I have lost power twice in the past week; FOR HOURS! And please spare me the BS excuse of WIND! Perhaps some regular maintenance could be done as a preventative measure as opposed to a knee-jerk caught with their pants down again response from this company! When I, as a lay person can drive down a road and literally pick out the poles that will most definitely snap off in the next 110 kms wind storm or the tree limbs overhanging hydro lines that are going to yet again take out my power for another 26 1/2 f....ing hours, I\'m not sure why Hydro One can\'t! So sorry guys, at the end of the day, you\'re not the heroes that come and restore our power. You\'re the ones who now HAVE TO COME OUT to restore the power that your lack of maintenance caused in the first f...ing place!!!!! Incompetence starts from the top and shit rolls down hill! If the majority of us did our jobs like Hydro One, the majority would be UNEMPLOYED in the REAL WORLD where ACCOUNTABILITY DOES STILL EXIST!!!!! The ONLY thing that you can RELY ON with this company, is if the weather turns shitty, we\'re NOT going to hydro AGAIN! PATHETIC!!!!!! "