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Hotwire Hot Rates are the low prices that Hotwire specially negotiates with our hotel suppliers. We work with only the best in the business. We don't have sales or weekly specials. ... The key to getting these deals is flexibility: The hotel name and street location will be shown after you complete a booking.

Kurtis angrily mentioned, "I recently used the Hot Rate function of Hotwire, and I must say I was extremely disappointed. The hotel it chose for me was in the worst part of downtown, they gave it 4 stars, but it was more like 3 stars. The service at the hotel was fair, but given location and room quality, it was a definitely a poor choice on Hotwire's part, and apparently on my part for even trusting them. I tried to call them on it, but they have terrible customer service. Once you get locked in at the Hot Rate you are at their mercy whether the hotel stinks or not. I would definitely encourage people to use sites like Expedia or Priceline over Hotwire. I've found their customer service to be much more courteous and helpful in resolving problems, and really at the end of the day, more often then not they can get a deal comparable to the Hot Rate. It's just not worth it to put your trust in the hands of Hotwire. Pretty big rip off in my opinion."


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Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I only worked at the property for 6 shifts and almost every shift the sheriff's department would be at our property for one reason or another. The staff is also disrespectful to management and guests."

Telephone Reservationist (Former Employee) says

"Go in every day and start taking calls. The hardest part of the job was making a sale because they were booking them online and just had questions. Cons: Dirty call center."

Banquet Chef (Current Employee) says

"Pandemic has weighed everybody in the banquet department off we have never been compensated for anything since the pandemic and we basically would never help with jobs or anything to help our license dependent we were just totally laid off and never talked to again"

Angestellte (Former Employee) says

"Das Frankfurter Marriott ist nicht zu empfehlen."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Bad management and the workers you will never advance in this company they have workers there that have been there forever and are set in their ways no diversity. Management nor HR care. The pay is horrible for the work you do. Don't waste your time applying do retail instead less work more pay Cons: Terrible pay"

Lpo Officer-loss Prevention, CCTV (Current Employee) says

"Terrible mangers with favoritism in every department .No pension just hotel rooms for life.Worst industry for pay. Lie on their surveys. Favoritisms . Cons: Terrible company worldwide"

Claims (Current Employee) says

"Great place to stay away from..I would write more but will not bore you with the details of this place that holds little value for the people who work here and for the company and for the country and the free world. Cons: Too many to list"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Marriott is a BUSINESS! Period! All they care about is making money for the executive team not the real workers!!!"

Night Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and treat employees like a number. No training most of the time you have to figure it out on your own. Managers favor those kisses up to them. Cons: All of the above"

Guest Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The Courtyard Marriott located at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Fl ,anyone seeking employment with Housekeeping I strongly suggest you don't apply there. The Management Team clearly don't respect their team and how hard they work. During a time like this you would think extra cleaning measures are being taken, instead they over work their associates by giving them at least 26 credits and maybe just maybe 3 out of the total are King rooms meaning all others are doubled bed rooms in which they have no help. The Room Attendants Strip, remove garbage and fetch there own linens sometimes having to work through their breaks or past their off time to complete boards. Covid is high and by over working Attendants= Not Properly Cleaned Rooms .....Be Very Aware!!! Cons: Poor Management, Overworked Staff"

Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for front desk, during my interview I was told I would be working the bistro a well because of the hotel being so short staffed, but I would only be making minimum wage. Cons: the manager wasn't personable at all, horrible pay and expected to have open avalibilty for part time"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about customers nor their employees. Their goal is to get the guests off the phone as quickly as possible. If you are a customer service representative you have little to no power of what you can help with Cons: Everything"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Salaried employees, they treated you like a slave!!! I have worked for over a2 years and literally, I work 24/7 non-stop... Employees will call you at any given time during the day!!! Cons: worklife balance"

Private (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and system and not transparency from management side, not prioritizing the rank and file, Human Resources not playing fair by the rules which means just follow what did the other higher manager’s opinions while it’s not the best solution and not an brilliant practice as well not a good decision"

Houseman (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Overworked for not enough pay. Poor management. Not enough staff. Human resources is very negative and focused on issues that don't pertain to job. Great company but poorly run at location"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"this kitchen it is a mass and unsafe. The fact staff is zero experience, untrained. including the supervisor. the staff received a poor traning from excutive chef. most of the staff are not friendly, marriott its worth place you can work, they are users, they will hire you if they need cover up, but as soon as the busniess slow dowan they never gives you a respect or even they don't want hear you. its a worth place you can work, customers order food because of marriott name but be careful it bad quality food. the mplyees they are too lazy. they dont work."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"A joke. Dont wadte your time. Pay is not even minimum wage. And they force you to work over your 8 hrs even after signing a availability form. They have their favorites and if your not it, well lets just say its not a good ending Cons: sometimes no breaks no lunches. Made stay after past your 8 hrs"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"manager was racist, assistant manager was sleeping with the front desk girls and gave her a promotion because of it, replacement manager couldn't even issue a refund and had no experience. I was forced to work off the clock to cut down on overtime, because we did not have enough employees. I got called in all hours of the day, managers were disrespectful and sexist. no work life balance, guests were rude, pay was bad. I was the only one there with a degree including the managers. lots of HR issues but no actual HR (Signs were posted but when we tried to complain, they went to the manager instead of to an HR rep.) broken amenities such as phones in the handicapped room were covered up, elevators remained broken the entire time i worked there and my manager told me to lie to guests. theft occurred regularly, or housekeeping just threw lost and found items away and asked me to lie about them not finding them. stay/work anywhere else!!"

None (Former Employee) says

"i quit. I don’t like it. Job is terrible. Goodbye forever. Pay is bad. Management is bad. I don’t know just don’t like it. So I quit. Not good. Bad lunch."

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