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The Houston Rockets are an American professional basketball team based in Houston. The Rockets compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member team of the league's Western Conference Southwest Division. The team plays its home games at the Toyota Center, located in Downtown Houston. Throughout its history, Houston has won two NBA championships and four Western Conference titles.

Ali mentioned, "The Houston Rockets are truly the worst organization in sports history! I've been a supporter of them for a long time but they constantly break my heart. It started in 04-05 season when we go 2-0 against the Mavericks in the first round but some how lose. Then in 06-07, we do the same with the Jazz. Then Yao Ming keeps getting injured with Tracy McGrady and him taking turns. We finally get a healthy team and then BAM!!! Another freaking injury. They also don't know how to develop personal, they trade draft picks almost every year and settle for modern players then have already peaked. If I were you then I wouldn't support them. Rockets Suck!"


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Dianna Lecompte says

"Bought 4 tickets in March and still don't have tickets in hand. Concert in 6 days away 2 of these tickets belong to other people. Can't get anyone on the phone they have not responded by email. Just robot answers, I will never ever use this company again."

Jilted to The Extreme! says

"Hi - No offense to you HoustonBoxOffice - you're just doing your job by processing the orders & getting the tickets out to the purchaser…but, what I didn't realize until I received my $89.60 ticket that I had just paid $476.00 for - which makes it a 500% increase over the original price...I do admit - it was my own mistake for purchasing such an over priced ticket - but, what I didn't realize that you would allow anyone to rip off another human being to that extent. You should have in place a percentage that could be no more than a small percentage above the original price. I just can't believe that the ticket was only priced at $89.60 - God is going to take care of the individual that marked it up this high...and as I said - I was the FOOL to think that maybe the original price was $200+ since I had no knowledge of the original cost of the ticket - making it double - but, 500% increase - that's criminal mischief to another human being! I love Sam Smith and that’s why I chose to pay this inhumane price – and I know that the seller is smiling all the way to the bank…but, God’s going to make right all the wrong that is done in this world to another human being!"

Brenda says

"I put an order in for rodeo tickets on the 3rd and it was confirmed and said was being sent per email on the 3rd and now it is the 7th and no tickets. Tickets were for Monday the 9th, so looks like I probably just got screwed by your company and am out $79 plus dollars and no tickets"

Randy says

"My order has not been fulfilled!"

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