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Hovione is a Portuguese company that produces active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and conducts drug product intermediates development and compliant manufacture. It has sites in the United States, Portugal, Ireland and China. The company provides a number of products and services to the pharmaceutical industry including separate or integrated API, pre-formulated compounds, particle engineerin


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Quality Control Analyst (Former Employee) says

"In the first month of being an employee there it became clear that my department had issues. I took a full time job with benefits and was compensated well so I grinned and beared. In the location of East Windsor after being there for a year in the QC testing group a few things became clear. The department was an afterthought underfunded with questionable equipment that constantly needed repairs, laboratory supplies were out or running low, there was no ability to plan a week's work due to constant changes. Speaking of constant changes in that year I think I had four managers."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"A estrutura é complexa e dinâmica. A equipa muito jovem e também ela dinâmica. O que fazemos tem impacto positivo na vida dos paciente e isso é o maior driver que podemos ter. O moto é 'in it for life'. O trabalho é bastante exigente e é difícil ter um bom balanço vida trabalho/vida pessoal."

Mechanical Maintenance Charge-hand (Current Employee) says

"Worked on different types of equipment to ensure Manufacturing was to performed cGMP and Regulatory requirements. All aspects of work was performed with good Health and Safety culture."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Bom ambiente de trabalho, empresa estável e organizada, dando oportunidade ao colaboradores de evoluírem profissionalmente.Boas regaliasMuito vantagens ao nível de conhecimento"