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Hour Passion is the story of a passion: proud to represent the Swatch Group brands as well as being in permanent touch with them, we want to share with you our knowledge of watchmaking every time you come visit our boutiques.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "Don't buy at Hour passion, there are no quality watches. buy one and it will break down the first time you use it. plus prices are overpriced."


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Key Holder/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for swatched for over 6months. I was a key holder as well as a too seller. Never the less management was unprofessional. Since they get payed salary they would leave early or not show up so work and responsibilities can double up for a key holder. You would expect management to be productive while being in the store but in the contrary it would cause problems. Management would do tons of shaming of employees as well of customer. Reports were made towards corporate never the less actions were never taken. Manager has gone to court for mistreating employees and yet fails to learn from mistakes and continues to do so. We are encouraged to focus mainly on people who look wealthy and can be a potential customer. She also had connection to secret shoppers so we would know when to be extra fake in order to pass our secret shopper test to obtain gift cards. Women like myself are pushed to show "skin" cleavage and focus on men so that we can ensure a close sale. Over all it was a unhealthy place to work as well as uncomfortable. Cons: Environment. Ethics. Management. Not worth your sanity"


"The manager is really nice but the culture of company is so poor and they are not friendly at all . The manager assistant is awful and so rude with employees.if you want to torture yourself it is the best place and you are going to lose all of your self confidence. Cons: Long hour, rude people"

Horlogere Qualifié en complications (Former Employee) says

"Nous sommes un numéro, l’esprit humain n’existe pas. Cons: Pas de respect"

Watch specialist and customer consultant (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for the job here.They made it seem as though the job is priceless. The manager verbally abuses employees. No support whatsoever. And upper management did not help and siding with managers Cons: No sick paid."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not an enjoyable place to work. They do not give you anything to succeed plus very boring overall. Not a place I recommend to work at. No customers interested in watches anyway."

comunicazione (Former Employee) says

"non lo consiglierei a nessuno. La famiglia Hayek non permette di lavorare e disturgge le marche. E' tutto politico"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a key holder. The culture is catty and everyone has their own little group despite a small team. Managers didn't provide any feedback and lack training. Cons: bad management"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company is the poster of mismanagement. People gets promoted there because of " who they know", rather than the quality of work the employee has proven in producing. Cons: Read Post"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Managers imply to workers to rely their responsibilities to others, new hires does not have expeeience but there are managers friends who get higher salaries than the others who hace to teach and train others; HR department does not help employees to achieve their goals. Cons: Pour management, derty and hot work enviroment, lacking of opportunities."

sales (Former Employee) says

"Very lazy & rude management ! Cons: All"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"-co-workers were lazy"

Responsable de magasin (Former Employee) says

"Mauvaise expérience dès que la direction a changé en 2017"

manager Swatch-group boutique (Former Employee) says

"Plain de directives inutiles Cons: responsable régional"

Verkäuferin (Former Employee) says

"Lavorare per questo marchio in questo shop ti impone di rinunciare ai tuoi valori morali."

Venditore (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente molto difficile dove riuscire a fare carriera è quasi impossibile ."

Sales Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Not team focused, poor management, poor interest on personal development and professional growth. Cons: Hours, manager, pressure, despotism"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"You can do better. I worked there for close to 5 years and it didn't amount to anything. While a lot of the people I have worked with turned out to be great the overall job experience was horrible. Year after year management became considerably worse with the pinnacle of horrible management stepping in this last year. The only way you can grow with this company is to sell yourself out. They dangle promotions over peoples heads like carrots. It's terrible. Please keep in mind that I am speaking specifically about the Times Sq. location. Cons: Pretty much everything else."

Operations (Former Employee) says

"Leadership and guidance lacked. Process and procedures fall short. Communication was lacking from upper management. Plans constantly changing and must be able to adjust. Cons: Leadership"

Watch Technician (Former Employee) says

"2 years of harassment by u happy coworkers who have been written up many times , and a person like me happy to go to work share my evenings with coworkers never once written up in 2 years and complained to management about being harassed until they shut me up and shut me out .."

Operaia (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente stressante, fanno mobbing."

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