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SThree plc is an international specialist staffing organization, founded in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE SmallCap Index. There are 36 companies in the STHREE SAS corporate family.

An angry former employee wrote on GLASSDOOR about Huxley Associates (SThree) in September 2020:

"Ageism is rife here, if you are experienced for a role then there are no opportunities to progress as these are aimed at the younger inexperienced staff, there is inexperience younger staff in more senior roles than those who are older and have much more experience. There are also a ludicrous amount of meetings at SThree, I would say that I had more meetings in my 2 and half years at SThree than I did in all of my other jobs put together, so much work time is lost because of these meetings, and there were also the unnecessary monthly Performance Review meetings, preparation for these alone took up so much time away from your work itself. There is also a very strange office culture between certain managers and staff of cuddling each other when something positive happens, I find this very uneasy and this is something one would not expect to see in an office environment. When I started at SThree, the visions laid out by the then CEO Gary Eldon made it seem like an exciting opportunity, but since he resigned the place went downhill rapidly."


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